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Updated 11/23/2010

2010 WBC Report  

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Justin Thompson, VA

2010 Champion

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Event History
2010    Justin Thompson     30

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Justin Thompson    VA    10     30
   2.  Tom Drueding       MA    10     18
   3.  Micah Hultgren     CA    10     12
   4.  Fred Bauer         VA    10      9
   5.  Malcolm Smith      VA    10      6
   6.  Grant Dalgliesh    WA    10      3

2010 Laurelists                                             

Tom Drueding, MA

Micah Hultgren, CA

Fred Bauer, VA

Malcolm Smith, VA

Grant Dalgliesh, WA

The newest Columbia block game was so new the blocks had to be assembled before play could begin.

Steve Koleszar and Grant Dalgliesh kill Romans whether they win or lose. Rome vs Rome would have been so apt.

First in First of the First ...

With a large turnout for the demo of this new game we expected a good crowd at the following tournament. We weren't disappointed as 30 players tried their luck in this new trial event. Because Julius Caesar was so new we had to open seven new games just to have enough games to let everyone play. The first round saw ten Pompey wins vs. five Caesar wins. New players, unfamiliar with the urgency Caesar faces in the first year, accounted for the Pompey edge. Subsequent rounds saw fewer Pompey wins as Pompey's edge thinned to 9-8 over the next two rounds. I had to play Grant Dalgliesh, my co-designer, to reach the semi-finals. It was a close game but in the end Caesar ruled the day and sent me to the semi-finals. with a score of 9-5. Grant thought he had the game won but it dramatically came unglued for him in the last few card plays.

The semi-finals began the elimination portion of the tournament. Tom Drueding drew Micah Hultgren and I was the opposition for Fred Bauer. In Round 2, Drueding tried a new strategy of playing first with a 4 card (the only one in the deck) and massing his troops in Rome and attempting to hold it for a Turn 1 win. Micah was unable to knock him out of Rome in time. In the other game, Fred was playing Pompey and I cautioned him before we dealt the cards that if he tried a forward defense he would be smashed. I played a 3 card and he responded with the 4 card! He tried to hold me off but was crushed on the second play of the cards in Year 1. He was forced to retreat and in the end fell to the might of Caesar by a score of 8-5.

We drew for sides in the Final and Tom pulled Caesar. Tom is a very aggressive player and he attempted to attack in Hispania while sending Caesar and two other units east to face Scipio. His Hispania campaign hit a brick wall and was forced to retreat and reinforce his army. I decided a few card plays later to attack also and lost all but two blocks in Hispania. I was able to evacuate the two units across the strait into Africa. After a few more plays Scipio was able to attack three of his units but not Caesar. Caesar was forced to redeploy his units and almost was killed in Asia Minor. Tom used the map and his knowledge of block games to get Caesar away and rebuilt him to take Athens. In the last year I was dealt a Jupiter card that allowed me to take away one of his blocks accompanying Caesar. Tom had to delay his planned attack on Athens for a turn but was still able to take it. The delay allowed time for Pompey and Scipio to assemble an army near Bzyantium which was able to take back Athens. This trapped Caesar in Pylos. Pompey was able to get five navies together in the Mare Internum and was putting pressure on Caesar so Tom had no choice but to attack Pompey in Athens. He had a unit in Thessalonika as a reserve hoping to open a retreat lane for Caesar. I was ready for this and moved one of my five ships into Thessalonika after him. I also moved a ship into Pylos and Ambracia to make sure he could not get away. Caesar was forced to fight to the death. He lost and I scored a VP to turn the tide to Pompey. Tom still had one block left in the east and got into Ephesus but he was saddled with the burden of attack in the last turn. His attack failed and Caesar was defeated by 8-6, allowing me to win the first tournament of my first game design.

 GM      Justin Thompson  [1st Year]   121 Faith Dr., Troy, VA 22974
   kingmaker@prezcon.com   434-531-9191

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