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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Rob Schoenen, PA

2014 Champion


Event History
1991    John Fuqua    33
1992    Steve Rugh    26
1993    Bruce Young    34
1994    Dave Kuchta    46
1995    Jack Reid    40
1996    John Emery   40
1997    John Emery    32
1998    Earl Anderson    32
1999    Brian Conlon    36
2000    Bill Edwards    32
2001    John Conlon    34
2002    Buck Karpowitz    24
2003    Steven Caler    24
2004    Daniel Hoffman    34
2005     Bill Edwards    30
2006    Dan Hoffman    20
2007     David Sidelinger    30
2008    Kaarin Engelmann    34
2009    Bill Edwards    28
2010    Bruce Young    28
2011    James Doughan    40 
2012    Alexander Lange    38
2013    Sceadeau D'Tela    40
2014    Rob Schoenen    36


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Bill Edwards       VA    14     88
   2.  Daniel Hoffman     NC    13     58
   3.  Bruce Young        SC    14     44
   4.  James Doughan      PA    14     40
   5.  Steve Caler        OH    11     40
   6.  David Sidelinger   CT    07     40
   7.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    08     35
   8.  John Conlon        OK    02     33
   9.  Rob Schoenen       PA    09     32
  10.  Brian Conlon       OK    14     30
  11.  Alexander Lange    GA    12     30
  12.  Buck Karpowitz     DC    02     30
  13.  John Emery         SC    10     26
  14.  Stan Buck          MD    10     24
  15.  Greg Courter       MI    02     24
  16.  Frank Cunliffe     PA    11     22
  17.  Jim Fleckenstein   VA    09     22
  18.  Rob Schoenen       PA    14     20
  19.  Sceadeau D'Tela    NC    13     20
  20.  Rob Mull           CO    05     19
  21.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    12     18
  22.  Henry Jones        PA    00     18
  23.  Jerry Smolens      PA    01     15
  24.  Geoff Allbutt      NY    11     14
  25.  Chris Janiec       PA    08     14
  26.  Karl Buchholz      MI    13     12
  27.  James Kramer       PA    12     12
  28.  Andrew Cummins     uk    08     12
  29.  Andre Strauss      MD    03     12
  30.  Andrew Doughan     PA    14     10
  31.  David Buchholz     MI    13     10
  32.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    07     10
  33.  Chris Storzillo    NJ    12      9
  34.  Greg Schmittgens   KS    02      9
  35.  Andy Maly          MD    00      9
  36.  Mandy Mossman      MD    13      8
  37.  George Young       VT    11      8
  38.  Andrew Fedin       PA    04      8
  39.  Tim Mossman        MD    09      6
  40.  Alex Gesing        NY    08      6
  41.  David Gantt        SC    00      6
  42.  Andy Lewis         DE    12      5
  43.  Carol Caler        OH    07      4
  44.  Marvin Birnbaum    NY    06      4
  45.  Nathan Trent       VA    05      4
  46.  Jeremy Billones    VA    99      4
  47.  Bruce Monnin       OH    11      4
  48.  Antero Kuusi       fi    13      2
  49.  Scott Edwards      SC    04      2
  50.  Keith Hunsinger    OH    03      2
  51.  Jimmy Fleckenstein VA    99      2

2014 Laurelists
Returning Laurelists: 0

Bruce Young, SC

Jim Doughan, PA

Andrew Doughan, PA

Bill Edwards, VA

Brian Conlon, CT

Past Winners

Bruce Young, SC
1993, 2010

Dave Kuchta, ME

John Emery, SC

Earl Anderson, SC

Brian Conlon, OK

Bill Edwards, VA
2000, 2005, 2009

John Conlon, OK

Steve Caler, PA

Daniel Hoffman, NC
2004, 2006

David Sidelinger, CT

Kaarin Engelmann, VA

James Doughan, PA

Alexander Lange, GA

Sceadeau D'Tela, NC

Rob Schoenen, PA

Eric Rogers-Vargo and Jack Doughan represent the up and coming younger generation of submariners.

