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2011 WBC Report     

 2012 Status: pending 2012 GM commitment
Ty Hansen, DC
2011 Champion


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Event History
1992    Paul Saunders      12
1993    Ray Carpenter      23
1994    Paul Weintraub      22
1995    James Garvey      23
1996    Bruce Bernard      22
1997    Matt Fagan      28
1998    Brad Johnson      43
1999    Steve Koehler     38
2000    Jay Schlaffer     35
2001    Tony Burke     29
2002    Steve Koehler     33
2003    Bill Dyer     34
2004    Andrew Clark     33
2005    Phil Barcafer     25
2006    Anne Marie Dilworth     33
2007    Bill Dyer     28
2008    Glenn McMaster     28
2009    Glenn McMaster     24
2010    Jean-Francois Gagne     27
2011    Ty Hansen     30

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill Dyer          IL    09    132
  2.  Phil Barcafer      PA    10     93
  3.  Glenn McMaster     on    09     91
  4.  Joe Abrams         CT    10     70
  5.  Steve Koehler      NC    02     70
  6.  Joe Harrison       KY    11     58
  7.  JeanFrancois Gagne qc    10     55
  8.  Benoit Groulx      qc    09     48
  9.  Stephane Dorais    qc    10     45
 10.  Matt Fagan         NJ    11     43
 11.  Brad Johnson       IL    07     42
 12.  Ty Hansen          DC    11     40
 13.  Andrew Clark       AZ    04     40
 14.  Jay Schlaffer      DC    00     40
 15.  Anne Marie Dilworh NY    06     30
 16.  Tony Burke         NJ    01     30
 17.  Chris Bodkin       NY    03     26
 18.  Wray Ferrell       IL    11     25
 19.  Peter Stephanouk   PA    02     24
 20.  Brian Jones        NC    05     21
 21.  Ken Keller         AZ    99     18
 22.  Steve Cuccaro      MD    02     16
 23.  Paul Saunders      VA    00     12
 24.  Rob Barnes         WV    08      9
 25.  Ray Carpenter      CT    99      9
 26.  Joe Doughan        NJ    11      8
 27.  Jeff Cornett       FL    04      8
 28.  James Hopkin       CA    02      8
 29.  Bruce Bernard      PA    00      8
 30.  Joel Tamburo       IL    06      6
 31.  Chip Collins       TX    01      6
 32.  Jeff Clark         AZ    99      6
 33.  James Denam        NC    11      4
 34.  Kevin Sudy         VA    05      3

2011 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists 

Matt Fagan, NJ

Wray Ferrell, IL

Joe Harrison, KY

Joe Doughan, NJ

James Denam, NC

Past Winners

Paul Saunders, VA

Jean Francois Gagne, qc

Paul Weintraub, MD

James Garvey, NY

Bruce Bernard, PA

Matt Fagan, NJ

Brad Johnson, IL

Steve Koehler, NC
1999, 2002


Jay Schlaffer, NJ

Tony Burke, NJ

Bill Dyer, IL
2003, 2007

Andrew Clark, AZ

Phil Barcafer, PA

Anne Marie Dilworh, NY

Glenn McMaster, on

Brian Mountford, Liam Dyer, Jack Doughan and Bill Dyer chase worms in the first heat.

The six finalists at work deep in the bowels of the Lancaster Host on Saturday morning.

The Spice of Life

We had ten qualifying games this year, up from only eight the last two years. It was really great to welcome some new players, even though a few of the regulars were among the missing. Dune players are a small group but very loyal to the game. More than a third of the field played in all three heats. The big change was the addition of a new house rule to address balance of the Fremen. The Fremen were granted the additional ability of always getting full combat value for their tokens in sand territories for no cost. The decision to add this rule resulted from a recent poll. Over the past ten years, the Fremen had been winning only about 20% of their games, compared to an average of nearly 40% for the other factions. In Dune, victories are frequently shared among two or three allies. Although these numbers remained virtually unchanged by the new rule, the feedback was universally positive. The options available to the Fremen player, especially in the early game, seemed to be significantly improved, and consequently the Fremen experience was more enjoyable. As experience with the new ability increases, the Fremen's win record may rise accordingly - or so the theory goes.

The average game lasted 4.1 hours and spanned 6.8 game turns, a slight decrease from last year, but still in the "normal" range. Variation in win percentages among the factions was also down quite a bit: Bene Gesserit, Emperor, and Harkonnen wins were virtually identical in the middle. Atreides took a big fall to fifth place from top faction last year, while Fremen brought up the rear again. The Guild, on the other hand, continued its four-year climb in the standings to emerge as the top faction for the first year on record! Dune is always a game of surprises, and this year was no different. Interesting anecdotes included an Emperor being funded by a Fremen ally, a Turn 2 Guild/Harkonnen victory fueled by traitor calls and hand swaps, and a BG solo win by predicting the Guild in Turn 5!

As always, Best Faction plaques were awarded to the players with the best single-game performance as each faction during the preliminary heats, measured in terms of strongholds controlled per turn. Newcomer James Denam took home Best Atreides; Steve Cuccaro, Best BG; Jim Garvey, Best Emperor; Stephane Dorais, Best Fremen; Matt Fagan, Best Guild; and Joe Doughan, Best Harkonnen. Special note: With this award, Matt Fagan has become the first player to collect a full set of Best Faction plaques, having also won Best Atreides in 2005, Best BG in 2003, Best Emperor in 2004, Best Fremen in 2007, and Best Harkonnen in 2008. Congratulations for having the skill and perseverance to achieve a goal I wasn't sure could ever be possible!

In the Final, Joe Harrison returned as the Atreides (for the third year running!), Matt Fagan drew the Bene Gesserit, Ty Hansen was the Emperor, Joe Doughan (subbing for Steve Cuccaro) took the Fremen, James Denam got the Guild, and Wray Ferrell drew the Harkonnen.

The Emperor made an early move, kicking the Guild out of Tuek's Sietch, while the Fremen held Sietch Tabr and the Atreides and Harkonnen remained in their cities. The Guild returned to the planet in Habbanya Ridge Sietch, and then House Harkonnen took Tabr away from the Fremen. This situation remained relatively stable until mid-game, when the Guild and Atreides began squabbling over Arrakeen. First, the Emperor and then the Atreides replaced the Harkonnen in Carthag, all without the Shield Wall protecting them from the storm. Negotiation was hot and heavy throughout the game, with several looking to gain advantage through creative use of Truthtrances and Karamas. The Emperor took control of the Shield Wall and then regained Tuek's Sietch from the Atreides, but no one was able to build a decisive dominance. Finally, in the late turns, the BG emerged from the shadows and brought force to Arrakis in earnest, allied with the Emperor. Together, they were just able to control four strongholds, wresting HRS away from the Guild, who had held it for nearly the entire game, and barely beating the Harkonnen, who were a mere one spice short of successfully defending the Shield Wall. The Emperor won the second tie-breaker by virtue of retaining nearly his full army intact on the planet.

Congratulations to Ty Hansen for his first Dune title as part of a triple title year, and thanks to everyone for another great year! Let's try to gain a prize level in 2012!

 GM      Brad Johnson  [11th Year]   NA
    tempus42@sbcglobal.net   NA

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