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2011 WBC Report  

 2012 Status: pending December 2012 Membership Trial Vote
Rob Winslow, NY
2011 Champion:



Event History
2000    James Pei     96
2001    Steve Cameron     87
2002     Jon Shambeda     75
2003    Rob Winslow     60
2004    Joseph Burch     58
2005    Sean McCulloch     48 
2006    Dan Eshleman     43
2007    John Keating     46
2008    Mark Mitchell     41
2009    Joe Burch     44
2010    John Keating     41
2011    Rob Winslow     39

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rob Winslow        NY    11     88
  2.  John Keating       IL    10     74
  3.  Joseph Burch       MD    09     62
  4.  Jon Shambeda       PA    02     58
  5.  Mark Mitchell      VA    09     48
  6.  David Buchholz     MI    08     48
  7.  Martin Sample      NH    11     43
  8.  Sean McCulloch     OH    05     42
  9.  Steve Cameron      PA    11     41
 10.  Jed Shambeda       PA    08     38
 11.  Craig Melton       VA    11     32
 12.  Steve Shambeda     PA    02     32
 13.  James Pei          TX    00     30
 14.  Joel Tamburo       IL    04     27
 15.  Dan Eshleman       NC    06     20
 16.  Rebecca Hebner     CA    10     18
 17.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    01     18
 18.  Andy Lewis         DE    02     16
 19.  Danielle Zack      MD    08     15
 20.  Andres Dunn        MD    10     13
 21.  Rob Kircher        RI    09     12
 22.  Nick Henning       CT    07     12
 23.  Brendan Crowe      VA    00     12
 24.  Phil White         MD    05      9
 25.  Mark Geary         OH    10      8
 26.  Max DuBoff         NJ    11      6
 27.  Misha Lavrov       NC    10      6
 28.  Jon Miller         DC    00      6
 29.  Rob Buccheri       MD    09      4
 30.  Bill Place         PA    02      4
 31.  William Burch      MD    04      3
 32.  Rick Young         NC    03      3
 33.  Anthony Musella    VA    01      3
 34.  John Ellsworth     IL    00      3
 35.  John Speck         MD    11      2
 36.  Tim Evinger        PA    09      2

2011 Laurelists                                               Repeating Laurelists:

Craig Melton, VA

Martin Sample, NH

Max DuBoff, NJ

Steve Cameron, PA

John Speck, MD

Past Winners

James Pei, TX

Steve Cameron, PA

Jon Shambeda, PA

Rob Winslow, NY
2003, 2011

Joe Burch, MD
2004, 2009

Sean McCulloch, OH

Dan Eshleman, NC

John Keating, IL
2007, 2010

Mark Mitchell, VA

Steve Shambeda, Paul Bean, Rebecca Melton, Forrest Speck and Rob Winslow in a distant galaxy, far, far away ...

Mark Mitchell looks like he just lost a secret base to Jody Folk. That's a forced smile hiding a grimace if I ever saw one.

Winning Two is Twice as Nice ...

As usual the Galaxy tournament didn't disappoint, but this year, it didn't provide a lot of "firsts". This was the third consecutive year that a former champion reclaimed the title. There have been other Finals with close scores but this year all five players finished the game within three points of each other! That might normally indicate there was no clear leader throughout the game, but not in this case. It was pretty evident from the outset that the table agreed Craig Melton should be the target of opportunity. He managed to take and keep control of the Divergence until they were eliminated on the last round. Every round it seemed that the topic of discussion was how to rid the galaxy of the Divergence, but somehow, nobody had the right cards at the right time. Finally, on the last round, Steve Cameron used the E Cup's Governor power to exchange a card with Marty Sample so he could play it on the Kha in order to kill the Divergence. It was a pretty clever play, and it did take down the leader, but then ended up giving the game to Rob Winslow who was flying under the radar the entire game and was just keeping himself in position to win by one point over Craig.

As for the numbers of this year's tournament, once again, the Myrmidon were the most eliminated world (17) and broke the record for the fewest times chosen as a secret base with two out of 21 total games played! Next year there needs to be some marketing promotion to help the Myrmidon gain support. Perhaps the most significant first was that the Kha were the world that survived the most games with 12. There were some other notable events as well. The aforementioned Cameron won his heat with a measly total of six points (and in a 4-player game which tends to produce higher scores). As one can assume, all four secret bases were eliminated. Overall, there was some consistency with the game play as it relates to the winners, such as Rob Winslow winning his semi-final match by being the one who eliminated ALL five worlds! If you do that, you had better win the game or else don't ever show your face in the galaxy again. And finally, there was one last notable feat that was achieved this year. Yours truly, the GM, managed to be the only heat winner without eliminating a single world. Just an innocent bystander hoping we can all get along - that's me. Mr. Nice Guy! This game is easy when all the other players do your dirty work for you. Well, not that easy ... since I didn't get past the semi-finals again.

Steve Shambeda places Max DuBoff's base for him - then blows it up.

John Speck, Bill Place and Laura Brown decide the fate of worlds.
 GM      Mark Mitchell  [7th Year]   NA    NA  

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