James Fleckenstein, a naval gamer from way back, tries to put his nautical expertise to work against Kevin Emery.

 "Tell me again why we drive 700 miles just to play each other?" "'Cuz I'm not gonna let you get more wood from these yankees than I have." "Oh, right."

 Bruce Monnin is thinking Attack Sub should be easy pickins' after winning War At Sea. Carol Caler set him straight on that score quick. There are no dice in this game.

Laurels? Who needs laurels? ...

38 submariners turned out for this year's tournament. One great thing about a tournament that has been running for over 20 years is that now children are joining their fathers in the competition. These youngsters are giving the old salts a run for their money as evidenced by Mandy Mossman's third place finish last year and Andrew Doughan's performance this year.

Four players emerged unbeaten from the three swiss rounds - 3-time champion Bill Edwards, 2011 champion Jim Doughan and his son Andrew, and Rob Schoenen - he of the 0 laurels resume. Tiebreakers were used to add 2-time champion Bruce Young, Andy Lewis, 1999 champion Brian Conlon and Kevin Emery (son of 2-time champion John Emery) to the playoff rounds.

Jim Doughan's run for a second championship began with an exciting battle with Andy Lewis in Scenario E Rebel Without a Cause. Things looked rather bleak for Jim at first as Andy, playing rather aggressively as the renegade Oppokov, sank Jim's Simferopol and damaged the Revnosky! But Jim managed to hang on and get his reinforcement Udaloy into the fray near the end of the first deck. Udaloy quickly fired on Oppokov and got a hit - but the torpedo was a dud! Jim continued to hold a high contact level on the Oppokov and fired repeatedly, but kept missing. Meanwhile Andy is desperately flushing cards looking for the close-open range card he needs to escape. On the first one he finds, Andy draws a 3 - needing a 2 or less for the win. After a few more failed escape attempts, Jim finally manages to sink the Oppokov for the win.

Rob Schoenen and Brian Conlon also faced off in Scenario E with Rob sinking Brian's Oppokov early in the second deck. Andrew Doughan followed his father's winning ways with a very quick and decisive victory as the Argentines over Kevin Emery's British in Scenario D Falklands. Bill Edwards and Bruce Young also faced off in the Falklands in a battle of multiple champions. Bill, as the Argentines, managed to get his reinforcement sub on, but just couldn't get any hits on Bruce's Swiftsure. After a long battle of many missed shots, Bruce finally killed Bill's second sub in the fourth deck. Could this be the year that Bruce joins Bill as a 3-time champion?

As the semifinals began, Andrew Doughan was already talking smack about taking down his dad in a potential father-son Final. But alas, it was not to be as both father and son would lose in the penultimate round. Andrew lost to Rob Schoenen in the Falklands scenario while his dad met an early demise at the hands of Bruce Young in Scenario B Search and Destroy. Bruce's Soviet subs sank Jim's NATO surface ships before the first deck was finished.

The stage was now set for a rematch of Bruce Young and Rob Schoenen. Rob had handed Bruce his only loss in the preliminary rounds. Would he be able to do it again? They chose the always popular Scenario E with Bruce taking the renegade Oppokov and Rob trying to track him down with a Soviet surface fleet. The entire first deck was a game of cat and mouse. Rob got in one good attack, but just missed by 1! Bruce continued to keep the contact level low on Oppokov and managed to make it to deck 3. It's looking like Bruce may get that third win if he can just manage to escape, but he can't get the cards that he needs. Rob finally gets a contact level high enough for an attack, but Bruce's evasive action saves him. Eventually, Rob gets the attack he needs and sends the Oppokov to the bottom. Rob goes an impressive 6-0 and becomes the 2014 Attack Sub champion! Quite a feat for the only non-laurelist in the playoffs. Go figure!

In today's navy, gender is no barrier to front line service as Andy Lewis is finding out courtesy of Mandy Mossman.

What's this? 2008 champ Kaarin needs to consult the rules? Karl Buchholz wants to know if that's allowed.

 GM     Steven Caler  [6th Year]   NA 
   NA    NA

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