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Updated 11/15/2011
2011 WBC Report  

  2012 Status: pending 2012 GM commitment
Eric Hufford, PA
2011 Champion


AREA RGG Rio Grande Games

Event History
2000    Daniel Broh-Kahn       48
2001    Jared Scarborough       84
2002    Daniel Karp       66
2003    Charles Blahouse       60
2004    Rebecca Hebner       60
2005    Chris Entwistle     130
2006    Sean McCulloch     125
2007    Jarett Weintraub     171
2008    Andy Latto     185
2009    Rebecca Hebner     166
2010    Sean McCulloch     177
2011    Eric Hufford     180

Euro Quest Event History
2003    Jeff Mullet     21

Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Sean McCulloch      OH    11     76
  2.  Rebecca Hebner      CO    10     68
  3.  Andy Latto          MA    09     61
  4.  Jared Scarborough   IL    04     48
  5.  Daniel Karp         MD    03     32
  6.  Eric Hufford        PA    11     30
  7.  Eric Brosius        MA    09     30
  8.  Jarett Weintraub    NY    07     30
  9.  Chris Entwistle     MD    05     30
 10.  Daniel Broh-Kahn    MD    00     30
 11.  Laurel Stokes       NJ    04     26
 12.  Cally Perry         MA    08     24
 13.  David Meyaard       CT    08     24
 14.  Charles Blahouse    VA    03     20
 15.  Jeff Mullet         OH    03     20
 16.  Ewan McNay          NY    11     18
 17.  Laurie Wojtaszczyk  NY    11     18
 18.  Sam Atabaki         CA    09     18
 19.  Wayne Schmittberger PA    06     18
 20.  Bert Schoose        IL    05     18
 21.  Jeff Bakulchuk      NY    02     18
 22.  Lexi Shea           CT    08     16
 23.  Rob Kilroy          PA    02     13
 24.  Joe Yaure           PA    10     12
 25.  Rick Dutton         MD    05     12
 26.  Nate Hoam           OH    04     12
 27.  Doug Galullo        FL    03     12
 28.  Richard Sciacca     FL    02     12
 29.  Larry Kratz         ID    00     12
 30.  Steve Raszewski     MD    11      9
 31.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk   NY    10      9
 32.  Richard Fetzer      NY    09      9
 33.  John Conlon         OK    07      9
 34.  Paul Weintraub      MD    06      9
 35.  Brian Addison       VA    05      9
 36.  Gordon Aickin       uk    00      9
 37.  Sue Ellsworth       IL    08      8
 38.  Carol Caler         PA    03      8
 39.  Joshua Cooper       MD    03      8
 40.  Joshua Garton       VA    01      8
 41.  Nick Kramer         PA    10      6
 42.  John Corrado        VA    09      6
 43.  Sam Brosius         MA    07      6
 44.  Ivan Lawson         MD    06      6
 45.  Jeff Gardner        MD    03      6
 46.  Debbie Gutermuth    TX    03      6
 47.  Jordan Ludwick      NJ    01      6
 48.  Fearghal Donnor     ir    00      6
 49.  Malinda Kyrkos      NY    08      4
 50.  Kathy Stroh         PA    03      4
 51.  Yoel Weiss          NJ    11      3
 52.  Meghan Friedmann    MA    10      3
 53.  Winton Lemoine      CA    07      3
 54.  Claire Brosius      CT    06      3
 55.  Jeff Power          MI    05      3
 56.  Rob Flowers         MD    02      3
 57.  Anthony Rubbo       PA    00      3
 58.  Peter Reese         VA    04      2
 59.  Paul Gaberson       PA    03      2
 60.  Eric Hymowitz       MD    01      2

2011 Laurelists                                                  Repeating Laurelists 

Ewan McNay, NY

Sean McCulloch, OH

Steve Raszewski, MD

Laurie Wojtaszczyk, NY

Yoel Weiss, NJ

Past Winners

Daniel Broh-Kahn, MD

Jared Scarborough, IL

Daniel Karp, MD

Charles Blahouse, VA

Rebecca Hebner, CO
2004, 2009

Chris Entwistle, MD

Sean McCulloch, OH
2006, 2010

Jarrett Weintraub, NY

Andy Latto, MA

Eric Hufford, PA

Gordon Stewart and Gary Schaeffers fill their hands.

