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Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending
December 2015
Membership Trial Vote

Bill Burch, MD

2014-15 Champion

Event History

2004 Bruce Young 48
2005 Richard Irving 33
2006 George Deutsch 33
2007 George Deutsch 41
2008 George Deutsch 29
2009 Richard Irving 32
2010 Joseph Belyeu 49
2011 Joseph Belyeu 36
2012 Bill Burch 34
2013 Ray Stakenas II 39
2014 Bill Burch 39
2015 Bill Burch 55

 Rank Name              From  Last  Total
   1. Richard Irving     CA    15     96
   2. William Burch      MD    15     86
   3. Grant LaDue        NY    13     66
   4. George Deutsch     MD    11     64
   5. Joseph Belyeu      AL    11     46
   6. Bruce Young        SC    14     42
   7. Ray Stakenas Jr    MI    15     38
   8. Doug Porterfield   VA    15     32
   9. Chris Villeneuve   MI    14     24
  10. Bill Ashbaugh      NY    15     22
  11. Michael Schoose    IL    09     20
  12. Dan Lawall         WA    06     14
  13. Phil Barcafer      PA    05     12
  14. Steve Boone        MD    15     10
  15. John Keating       IN    13      8
  16. Paul Weintraub     MD    04      8
  17. Craig Yope         MI    09      8
  18. Noah Engelmann     MD    13      6
  19. Ray Stakenas Sr    MI    05      6
  20. Bill Burtless      SC    14      4
  21. Kevin Brown        GA    06      4
  22. James Pei          TX    04      4
  23. Andrew Kieffe      ns    12      2
  24. David Zande        MI    08      2
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 3

Bill Ashbaugh,

Richard Irving,

Porterfield, VA

Steve Boone,

Ray Stakenas
Jr, CA

Past Winners

Bruce Young,

Richard Irving,
2005, 2009

George Deutsch,

Joseph Belyeu,

William Burch,
2012, 2014-15

Ray Stakenas
Jr, CA

Steve Boone would appear to enjoy a height advantage over Bill Burtless.

Elaine Pearson evades Sceadeau while Justin Rice and Nick Page duel at higher altitude.

Still Flying High! ...

The 2015 tournament retained its familiar format. There were four heats, dubbed Flying Circuses, providing a target rich dogfight environment. This year, each heat was extended to two hours to allow plenty of sorties to qualify for the Final Circus. The six top qualifiers became the finalists and then flew a round robin series of dogfights to determine this year's winner. In addition to the four Flying Circuses, there was one Flight School event (game demo). This year’s Flight School brought in several new players and fledgeling future contenders. Attendance at this year’s tournament was up, driven partially by Ace of Aces receiving coverage in a recent documentary about WBC.

The tournament continued the ability to earn the distinction of Ace Pilot status. In order to become an Ace Pilot a player must score five victories (shoot downs) against five different players. Upon achieving Ace Pilot status each player can choose a lapel pin for either the German, American, or French air force.

Additionally, we added a new award, carried over from the previous year’s tournament, the Bullet Sponge Award. This dubious distinction was awarded to the qualifying player with the lowest overall win/loss ratio. Here, the Bullet Sponge Award was given to Bill “Bullet Sponge” Burtless. The idea behind this award is to provide some incentive to players to keep playing, even if their ratio is very low and they believe they won’t do well enough to make it into the final six.

Each Flying Circus had a good turnout with pilots logging multiple flights. One player, Bruce Young, qualified as a finalist but took ill before the Final and had to bow out, allowing Bill Ashbaugh to advance in his stead. Joining Ashbaugh in the Final were Steve Boone, defending champ Bill Burch, two-time champ Richard Irving, prior GM Doug Porterfield, and 2013 champ Ray Stakenas, Jr.

The defending champ won easily with five straight victories. Ashbaugh and Irving both won three but Ashbaugh was awarded second on the slightest tiebreaker advantage—having sustained one less hit during the Final. Porterfield earned 4th place laurels with two victories. Boone and Ray Stakenas, each logged one victory and four losses, with the tie broken by differences in damage inflicted v. damage received.

GM Dan Lawall [2nd Year] NA NA

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