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Updated Nov. 23, 2012

2012 WBC Report  

  2013 Status: pending December 2012 Membership Trial Vote

AJ Sudy, VA

2012 Champion

Event History
2005    Harald Henning     46
2006     AJ Sudy     46
2007     Bill Crenshaw     46 
2008    Harald Henning     39
2009     Jeff Mullet     31
2010    Arthur Field     23
2011    Bill Crenshaw     14
2012    AJ Sudy     27

Enlightenment History
2006    Bill Crenshaw     19
2008    Ewan McNay     28
2009     Bill Crenshaw     25 
2010    Kevin Sudy     14

PBeM History
2007    Tom Taaffe     36
2008    Bill Edwards     35
2010    Stefan Mecay     36
2011    Bill Crenshaw     29
2012    Stefan Mecay     25


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill Crenshaw      VA    12    280
  2.  Arthur Field       SC    11    122
  3.  Harald Henning     CT    10    119
  4.  Stefan Mecay       TX    12    101
  5.  Jeff Mullet        OH    12     95
  6.  Kevin Sudy         VA    12     85
  7.  AJ Sudy            VA    12     84
  8.  Ewan McNay         CT    09     58
  9.  Peter Staab        PA    11     51
 10.  Peter Pollard      TN    12     47
 11.  Tom Taaffe         VA    08     46
 12.  Bill Edwards       VA    10     36
 13.  Carl Damcke        IL    12     35
 14.  Kathy Stroh        DE    08     30
 15.  John Coussis       IL    08     28
 16.  Tom Browne         PA    09     25
 17.  David Hood         NC    07     24
 18.  Ted Simmons        NJ    05     24
 19.  Greg Stripes       VA    12     21
 20.  Robb Effinger      WA    10     18
 21.  Derek Landel       NJ    10     18
 22.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    07     16
 23.  Brett Mingo        MD    05     16
 24.  Eric Wrobel        VA    11     15
 25.  Steve Smith        NE    10     12
 26.  Tedd Mullally      NJ    09     12
 27.  Kate Taillon       SC    07     12
 28.  Ed Kendrick        uk    12      9
 29.  Ken Gutermuth      NC    10      9
 30.  Ed Rothenheber     MD    06      9
 31.  Scott Burns        uk    07      8
 32.  David Nicholson    on    05      8
 33.  Doug Galullo       MD    12      6
 34.  Pat Mirk           FL    10      6
 35.  Rob Kircher        RI    11      6
 36.  Shawn Fox          TX    08      5
 37.  Bob Woodson        NV    11      4
 38.  Dave Long          NC    05      4
 39.  Mark Neale         RI    10      3
 40.  Eric Monte         NY    11      1

2012 Laurelists                                            Repeating Laurelists:

Bill Crenshaw, VA

Jeff Mullet, OH

Ed Kendrick, uk

Doug Galullo, MD

Kevin Sudy, VA

Past Winners

Harald Henning, CT
2005, 2008

Alan Sudy, VA
2006, 2012

Bill Crenshaw, VA
2007, 2011

Jeff Mullet, OH

Arthur Field, SC

Doug Galullo, Jason Levine and Mark Sciera

AJ Sudy, David Hood and Jon Anderson

Second Wind? ...

The 2012 tournament nearly doubled attendance after a dismal 2011 due to an added heat during the pre-con. Wins were evenly distributed with Pennsylvania and Louisiana winning twice and Quebec, Mexico and Virginia once.

In the early heat, Jeff Mullet won by three VPs while Doug Gallulo and AJ Sudy each managed 1-VP wins. In the second heat, Bill Crenshaw peaked late for a 9-VP win while Ed Kendrick and Ewan McNay each won by a single VP. Kevin Sudy won the only game in the third heat by 6.

Bill, Kevin, Jeff, Doug, and AJ qualified for the Final. Kevin opted for Nappy Wars instead, leaving Ed the last spot and Ewan on the sidelines along with Kevin, whose Nappy Final ended a minute too late to reclaim his seat.

