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Updated Nov. 23, 2012

2012 WBC Report    

 2013 Status: pending December 2012 Membership Trial Vote

Michael Pustilnik, NY

2012 Champion

Event History
1994    Paul Goliwas      26
1995    Bruno Wolff      26
1996    Brian Sutton      17
1997    Brian Sutton      29
1998    Ed Rothenheber      39
1999    Jason Ley     32
2000    Brian Sutton     36
2001    Andrew Gross     30
2002    Dan Strock     36
2003    Aaron Fuegi     25
2004    David des Jardins     24
2005    David des Jardins     24
2006    John Sharp III     26
2007     Sean McCulloch     22
2008    Aaron Fuegi     29
2009    David desJardins     30
2010    Aaron Fuegi     30
2011    Aaron Fuegi     24
2012    Michael Pustilnik     20


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Aaron Fuegi        MA    12    205
  2.  David des Jardins  CA    12    161
  3.  Brian Sutton       MD    11     81
  4.  Dan Strock         PA    12     79
  5.  Jason Ley          WA    12     68
  6.  David Finberg      MA    11     57
  7.  Sean McCulloch     OH    10     57
  8.  Andrew Gross       WA    03     49
  9.  Ed Rothenheber     MD    12     33
 10.  John Sharp III     FL    06     32
 11.  Michael Pustilnik  NY    12     30
 12.  Clifford Smith     PA    05     28
 13.  David Platnick     VA    09     27
 14.  Bruno Wolff        WI    09     26
 15.  Jeff Cornett       FL    06     18
 16.  Bill Dufton        CA    02     16
 17.  Masahide Hisanaga  jp    07     12
 18.  Ben Foy            MD    02     12
 19.  Chuck Nail         GA    02     12
 20.  Larry Lingle       PA    01     12
 21.  Geoffrey Pounder   on    07      9
 22.  Steve Koleszar     VA    01      8
 23.  Dave Burkey        PA    04      4
 24.  Akihisa Tabei      jp    10      3
 25.  Nick Page          on    08      3
 26.  Rick Northey       MA    05      3
 27.  Jason Russ         VA    99      2

2012 Laurelists                                      Repeating Laurelists:

Jason Ley, WA

David des Jardins, CA

Aaron Fuegi, MA

Dan Strock, PA

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Past Winners

Paul Goliwas, MD

Bruno Wolff, WI

Brian Sutton, MD
1996-1997, 2000

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Jason Ley, WA

Andrew Gross, WA

Dan Strock, PA

Aaron Fuegi, MA
2003, 2008, 2010-11

David des Jardins, CA
2004-2005, 2009

John Sharp III, FL

Sean McCulloch, OH

Michael Pustilnik, NY

Justin Childs vs Kevin Hillock

Defending champ Aaron Fuegi vs Sean McCulloch

Add one more Champion to a Field Full of Them ...

Michael Pustilnik has become a first-time champion, and interrupted the chain of wins by either David desJardins or Aaron Fuegi. His course was far from easy. He had to best former champions in four out of five matches, perhaps the toughest tournament ever in terms of opponent rank. In early action, 2002 champ Dan Strock won the roll-off after a mutual in Round 1, but lost to David in Round 3. Aaron won over 2007 champion Sean McCulloch after a mutual in Round 2.

'99 champ Jason Ley made it to the Final with warlock power, but did not recruit any warlocks by an opening roll of six. In his first game, he rolled a 4, took his titan next to the adjoining tower, and then rolled a 1. In the second game, it was a 5 to the nearby brush followed by a 1. In the third game, against Aaron, 1 followed by 1. His warlock strength had a strong effect on all games, in either the final battle or in threats that limited opponent movement.

Here's a problem. You have a nine-high titan with one unicorn, two dragons and three colossus. Do you move to the plains underneath the mountains when you know the other titan, also nine high, sits in the mountains with five hydras and an angel, with an angel to call? It appears as if the colossus legion has more overall strength, so '98 champ Ed Rothenheber made the move. Michael was in the mountains, and attacked to have the summon instead of waiting to be attacked. The range strike also proved important as he had two colossus in the front row wounded to 8 and 5 with the angel plus range strikes. Two hydras were killed during the next move, but strikebacks killed both wounded colossus. A summoned angel helped kill the last colossus and a dragon on the next attacker move, and poor rolling results left two hydras alive but wounded. When the unicorn and the summoned angel died fighting each other, the wounded hydras put four hits on Ed's titan and expired at the same time. Now it was unwounded titan on four-hit titan, and Michael managed the five hits needed on the first blow. Ed was not able to get nine hits on nine dice.

The next game Michael played against second rated David desJardins and it turned into a question of which original stack held the titan and which the angel. Michael started with a 6, but declined to teleport and reveal his titan. David used a ranger kill stack to clear the upper circle and move his titan 3 troll stack in position to get a warbear. But this stack was immediately threatened and had to move on a non-parity roll to the mountains. A rather weak stack with a minotaur then moved to just below the upper circle, and David had to move again to avoid being weakened. Michael's titan then had an opportunity to attack the other titan in the hills, but Michael was still unsure which stack contained the opponent titan, and an attack into the hills, if it turned out to be the angel, would be subject to counterattack by the other stack. So the first opportunity passed without an attack, but on the next turn, after David had no good options to move out of the hills, the attack came 7 on 5 and the outcome was pretty much determined by numbers.

The critical battle of the Final came at the hour and a half mark with only Michael adding a pip to his titan up to this point. Jason's titan, for the first time in the tournament unable to recruit a warlock, with two rangers and three lions, was attacked by a split off stack of two gargs and three cyclops with an angel to summon. At the most opportune moment, the cyclops rolled just enough sixes to kill the two rangers and expose the titan. The next two swings by an angel put the six-high titan, well, six feet under, and crowned the new champion.

Jason Ley plays Dan Strock as Justin Childs observes

David des Jardins and Aaron Fuegi in one of their frequent duels.

 GM      Rich Atwater  [9th Year]  NA 
    kmarma@comcast.net  352-241-6829

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