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2012 WBC Report  

  2013 Status: pending 2013 GM commitment

Bruce DuBoff, NJ

2012 Champion

Event History
2004    Bruce Reiff       69
2005     Nate Hoam       97
2006    Michael Mullins       88
2007     Vassili Kyrkos       84
2008    L. Dan Hoffman       91
2009    Kevin Wojtaszczyk       99
2010    Luke Koleszar     122
2011    Vassili Kyrkos     116
2012    Bruce DuBoff     114

Euro Quest Event History
2004    Holliday Jones     22


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Vassili Kyrkos     NY    11     70
   2.  Luke Koleszar      VA    10     58
   3.  Nate Hoam          OH    08     54
   4.  Bruce Duboff       NJ    12     40
   5.  Richard Meyer      MA    12     34
   6.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    09     30
   7.  Legend Dan Hoffman MD    08     30
   8.  Michael Mullins    MA    06     30
   9.  Bruce Reiff        OH    04     30
  10.  Thomas Strock      PA    12     24
  11.  Michael Shea       CT    11     24
  12.  Sam Atabaki        CA    10     24
  13.  Matt Calkins       VA    10     22
  14.  Holliday Jones     MD    04     20
  15.  Carolyn Strock     PA    09     18
  16.  George Sauer       OH    04     18
  17.  Jay Fox            NJ    11     16
  18.  Michael Wei        FL    10     16
  19.  Tom Dunning        NY    05     14
  20.  Rodney Davidson    AZ    12     12
  21.  Eric Freeman       PA    11     12
  22.  Tom Stokes         NJ    10     12
  23.  Robert Drozd       IL    09     12
  24.  Matthew Amitrano   VA    09     12
  25.  Steve Koleszar     VA    08     12
  26.  Brian Kowal        WI    07     12
  27.  Christian Moffa    NJ    06     12
  28.  Ilan Tadmor        NY    05     12
  29.  Josh Cooper        MD    04     12
  30.  Perrianne Lurie    PA    04     12
  31.  Debbie Gutermuth   NC    09      9
  32.  Heather Palenshus  OH    08      9
  33.  Faisal Kassam      ab    07      9
  34.  Jeff Mullet        OH    06      9
  35.  David Buchholz     MI    05      9
  36.  Laurel Stokes      NJ    04      9
  37.  Lynda Shea         CT    12      8
  38.  Peter Eldridge     uk    11      8
  39.  David Meyaard      NY    10      8
  40.  Davyd Field        SC    08      6
  41.  Peter Putnam       PA    04      6
  42.  Tom Wojke          PA    04      6
  43.  Ken Gutermuth      NC    12      4
  44.  Tammy Lusk         NJ    11      4
  45.  Jim Vroom          PA    04      4
  46.  Alfred Smith       NC    09      3
  47.  Lisa Gutermuth     FL    08      3
  48.  Robert Kircher     RI    07      3
  49.  John Faella        RI    06      3
  50.  David Gagne        qc    05      3
  51.  Lee Presser        NY    04      3
  52.  Luann Stubbs       PA    04      2

2012 Laurelists                                                 Repeating Laurelists: 0

Thomas Strock, PA

Rich Meyer, MA

Rodney Davidson, AZ

Lynda Shea, CT

Kem Gutermuth, NC

Past Winners

Bruce Reiff, OH

Nate Hoam, OH

Michael Mullins, MA

Vassili Kyrkos, NY
2007, 2011

Legend Dan Hoffman, MD

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

Luke Koleszar, VA

Bruce DuBoff, NJ

The event continues to draw exceedingly well in a two-heat format with its third straight triple-digit field.

Since Lisa graduated, Ken's wardrobe has gone decidedly downhill. Don't they have any red shirts down there in Carolina?

Wood at Last!

The event continued to draw triple-digit participation with only two preliminary heats advancing 25 to the elimination rounds.