Jeff (holding timber) paid $10 for Quebec, Bill (holding tobacco) choose Virginia second for $5, Ed (holding gold) took Mexico for $5, Doug (with both La. Purchase and Hudson's Bay) got La. for free and AJ was left with Pennsylvania.

VA and PA got off to good starts, with VA using Ben Franklin to get Patriotism early and PA hitting his Mech roll before LA and Quebec and then playing Fulton for early Steamships. Mexico used Homestead Act to get to Northern California, used his priority chit and cash $100 in Gold. Virginia cashed Native Sovereignty for $60 in tobacco but opted not to place natives in Hawaii, then took it uncontested. Louisiana took Missouri, enabling him to gobble up territories in the northwest and was in solid shape after hitting his Motion Pictures roll. Quebec combined bad research rolls with bad attack rolls to fall behind.

In the middle of Era 2, Virginia and Pennsylvania agreed to wait a turn to collaborate on Think Tank rather than risk missing rolls. Both had rolls on Storytelling instead with Virginia missing and Pennsylvania hitting (which later proved to be the 1 VP difference). The Era 2-3 transition turn saw Pennsylvania negotiate an Ore card out of Mexico before hitting Louisiana with Civil War, leading to a scramble for Ore, while Virginia amassed 5 Oil. Sensing the last expansion coming early, Virginia used his priority chit to expand last rather than more first and cash 2 Oil cards. Louisiana opted for 1st and played Riots and Immigrants, opting to riot Virginia's Oil city in Texas, Pennsylvania, and take over Quebec's Ore city in Manitoba.

Virginia rolled well in final expansion, taking six territories, but was left playing cards fourth in final card play. PA wisely used his priority chit to move first and wreak havoc on Virginia's well laid plans, first stealing VA's last Oil card with Spy, then playing Product Recall on Oil -- a $200 swing! Virginia got a little revenge on PA with IRS, but PA then proceeded to hit his e-commerce roll to edge out a 1-point win. Quebec was able to cash $150 in Tourists after bribing Virginia with Textiles to sneak into third, just ahead of Mexico (whose overseas territories had been nullified by PA's Cold War) and Louisiana.

Final scores:
1. AJ Sudy (Pa) 31 VPs/$35/55 Profit
2. Bill Crenshaw (Va) 30 VPs/$50/100 Profit
3. Jeff Mullet (Que) 28 VPs/$25/90 Profit
4. Ed Kendrick (Mex) 27 VPs/$0/55 Profit
5. Doug Gallulo (La) 26 VPs/$20/60 Profit

Kevin Sudy and the Chairman of the Board

GM Bill Crenshaw is denied Coussis by his finalists.

 Play By Email 2012

Congratulations to Stefan Mecay for winning the 2010-12 Manifest Destiny PBeM tournament. Stefan cruised to victory in the first three rounds and despite finishing last in the final round, sealed the deal by taking out the only two-game winner after three rounds (Bill Crenshaw, who finished fourth in the final round but second in the tournament). Carl Damcke won the #1 table in the last round to grab third place overall, edging out Greg Stripes on the cash tiebreaker (who with his strong performance in the last two rounds finished fourth overall). Pete Pollard came in third on the #1 table in the last round and sixth overall. Jeff Mullet's win in Round 2 and close seconds in the last two rounds earned him fifth overall.

The other third round winners were Arthur Field (with help from Bill Crenshaw finishing the game), Pete Staab, Rob Kircher, and Mike Brophy.

Thanks to Stefan Mecay and Mike Brophy for GM'ing. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future tournaments. We will not use the Enlightenment format again but if there is sufficient interest will try a three-round elimination tournament, hopefully starting in January 2013. Please let me know if you would be interested in playing and/or GM'ing.

Don't forget to vote to include Manifest Destiny at WBC!

 GM      Bill Crenshaw [8th year]   NA    NA

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