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Updated 11/21/2010

2010 WBC Report  

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Steve Simmons, NJ

2010 Champion

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Event History
2008    Mark McCandless     19
2009    Nick Smith     32
2010    Steve Simmons     31

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Mark McCandless    LA    10     44
  2.  Steve Simmons      NJ    10     30
  3.  Nick Smith         uk    09     30
  4.  Charles Drozd      IL    09     18
  5.  David Cross        VA    09     17
  6.  Alan Arvold        LA    10     12
  7.  Scott DeBrestian   on    09     12
  8.  Ed Beach           MD    08     12
  9.  Jay Laughlin       VA    10      9
 10.  Andy Lewis         DE    10      6
 11.  Alan Sudy          VA    08      6
 12.  Jack Stalica       on    08      4
 13.  Keith Ferguson     VA    10      3
 14.  Brian Keller       VA    09      3
 15.  Daniel Pappas      MD    08      2

2010 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists 

Mark McCandless, LA

Alan Arvold, IL

Jay Laughlin, VA

Andy Lewis, DE

Keith Ferguson, VA

Past Winners

Mark McCandless, LA

Steve Simmons, NJ

Designer Kevin McPartland sets the mood.

2008 champ Mark McCandless plots his new empire.

Aloha ...

The first Conquest of Paradise Century tournament began Friday afternoon in the Paradise Terrace demo area. An attentive crowd gathered to listen to the game's designer. Most of those folks followed along to Conestoga Room 2: a private room for us, off of the Lampeter main gaming room. Many familiar faces returned from previous years (including both previous champions).

The mulligan round had five full 4-player games, after both the GM and the assistant GM joined games as spoilers. It got rather warm in that full room - reminiscent of tropical climes! Two of the games were very close, decided by a single victory point. But in one, our 2008 champion ran away with an easy victory. The mulligan round also saw the emergence of a new phenomena: players in one game ran out of Arts & Culture cards before the end of play. Experienced players recognize the value of these cards, and do not neglect their purchase during the game!

The first round was held out in the big Lampeter room, but it was easy to find us, with our big inflatable palm tree! This round had almost as many players - four full 4-player games going this time. Not one, but two of these games ended with a tie in victory points, and a winner had to be decided by tiebreakers. This round saw the defending champion go down to defeat, but both PrezCon champions won their games. Meanwhile a newcomer to CQP decisively won his game; he admitted to the game's designer that the game's logic "made sense" to him.

The semi-final round had the nine previous winners plus three second-place alternates to make three 4-player games. This certainly took the sting out of losing by a tiebreaker! The three winners were 2008 champ Mark McCandless, Alan Arvold (who won his game by one half of a victory point!) and Andy Lewis, winning decisively and breaking Keith Ferguson's remarkable winning streak, that had stretched back through the previous PrezCon. Unfortunately, Andy chose to play in the Santa Fe Rails Final instead of continuing.

This set the cast for the Final as Mark McCandless, Alan Arvold, Jay Laughlin (who came in second in Mark's game) and Steve Simmons (who came in second in Alan's game). This year, starting positions were chosen by the players, with the highest seeded player choosing first. Mark, who had decisively won his semi-final game, chose Tonga. Alan followed with Samoa, Steve with Raiatea and Jay took Hiva.

Tonga and Raiatea fought several battles for Hawaii, which had been discovered between their empires. Samoa attacked deep into Micronesia, conquering all of the independent islands to Pohnpei. Hiva's empire of small islands spread out across the east edge of the map, from Rapa Nui to Lord Howe Island. Hiva declared victory, but the Severe Deforestation card was played, forcing the game to continue another turn. Raiatea took the opportunity to attack Hiva at two of his small islands - Norfolk Island and Tubuai - winning both battles. This was just enough to put him over the top, winning by half of a Victory Point over Tonga! So Steve Simmons, a newcomer to Conquest of Paradise - yes, the very same first-round winner that said that the game's logic "made sense" to him - beat three old hands in the Final, and took home the title.

 GM      Kevin McPartland (3rd Year)  2885 Jessup Rd, Jessup, MD 20794   410-404-6509

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