Heat 1 had 15 games as follows:
· Lou Traini won his table by winning a tie breaker for the longer wall over Adina Weiss.
· There were two tables decided by one point. The relieved winners were Kevin Shaud over David Gagne and Ken Gutermuth over Yoel Weiss.
· Brad Sherwood won by only three points over Alan Elkner.
· Ashley Collinson had the highest score of the heat with 116.
· With 5-player boards, most winners score under 100. However, in the first heat there were four more winners with triple-digit scores. They were Matt Johnston 109, Carolyn Strock 108, Mike Wojtaszczyk 105 and Tedd Mullally 101.
· Ian Lange won with the lowest winning score of 87 due mainly by the first scoring card appearing as the first available card. By this time, Chase Smith was the only one with any purchases. Unfortunately, Chase was not able to maintain his 9-point advantage.
· Unlike Chase, Robert Drozd had a similar situation where he and Chris Kalmbacher were the only ones to score after the first scoring card. In this case, Robert was able to parlay his advantage to stay ahead throughout.
· Ryan Freidmann had the second lowest winning score in the first heat with a score of 92 followed closely by Lisa Gutermuth for whom 94 proved enough.
· The last two winners in the first heat were Jessica Shea and Thomas Strock.

Heat 2 added another 15 games to complete the Preliminaries.
· Debbie Gutermuth won her table via the longer wall tie breaker over Dan Longnecker.
· Grant LaDue had the next closest game with a 1-point win over Sean Maher.
· Bruce DuBoff had the highest score of both heats with 119, two more than Lynda Shea's 117.
· The other winners with triple-digit scores were John Faella and Jay Fox (112), Yoel Weiss (109), Jeff Mullet (106), Brad Sherwood (105) and Rod Davidson (103).
· Jennifer Stultz and David Buchholz both had the lowest winning total with 89 points.
· Rounding out the second heat winners were Richard Meyer, Rodney Bacigalupo, and Craig Longnecker.

The Shea and Gutermuth families led the qualifiers with three each. There were 29 winners in the two heats (Brad Sherwood won twice) and two declined to proceed due to schedule conflicts. This meant two winners could not advance and those that won in their second try were at risk. The two not making the cut were Debbie Gutermuth and Rodney Bacigalupo.

Five games composed the semifinal round:

· Rodney Davidson and Ken Gutermuth tied with Rodney enjoying the tie breaker and Ken settling for sixth pace laurels as the closest semi loser.
· Bruce DuBoff had the highest winning score with 113.
· Thomas Strock had the lowest winning score with his 89 besting brad Sherwood by a single point.
· Jeff Mullet had the longest wall with a length of 18, but this was not enough of an edge as Lynda Shea was able to pull out a win with a wall length of only 12 and no purple buildings.
· Richard Meyer won his table just playing a steady game.

The survivors immediately began the Final. After the first scoring round, Bruce led with 13 points followed by Richard with 10, Thomas 7, and Rodney and Lynda with 4 each. Bruce got his edge by being the only one with the lead in two colors (brown and green) and having the longest wall. At the second scoring round, Richard and Bruce had the longest walls with a length of 8 so Richard made up some ground. Rodney had a very big lead in blue; Bruce still led in brown and green. Thomas had the lead in white. Thomas and Richard had tied for the lead in purple which hurt their chances of trying to catch Bruce. Linda, Rodney, and Richard had a three-way tie in the lead for red. Long story short, Bruce was still in the lead. By the end of the last round, Bruce was still only scoring in the same colors but held the lead in both. Would that be enough to keep ahead? Rodney still had the lead in blue and had taken the lead in red and second in white. Lynda had to settle for second place in her scoring colors. Richard was able to take the lead in purple, but could only secure a tie for second place in green. Thomas had taken the lead in white with a second place in blue and purple and had also built his wall to 13 in length while Richard had a 12 length wall. Bruce had only added 2 to his wall to have 10 length followed by Rodney with 9 length, and Lynda with 5. Altogether it added up as Bruce 91, Thomas 89, Richard 77, Rodney 75 and Lynda 55 for Bruce's first WBC title.

Ashley Collinson and Bruce DuBoff make a striking duo in their Jay's Basement team shirts.

Finalists Lynda Shea, Thomas Strock, Bruce DuBoff, Rich Meyer and Rodney Davidson pose for their group photo.

 GM      Debbie Gutermuth  [9th Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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