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Updated 11/15/2011
2011 WBC Report  

 2012 Status: pending 2012 GM commitment
Bill O'Neal, NY
2011 Champion


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Event History
2006    Tony Curtis     40
2007    Bill O'Neal     36
2008    Brian Conlon     40
2009    Rick Young     34
2010    Chad Mekash     48
2011    Bill O'Neal     44

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill O'Neal        NY    11    123
  2.  Chad Mekash        NJ    11     56
  3.  Brian Conlon       CT    11     54
  4.  Tony Curtis        OK    10     50
  5.  Jack Morrell       NY    11     48
  6.  Rick Young         NC    09     30
  7.  Allen Kaplan       NJ    10     28
  8.  Terry Cotter       CT    10     24
  9.  Jeff King          ME    08     18
 10.  Andy Finkel        uk    06     18
 11.  Joe Yaure          PA    11     12
 12.  John Grasse        CT    10     12
 13.  Riku Reikkinen     fn    08     12
 14.  Steve Cuyler       NY    09      9
 15.  Rob March          CA    06      9
 16.  Peter Stein        OH    07      8
 17.  Eric Raymond       PA    09      6
 18.  Andy Joy           MD    08      6
 19.  David Burkey       PA    06      6
 20.  Mike Pacheco       CA    11      4
 21.  Jeff Cornett       FL    07      4
 22.  James Terry        NJ    09      3
 23.  Paul Skrabut       FL    08      3
 24.  Mike Gentile       PA    06      3

2011 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists:

Jack Morrell, NY

Chad Mekash, NJ

Joe Yaure, PA

Brian Conlon, CT

Mike Pacheco, CA

Past Champions

Tony Curtis, OK

Bill O'Neal, NY
2007, 2011

Brian Conlon, CT

Rick Young, NC

Chad Mekash, NJ

Larry Burman meets Britain's Matt Ellis in the opening rounds of the Battle Cry sequel..

GM Tony Curtis is five years removed from his "ringer" role as the 2006 champ.

Blocks & Blades ...

Round 1 was the swiss portion of a modified swiss-elim format played in 4-player groups. A round robin within each group using the Cannae scenario followed with the best record in each group advancing automatically along with enough of the best runners-up to advance 16. Side selection was handled by players bidding victory banners. Carthage achieved a 36-30 win advantage. The average banner advantage was 2.8 for both sides. The bids decided the victory in five cases for the Romans and three cases for the Carthaginians so balance wasn't much of an issue.

The second round was another group round-robin using Gabiene from the 1st Expansion. This time, only the winner of each pod would advance to the semis. Antigones won overall 13-11 by just over four banners while Eumenes won his victories by just over two.

The semi-finals were conducted as two-game matches, playing both sides of the Battle of Ipsus. In the first match, 2007 champ Bill O'Neal faced Joe Yaure. Both players won as Selecus. Bill however was better as Antigonus, capturing seven banners versus Joe's four. In the other battle, defending champ, Chad Mekash met Jack Morrell. This time Antigonus was victorious on both ends and Jack edged Chad 5-4 in banners as Selecus.

The last test was Asculum pitting the upstate NY rivals in a rematch of the 2007 Final. Both players lost with the Romans by identical 6-2 scores so it was decided on total blocks lost. Bill regained his title by winning the rematch by losing 30 to Jack's 37.

Attendance remained stable and was fortified by the presence of all five former champions. These scenarios seemed well balanced. We'll have to see where we go next year inasmuch as a new expansion will be out before Christmas.

Pete Stein sends his old blocks against young Joe Yaure in group play.

Commands & Colors Ancients draws a consistent field year after year.
 GM      Andy Lewis (6th Year)  NA   NA

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