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Updated 11/24/2010

2010 WBC Report  

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Lane Newbury, TX

2010 Champion

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Event History
1991    Scott Goehring      24
1992    Mike Fitzgerald      18
1993    Chris Hancock      16
1994    Andrew House      29
1995    Lane Hess      23
1996    Trevor Bender      26
1997    Robert Kircher      25
1998    John Weber      38
1999    Kevin Keller     27
2000    Gerald Lientz     28
2001    Scott Cornett     29
2002    Lance Ribeiro     35
2003    Douglas Schulz     32
2004    John Welage     30
2005    Dennis Nicholson     37
2006    Kevin Keller     32
2007    Terry Schulz     33
2008    Gerald Lientz     24
2009    Doug Schulz     31
2010    Lane Newbury     27

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Scott Cornett      FL    07    162
  2.  Kevin Keller       MD    08     95
  3.  Terry Schulz       PA    10     92
  4.  Doug Schulz        MD    09     86
  5.  Gerald Lientz      VA    09     81
  6.  Lane Newbury       TX    10     66
  7.  Jimmy Fleckenstein VA    07     66
  8.  Dennis Nicholson   NY    09     60
  9.  John Welage        OH    07     56
 10.  Lance Ribeiro      NH    02     52
 11.  Chris Hancock      PA    06     32
 12.  Trevor Bender      CA    02     32
 13.  Darin Morley       NC    04     26
 14.  Seth Kirchner      KY    07     24
 15.  Jeff Cornett       FL    01     24
 16.  Robert Kircher     RI    10     21
 17.  Don Tatum          MD    10     18
 18.  John Shaheen       MA    08     18
 19.  Bruce Rae          bc    09     16
 20.  Lane Hess          PA    00     16
 21.  Jason O'Donnell    OH    01     13
 22.  Bruno PassacantandoCT    08     12
 23.  John Sharp III     FL    06     12
 24.  Robert Rund        MA    10      9
 25.  Tim Mossman        MD    08      9
 26.  Franklin Haskell   NH    03      9
 27.  Mike Aubuchon      PA    07      8
 28.  Dan McGowan        ME    01      8
 29.  Dave Anderson      PA    00      8
 30.  Doug Galullo       MD    10      6
 31.  James Fleckenstein VA    02      4

2010 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists:

Don Tatum, MD

Terry Schulz, PA

Robert Rund, MA

Doug Galullo, MD

Robert Kircher, RI

Past Winners

Mike Fitzgerald, CT

Chris Hancock, NH

Andrew House, MD

Lane Hess, PA

Trevor Bender, CA

Robert Kircher, RI

John Weber, MD

Kevin Keller, MD
1999, 2006

Gerald Lientz, VA
2000, 2008

Scott Cornett, FL

Lance Ribeiro, NH

Doug Schulz, MD
2003, 2009

John Welage, OH

Dennis Nicholson, NY

Terry Schulz, PA

2005 champ Dennis Nicholson tries to recapture past glory...

... while Bruno Passacantando hopes for his first SCT title.

In the Fast Lane

This year saw a resurgence of racing from the front, but in the end, racing from the middle or back had its moment in the sun.

Terry Schulz started the trend on a track that fairly demands the strategy - Hungaroring. Terry led the race after every turn after starting out on the outside of Row 1. Chris Long also qualified from Terry's heat moving up from fifth to second. The other set of cars racing Hungaroring in the first qualifying heat would actually qualify four different drivers. Doug Gallulo and Fabio Pellegrino finished first and second, but Tim Mossman's third and Rob Kircher's fourth would eventually qualify them for the Final although Tim would not know that till after the last qualifying heat and Rob would qualify as an alternate.

The second qualifying heat was at the faster Silverstone track (pre 2010 set-up). In one heat, Jack Beckman came from seventh - the last row - to win the race, beating out Doug Schulz who finished second from the first row of the grid. In the other heat, Don Tatum won from the inside of Row 2 while Robert Rund came in second after starting seventh.

The last qualifying heat resulted in several drivers who had already qualified by finishing in the top two, which is how Tim made the Final on the strength of his third fplace finish in Heat 1. Bruno Passacantando started sixth and won at Monza with Doug Schulz again finishing second. On the other track the top two came from the front row as Terry won his second heat from the pole and Lane Newbury held his ground to claim second after starting outside onRow 1.

The Final was run on Melbourne, which proved a technically challenging track. Before the race began, the famous "Ugly Green" car raced by ill two-time champion Gerald Lientz ceremonially led the field on the grid. Sadly, Gerald passed in the months after WBC. He will be greatly missed.

Terry bid 4.5 higher than the second place bid (Doug G.) and 5 more than the third place bid (Don) to gain the pole. Terry took advantage of pole position to open up a five-space lead at the end of the first lap. But after his high bid and active lap 1, Terry had only six wear and one skill left. Doug G could not hang with the leaders long and fell back to sixth after the first lap but Don did stay near the top and was in third place only three spaces behind Terry after he crossed the line to start Lap 2. Don also had three more wear and three more skill than Terry at that point. Chris Long used a 100 start speed and forced pass after Turn 6 to jump up from seventh on the grid to fourth after a lap. But the big winner after Lap 1 was Lane who moved up from eighth to second yet still had 13 wear and 7seven skill left - more than double Terry's resources.

Lane got ahead of Don to stay at the end of the first sector of the second lap. About half way through the race, Fabio joined the front runners, but his stay at the front was short. Terry managed to hold Lane off for most of the lap but Lane bid his time and finally pulled even with him heading into the last corner. At this point, Terry was completely out of chips which allowed Lane to late brake unopposed to gain the line heading into the last corner forcing Terry outside for a naked chance. Terry made the roll and stayed next to Lane as they ran down the front straight to start the last lap.

Lane had two wear and four skill heading into the first corner of the last lap and easily gapped the field through the front half of the last lap as the cars behind had few resources left. Chris L failed a forced pass through the third corner that would have put him in second place. Chris may have been the last driver who could have made a run at Lane and fell out of contention in the end. After a test brakes roll just before Corner 5, Lane began to relax into a huge smile as he crossed the line as a first time champion a full turn and five spaces ahead of Don and Terry who crossed the line together in second and third respectively. Robert Rund ended up fourth only two spaces behind Don after a huge push in the last lap to improve from tenth on the grid and ninth after two laps. Doug G crossed the line two turns after Lane for fifth together with Robert Kircher in sixth who started last on the grid as an alternate and moving up from twelfth after two laps.

A picture is worth a thousand words so for a turn-by-turn pictorial account see the only photo album at Picasa (http://picasaweb.google.com/lucidphoenix/WBCFinalsTurnByTurn). Speed Circuit racing as practised at WBC can be viewed at http://www.lucidphoenix.com/sc/wbc/

Kevin Keller and John Welage try to add their titles, but the man
standing between them will join the champ club this year.

Chris Hancock & daughter Christina were the only father-daughter
racing team, and Christina the only Danica Patrick wannabe.
 GM      Doug Schulz  [14th Year]   NA 
    doug@lucidphoenix.com   NA

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