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Updated Nov. 23, 2012

2012 WBC Report  

 2013 Status: pending 2013 GM commitment

Allen Kaplan, NJ

2012 Champion


Event History
2006    Tony Curtis     40
2007     Bill O'Neal     36
2008     Brian Conlon     40
2009    Rick Young     34
2010    Chad Mekash     48
2011    Bill O'Neal     44
2012    Allen Kaplan     36


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill O'Neal        NY    11    123
  2.  Allen Kaplan       NJ    12     68
  3.  Tony Curtis        OK    12     58
  4.  Chad Mekash        NJ    11     56
  5.  Brian Conlon       CT    11     54
  6.  Jack Morrell       NY    12     52
  7.  Rick Young         NC    09     30
  8.  John Kirk          PA    12     24
  9.  Terry Cotter       CT    10     24
 10.  Jeff King          ME    08     18
 11.  Andy Finkel        uk    06     18
 12.  Greg Ottoman       VA    12     16
 13.  Dan Dolan Jr       VT    12     12
 14.  Joe Yaure          PA    11     12
 15.  John Grasse        CT    10     12
 16.  Riku Reikkinen     fn    08     12
 17.  Steve Cuyler       NY    09      9
 18.  Rob March          CA    06      9
 19.  Peter Stein        OH    07      8
 20.  Eric Raymond       PA    09      6
 21.  Andy Joy           MD    08      6
 22.  David Burkey       PA    06      6
 23.  Mike Pacheco       CA    11      4
 24.  Jeff Cornett       FL    07      4
 25.  James Terry        NJ    09      3
 26.  Paul Skrabut       FL    08      3
 27.  Mike Gentile       PA    06      3

2012 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists:

John Kirk, PA

Greg Ottoman, VA

Dan Dolan Jr, VT

Tony Curtis, OK

Jack Morrell, NY

Past Champions

Tony Curtis, OK

Bill O'Neal, NY
2007, 2011

Brian Conlon, CT

Rick Young, NC

Chad Mekash, NJ

A whole room full of old blockheads ...

Derak Landel and Dan Dolan Jr clash shields.

 Rick Young and John Kirk; someone's blocks travel in style.

 Tony Curtis takes a break from the vendor's room.

Blocks & Blades ...

A Turn Too Late ...

Another great (but warm) year in the Ancient world, with John Kirk and Allen Kaplan cutting through the field of 36 to emerge victorious and claim the right to meet each other in the Final. They would play the same scenario (Mycale from the Spartans expansion) twice, switching sides.

In the first game, Allen's Greeks pressed hard on the Persian right flank and swept them off the hills. The Persians fought tenaciously, but had a medium infantry unit cut-off and destroyed as the Greeks drew first blood. Another unit followed in short order, and the leader-loss check resulted in the Persian leader dying as well. That put Allen up three banners to zero. A Persian counterattack gave John his first banner, but the Greeks kept coming. John used a center card to flee before the Hoplites, conceding the right flank entirely.

Allen then engaged the center, and he pushed the Persians away from the river in the center. In desperation, John darkened the sky with arrows. The Greeks took casualties but pressed forward with inspired leadership. Allen pressed across the river and John counterattacked with a Line Command, activating every unit in his diminished army. They loosed several more arrows to little effect, their morale clearly collapsing. Allen crossed with more units and attacked, killing two more units for the win, 5-1.

Switching sides, Allen was now in the driver's seat, needing but two banners to clinch the title. John's Greeks opened the rematch with an attack on the Persian right, drawing first blood by launching a ranged attack and removing 25% of the far right Persian unit. Allen consolidated. John again pressed forward.

Allen showed why he tightened his line by playing a Line Command but the results were not promising, as he received as much damage as he inflicted. John then played a mounted charge since his mostly hoplite army was able to move and attack with an extra battle die. John used this to pressure the Persians by attempting a crossing on the Persian left, scoring his first banner.

Allen used another Line Command in an attempt to restore order. He pushed away many of the Greeks and managed his first banner, securing a 1-1 tie.

John ordered four right and again tried to ford the river, with more success, killing two more Persian units, securing a 3-1 lead. Allen's counterattack was only partly successful, pushing one Greek unit back to the river.

John again pressed on the Greek right, killing another Persian unit, and increasing his banner lead to 4-1, one short of tying the overall match.

However, Allen's counterattack killed two Greek units, closing the score to 4-3, ensuring his title. John took small solace, playing on the Greek left to kill a 5th unit, and win the game 5-3 a turn too late. Allen won the title on total banners, 8-6.

Allen Kaplan's painted miniature armies are always an attraction.

Greg Ottoman falls to Allen Kaplan in the semifinals.

 GM      Rick Young (1st Year)  NA  
    NA   NA

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