1775: Rebellion

Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

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Bruno Wolff, WI

2015 Champion

Event History

2014 Greg Hultgren 35
2015 Bruno Wolff 20


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Bruno Wolff        WI    15     20
   2.  Greg Hultgren      NJ    14     20
   3.  Brad Raszewski     MD    15     12
   4.  John Faella        RI    14     12
   5.  Kevin Lewis        DE    15      8
   6.  Larry Lingle       PA    14      8
   7.  Chris Trimmer      TX    15      6
   8.  Ted Lange          GA    14      6
   9.  Alexander Lange    GA    15      6
  10.  Joe Yaure          PA    15      4
  11.  Bill Place         PA    14      2
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 1

Brad Raszewski,

Kevin Lewis,

Chris Trimmer,

Joe Yaure,

Alexander Lange,

Past Winners

Greg Hultgren, CA

Bruno Wolff, WI

1775 A conflict of blocks....

The war for independence was refought in Lancaster with history repeating the outcome as the continentals bested the redcoats 14 games to 11.

Lobsterback winners in the first round were Joe Yaure, Jeff Lange, Brad Raszewski, Kevin Lewis and Alex Lange. Victoorious rebel commanders were: Chris Yaure, Bruno Wolff, Chris Trimmer and Fred Webb.

In the second round Chris Greenfield and Larry Lingle won victories for the crown while Jeff Miller, Raszewski, Lewis, Trimmer and Alex Lange added to the colonists' burgeoning totals.

The third and last swiss round found Raszewski and Lewis again prevailing for King and Country while Wolff, Bob Jamelli, Ed Rader and Joe Yaure scored for the minutemen.

The top four win/loss records continued to the elimination rounds with the number of colonies controlled used as tiebreakers. Raszewski and Lewis earned the top seeds with 3-0 records. Trimmer took the third seed at 2-1 while Wolff gained the last seat with a 1-0-1 mark.

Brad drew Chris in the first semifinal with his redcoats clinging to a 3-2 decision on Turn 3. Meanwhile, Bruno upset unbeaten Kevin with a 5-0 yahtzee kill in the Carolina's for a 6-3 victory on Turn 4.

The Final thus ensued with Bruno's redcoats moving first to Brad's dismay. Hessian help and warship movement allowed Bruno to take Rhode Island AND break the rebel control of Connecticut! Another early punch on Turn 2 deprived Brad of much needed reinforcements.But all was not yet lost. The earlier rounds had seen several players with 6-0 leads after two turns, only to lose 4-3 in four turns. Bruno had already played most of his best cards and IF his second truce card was on the bottom of his deck, it was still anyone's game. Sadly for our cliffhanger ending, the miraculous comeback did not occur again as Bruno played his second Truce card on Turn 4 for a thorough 9-2 thrashing of Washington.

Only four games went six turns. None went longer. The average number of turns per game was 4.04.

The British start with a 49-42 deficit. Grabbing six Indians on the first turn is a good way to help even the score. The Indians with a RED Brit leading them make excellent cannon fodder to absorb losses. On the other hand, the Americans must be VERY careful recruiting Indians. Unlike the American dice, there are no "fled" results on British dice. Some instances of an American attack where all continentals and minutemen fled left the British with five extra troops. Players must be cautious unless they have the "Colonel Lewis" or "Joseph Brant" cards. Indians flee from each side equally so bolster the "fled" pool, if YOUR troops move next, or last.

The GM wants to thank Jeff Lange for his help in running the event. Jeff will again run things next year at Seven Springs.

GM Larry Lingle [1st Year] 906 Robert St., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
napoleonII@Gmail.com NA

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