Updated Nov. 23, 2013

2013 WBC Report  

  2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Jeff Mullet, OH

2013 Champion

Event History
2007    Chris Johnson        82
2008    Andy Latto     131
2009     Brittany Bernard     139
2010     Steve LeWinter     131
2011    Marcy Morelli     138
2012     Joe Yaure     158
2013    Jeff Mullet     133


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Steven LeWinter    NC    11     42
   2.  Joe Yaure          PA    12     38
   3.  Jeff Mullet        OH    13     30
   4.  Jamie Tang         MD    13     30
   5.  Marcy Morelli      PA    11     30
   6.  Brittany Bernard   PA    09     30
   7.  Andy Latto         MA    08     30
   8.  Meghan Friedmann   MA    11     27
   9.  Bruce Reiff        OH    12     25
  10.  Chris Johnson      CA    07     20
  11.  Jason Levine       NY    10     18
  12.  Matt Calkins       VA    09     18
  13.  Rob Winslow        NY    08     18
  14.  Peter Stein        OH    08     17
  15.  Daniel Eppolio     CA    09     16
  16.  Rebecca Hebner     DC    12     14
  17.  Nick Avtges        MA    13     12
  18.  Katherine McCorry  VA    12     12
  19.  Ed Kendrick        uk    13      9
  20.  Shannon Keating    IN    11      9
  21.  David Metzger      NY    13      6
  22.  Matt Craig         NC    12      6
  23.  Tom McCorry        VA    10      6
  24.  Eric Landes        OR    08      6
  25.  Roger Taylor       VA    07      6
  26.  Matt Charlap       NJ    13      3
  27.  Katie McCorry      VA    10      3
  28.  Jonathan Gemmell   MD    09      3
  29.  Michael Kaltman    PA    08      3
  30.  Carolyn Strock     PA    12      2
  31.  Tedd Mullally      NJ    07      2

2013 Laurelists                                                   Repeating Laurelists: 0

Jamie Tang, MD

Nick Avgtes, MA

Ed Kendrick, uk

David Metzger, NY

Matt Charlap, NJ

Past Champions

Chris Johnson, CA

Andy Latto, MA

Brittany Bernard, PA

Steven LeWinter, NC

Marcy Morelli, PA

Joe Yaure, PA

Jeff Mullet, OH

 Aidan Czyryca doesn't let the long reach prevent his move as Jamie Tang awaits her turn.

Sceadeau D'Tela keeps the big kahuna in the cheap seats as Malinda Kyrkos watches.

Dave Metzger, Philip Yaure and Jeff Mullet prove how ingenius they are.

Saving Face ...

Avoiding a year of shame in Buckeye land ...

I'll start off with my annual mantra. BRING A COPY OF THE GAME. This year I had to shoo away at least 20 people from the Friday night heat (and who knows how many more slinked away when they saw the handwriting on the wall). And no the GM didn't play and gave out all his copies of the game. I can usually sneak in a few last minute players, but if you don't bring a game and you get there right before the cut off time, you're taking a chance.

Once again we had a nice mix of veterans and youngsters. If you're looking for a game the whole family can play, you ought to investigate Ingenious. The rulebook is a two-sided sheet with lots of pictures and the game takes under an hour.

This year a slight decrease in players led to a reduced number of double winners. Or maybe the competition is getting tougher and making it harder to get two wins. Either way, the current format lives to see another year.

After you've run an event with a similar schedule for several years, you spot the regulars who make their schedule to play in as many heats as possible. Then there's the players that jump in because they lost elsewhere. The more they lose, the more heats they play in. This was the story with fellow Cabbie Jeff Mullet, who this year managed to play in several heats and got two wins to advance.

Going into Sunday, Jeff was the last attending CABS member without wood. (even Stein had one). In the semis he managed to win his table edging out David Metzger, Greg Ziemba and Phil Yaure. Table 2 had Jamie Tang making the finals again and knocking out Meghan Friedmann, Lauren Bohaczuk and defending champ Joe Yaure. Table 3 saw Ed Kendrick knock out David Speyer, Cary Morris and Bruce Reiff (at least he lost to an adult in this semi). Ooh! Touche! The last table had Nick Avtges getting a near perfect score to edge Matthew Charlap (who had five 18s but not enough of the sixth), Katie Breza and Elaine Pearson.

As usual, the Final featured defensive struggles with relatively low scores. Yellow was the low score for three of the players, but Jeff Mullet wound up with the most and had just enough purple to pull out the win and avoid being the only woodless Cabbie in 2013. And that's a label you don't want to wear for a year in Columbus, believe me! Someone always seems to remind you about it. The final score was: Jeff 11, Jamie 10, Nick 8/12 and Ed 8/10.

Jamie Tang, Joe Yaure, Katie Breza and Lauren Bohaczuk

GM Pete Stein, aka the big meanie, and his finalists.

 Son Joe is drafted into the Yaure family GM crew.

 Tessa Lytle gets her ingenius bonafides from GM Chris Yaure.

 Ingenious Junior

Chris Yaure ran a Junior version of Ingenious for 19 budding geniuses and again the young ladies dominated - ensuring rough times ahead for the gents of future generations.

Final Standings
1st - Tessa Lytle - replacing her sister Dagny who placed second last year
2nd - Donte Saccenti - down from first last year
3rd - Holiday Saccenti
4th - Aaron Correira
5th - Ethan Shipley-Tang - holding steady after another fifth place last year and a fourth in 2011
6th - Mandy Mossman who was fourth last year and won it in 2011

 GM      Pete Stein [7th Year]  NA   NA

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