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Updated Nov. 23, 2012

2012 WBC Report  

 2013 Status: pending 2013 GM commitment

Dominic Blais, qc

2012 Champion

Event History
2009    Christopher Ellis     124
2010    Marvin Birnbaum     120
2011    Cary Morris     159
2012    Dominic Blais     177

PBeM Event History
2010    Eric Freeman     23
2012    Eric Freeman     28

Euro Quest Event History
2010    Sceadeau D'Tela     45
2011    Virginia Colin     68
2012    Alex Bove     53


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Eric Freeman       PA    12     88
   2.  Cary Morris        NC    11     82
   3.  Dominic Blais      qc    12     60
   4.  Dan Eppolito       PA    12     58
   5.  Henry Dove         MD    12     40
   6.  Marvin Birnbaum    NY    10     40
   7.  Christopher Ellis  FL    09     40
   8.  Virginia Colin     VA    11     34
   9.  Alex Bove          PA    12     30
  10.  Stefan Mecay       TX    12     30
  11.  Nicholas Henning   DC    11     30
  12.  Rod Bacigalupo     MD    11     30
  13.  Cliff Ackman       PA    12     24
  14.  Scott Fenn         MD    12     24
  15.  Greg Thathcer      CA    12     24
  16.  Sceadeau D'Tela    NC    11     23
  17.  Raphael Lehrer     CA    11     22
  18.  Robert Murray      NJ    12     18
  19.  Scott Marcotte     NY    10     16
  20.  Lexi Shea          CT    09     16
  21.  Anne Norton        NJ    10     12
  22.  Jeffrey Senley     PA    09     12
  23.  Kyle Smith         PA    12      9
  24.  Bill Zurn          CA    11      9
  25.  Aran Warszawski    is    10      8
  26.  Brian Mongold      MD    12      6
  27.  David Gagne        qc    12      6
  28.  Chris Yaure        PA    12      6
  29.  Eugene Yee         MD    10      6
  30.  Haim Hochboim      is    10      6
  31.  Deb Yaure          PA    11      5
  32.  David Duncan       PA    10      4
  33.  Marty Hoff         TX    09      4
  34.  Todd Raethka       NY    12      3
  35.  Robert Kircher     RI    12      3
  36.  Larry Loiacono     PA    10      2
  37.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    10      2

2012 Laurelists                                                  Returning Larelists:

Dan Eppolito, PA

Henry Dove, MD

Robert Murray, NJ

Cliff Ackman, PA

David Gagne, qc

Past Winners

Chris Ellis, FL

Marvin Birnbaum, NY

Cary Morris, NC

Dominic Blais, qc

Alex Henning, Lynda Shea and Joe Yaure

Stone Age cavemen fill the ballroom.

Double Winners Only ...

Valuing Quantity over Quality ...
The event posted its fourth straight triple-digit attendance figure. The action started with 25 tables on Monday evening. It's normal for a GM to be pleased with great attendance, but with the last minute loss of my assistant GM, I would have been in real trouble if Barry Shutt had not stepped up to help. He did all three demo sessions and helped with every heat, even making it possible for me to play in three heats.

The new format proved popular with most casual players, because they could arrive on time, start playing almost immediately, and leave for other activities as soon as their game ended. The previous format required winners to play two rounds in each heat. For most players, especially the large number of family members, improving the ratio of gaming to waiting is greatly appreciated. The challenge with the new format was that we had lots of winners across the four heats, and ten players with two wins each who did not qualify for the semifinals, including the defending champion, who could only play in two of the heats and so lost on the first tiebreaker (number of players beaten in all heats). Forcing strong players to play multiple qualifying heats with much weaker players isn't ideal for those who are serious about tournaments, so we'll probably switch to a quarterfinal in 2012.

Despite 25 tables Monday, 22 Wednesday, 23 Thursday, and 13 on Friday, no player was turned away because of a game shortage, though we twice used the very last games from the library. Do try to bring a game in 2013. Every table was a 4-player game, although the GM had to be drafted several times to accomplish that. It came close on two occasions, but no finish had to be adjudicated for time. No player problems were brought to my attention, though I did have to explain at two tables that discussion (by the players only) in multiplayer games is permitted (and expected), while criticism of play is not.

The Saturday semifinal pitted 16 multi-heat winners at four tables with other proven players. The two runners-up with the best percentage of the scores at their table gained fifth and sixth place laurels. The Final opened with a bold play by second player, Daniel Eppolito, for a two-resource spot triple hut multiplier, to be paid for with a brick roll. The lucky roll was 6-6-5. Rob Murray then hit the first dice bar with a 3-2-2-1. By game end, it was Dominic Blais in the lead with 190 points, including 115 board points, 36 civ, 10 food, 15 tools, and 14 people, with a perfect 0 unused resources to collect his first of two titles for the week. Eppolito's big, hungry family scored 168, Henry Dove's balanced approach netted 156, and Murray's tool program had 144 as prehistoric Black & Decker had a bad day.

Charlie Faella and Derek Poletti

GM Eric Englemann oversees his finalists.

2012 Euro Quest Laurelists

Alex Bove, PA

Eric Freeman, PA

Daniel Eppolito, PA

Kyle Smith, PA

Brian Mongold, MD

 Play By Email 2012

28 Players took to Yucata for the annual online Stone Age tournament. This year's round robin was seeded differently from that of 2010. Instead of pool records, overall points were used to build the 12-person playoff field after 84 pool games. Stefan Mecay's scoring average of 248 was not the highest, but he was the lone player who won all six pool play games. The highest average score for six pool play games belonged to Scott Fenn. His 264.8 gave him the second seed in the round robin. Eric Freeman and Greg Thatcher earned first round byes based on average score as well. The round robin seeding system worked to a T as there were no seed upsets until the semi-finals when #3 seed Freeman knocked off #2 seed Fenn by a 259 to 252 score. That set up a Final rematch of the 2010-11 event between Freeman and the reigning Caesar, Mecay.

Mecay took game 1 by 14 points. Freeman could have made it a little closer if he were able to complete a building in the last turn, but rolled a Brick/Tool and needed a wood. Freeman fired back in game 2 winning the most lopsided game of the match 253-194. He was able to score early and often in forcing another deciding game 3. The 2010 Final went to three games as well. Game 3 was close throughout, but Freeman drew both double Shaman cards while Mecay had no resources and cruised to a 27-point victory to defend his Stone Age Tournament Championship.

Game 1 Mecay 166 Freeman 152
Game 2 Freeman 253 Mecay 194
Game 3 Freeman 227 Mecay 200

Completing the laurel gathering were Scott Fenn, Greg Thatcher, Chris Yaure and Robert Kircher who finished third through sixth respectively.

 GM      Eric Engelmann  [2nd Year]   NA    NA

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