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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

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Bill Burch, MD

2014 Champion

Event History
2004    Bruce Young    48
2005    Richard Irving    33
2006    George Deutsch    33
2007     George Deutsch    41
2008     George Deutsch    29
2009    Richard Irving    32
2010    Joseph Belyeu    49
2011    Joseph Belyeu    36
2012    Bill Burch    34
2013    Ray Stakenas II    39
2014    Bill Burch    39


 Rank Name              From  Last  Total
   1. Richard Irving     CA    14     88
   2. William Burch      MD    14     66
   3. Grant LaDue        NY    13     66
   4. George Deutsch     MD    11     64
   5. Joseph Belyeu      AL    11     46
   6. Bruce Young        SC    14     42
   7. Ray Stakenas Jr    MI    13     36
   8. Doug Porterfield   VA    13     26
   9. Chris Villeneuve   MI    14     24
  10. Michael Schoose    IL    09     20
  11. Dan Lawall         WA    06     14
  12. Phil Barcafer      PA    05     12
  13. Bill Ashbaugh      NY    09     10
  14. John Keating       IN    13      8
  15. Paul Weintraub     MD    04      8
  16. Craig Yope         MI    09      8
  17. Steve Boone        MD    14      6
  18. Noah Engelmann     MD    13      6
  19. Ray Stakenas Sr    MI    05      6
  20. Bill Burtless      SC    14      4
  21. Kevin Brown        GA    06      4
  22. James Pei          TX    04      4
  23. Andrew Kieffe      ns    12      2
  24. David Zande        MI    08      2

2014 Laurelists                          Repeating Laurelists 

Richard Irving, CA

Bruce Young, SC

Steve Boone, MD

Bill Burtless, SC

Chris Villeneuve, MI

Past Winners

Bruce Young, SC

Richard Irving, CA
2005, 2009

George Deutsch, MD

Joseph Belyeu, AL

William Burch, MD
2012, 2014

Christina Schoose makes ace against the Mafia.

The circus heats have become a target rich environment.

Pete Noteman is seen from the cockpit view of Paul Weintraub.

GM Dan Lawall with his Final circus round robin finalists.

    Curses, Yellow Baron! ...

The 2014 tournament used the same format as the ten that preceded it. However, the original tournament's Free Form scheduling was predicated on playing games of opportunity throughout the week. The scheduled "heats", dubbed circuses, were added as an afterthought to provide a target rich environment for dogfights, allowing opportunities for players to qualify for the Final encounter. This year, the four circuses generated nearly all of the sorties flown. The six top qualifiers became the finalists and then flew a round robin series of dogfights at the Final to determine the 2014 champ. In addition to the four circuses, there were two Flight Schools (game demos). Both Flight Schools brought in several new players and future contenders.

One new feature was the opportunity to earn the distinction of Ace Pilot status. In order to become an Ace, a player must score five victories (shoot downs) against five different players. Six players earned that honor: Steve Boone, Bill Burch, Richard Irving, Christina Schoose, Chris Villeneuve, and Bruce Young.

Each circus had a good turnout with pilots logging flights well past the scheduled time allotted for each heat. In the end four former laurelists and two newcomers qualified for the Final (our six Aces as it so happened). The former laurelists included Chris Villeneuve and three previous champions: Bruce Young, Richard Irving and Bill Burch. Only Burch had managed to return from the previous year's Final. The two newcomers were Steve Boone and Christina "Tailgater" Schoose.

Both newcomers proved their mettle by taking on prior champions and logging excellent scores overall. Additionally, Steve Boone demonstrated an ability to get inside other players heads, especially when playing several side games of Skulls... but that is a separate story. Christina Schoose earned the nickname "Tailgater" after a particularly exciting Flying Circus where she proved over and over again her ability to get behind other players after a few short maneuvers. She said the phrase "... and I'm tailing you" so frequently that everyone in the heat would repeat it in unison after her.

Unfortunately, Christina was unable to return for the Final round, opening the door for an alternate, Bill "Bullet Sponge" Burtless. A relative newcomer to the game, Bill earned the dubious nickname of "Bullet Sponge" for sustaining record levels of damage, more than any other player, in his qualifying flights.

2012 champ Bill Burch soon took a commanding lead in the Final and won easily as he swept five straight duels. Richard Irving and Bruce Young both managed three wins, and Steve Boone two. Bill Burtless and Chris Villeneuve each logged one win.

John Keating tangles with Chris Villeneuve who returned to WBC after several years absence.

 GM     Dan Lawall  [1st Year]  NA   NA

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