Katie Breza plays Steve Packwood as Lissa Rennert watches.

New Laurel Leader & a New Champ ...

Lost Cities retained its mega-event status with another near-record attendance. Once again, I had a full table at the demo, and at least one copy was purchased from the vendors for use in the tournament, continuing these streaks for the seventh consecutive year. I find this remarkable for an old card game; old in relation to the hundreds of games that have been released during the past decade - some enduring, most fading.

The first heat drew 55 pairs, while the numbers recorded for the remaining three heats remained strong at 49, 48 and 48 pairs, respectively. 27 players attended all four heats and 45 participated in three heats. The triple winners were Rob Brode, Sam Brosius, David L. Anderson, Steven Raszewski, Steve Lollis, Timothy Keating, Stephanie Welch, Shannon Keating, David Earls, Edward Roberts, Norman Rule, Patrick Gorman, Paul Weintraub, Andy Latto, Meghan Friedman, Alyssa Mills, Sean McCulloch. Eric Brosius, Bruce Bernard, Shea Lawson, Vien Bouma, and Ashley Kilroy.

Rob Brode amassed 237 to best Brian Stone's 229, yielding the highest cumulative score of 466 and closely topping Dennis Nicholson (294) and Joe Chacon's (165) combined score of 459. (Rob would score 206 in another win, joining Gordon Stewart 233/206 as the only players to break 200 more than once.) Andrew Emerick posted the top individual score of 389, and the only score over 300, in part by crafting two expeditions with bonuses to score 228 in the second hand alone. 24 other players posted individual scores of 200 or more. The closest contests were a pair of one-point wins by Caitlin O'Rourke over James Gilmore 120-119, and Adina Weiss over Natalie Beach 105-104. Unless you count ties. Beth Doughan and David Earls finished regulation knotted at 124, and Bill Burch and Deb Yaure each had 117 after three hands. Both games were resolved with a fourth hand. There were three 2-point wins as well. Defense was Angela Hoffman's forte with a 32 to -26 win over Cally Perry in "one of those games."

Entering the elimination rounds, each of the 32 qualifiers as well as six alternates had at least two wins. Obviously, the triple winners listed above were among them. It's becoming harder and harder to hold out hope for the return of a one-game winning qualifier. One former champion, 2008's Andy Latto, and the reigning champion, Sean McCulloch, were among the qualifiers.

As many of the qualifiers have also advanced in prior years, I recalled the luck/skill debate regarding the game, and conducted a review of the laurelists since the event began in 2000. In this group, and in support of the skill side of the argument, Sean McCulloch and Jared Scarborough have each finished in the money four times, and Rebecca Hebner, Andy Latto and Eric Brosius have each earned laurels three times. Eric is the only one of this group without championship wood so far. Sean has won two titles, and Jared accomplished his four appearances in four consecutive years, 2001-04 and hasn't attended since. Just sayin'.

We needed two alternates to fill the bracket this year. After the dust of three rounds had settled, Eric Hufford, Ewan McNay, Steve Raszewski and Sean advanced to the semis. Sean was leading after two hands, but lost to Eric and his bonus expedition in the last hand, 164 to 73. Steve and Ewan went back and forth in a low scoring game, ending in Ewan's favor 84 to 64. In the Final, Eric took an early lead upon which he was able to build, thwarting Ewan's attempt to come back and winning 122 to 59. Ewan did have the distinction of drawing a memorable opening hand. His eight cards were all number cards with nothing below an eight! What do you lead? Of course, Ewan was rewarded for the suit that he picked by promptly drawing two more cards of the same suit which he now could not use. Eric Hufford is congratulated for winning in his first year in the tournament. Like McArthur, he says he'll return.

Unlike most events where such spoils fall automatically to the champions penultimate opponent, Sean came by his third place plaque the hard way, besting Steve in a consolation game during the Final round. It was enough to put him atop the laurels list.

Hope to see you in 2012. Remember to pack your Lost Cities in your suitcase next year, even if you only bring the cards, because games are always in short supply.

Sean McCulloch wins the playoff battle
for third against Steve Raszewski.

Ewan McNay drops the title match to Eric Hufford
as both register their first laurels in Lost Cities.
 GM      Ivan Lawson [7th Year]   NA
    lawsonic@comcast.net   NA

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