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Alhambra (ALH) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 29, 2016 Icon Key
129 Players Chuck Krueger, MA 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Overflowing Semis

The first heat generated 18 games followed by 14 more in the second heat as the event attracted a triple digit field for the seventh straight year. Lisa Gutermuth and Bruce Rae won games in both heats—leaving a total of 30 winners. Three (Sonia Taktak, Tim Packwood, and Kate Fractal) declined to advance, leaving 27 winners for 25 slots and requiring a relatively rare cut using the stated tiebreakers. Nessa Savarick and Sharon Cross were the two unfortunate winners unable to make the cut.

The five 5-player semifinal games were resolved as follows:

Steve Scott won his table with 103 points which was the highest score of the round. Rich Meyer was only two points behind, followed by Bruce Rae, Thomas Idzikowski, and Jeff Mullet. Rich’s close second earned sixth place laurels.

2010 champ Luke Koleszar won with a score of 91 which generated the largest margin of victory. Matthew Thiessen was runner-up with a score of 76 followed by Aaron Fuegi, Dalton Versak, and Chris Kalmbacher.

Mike Shea won his table with a score of 99. Jack Griffith and James Griffith tied for second with scores of 81. They were followed by David Sander and Meghan Friedman.

Chuck Krueger edged Lisa Gutermuth and Rebecca Roppolo by three points. They were followed by Rob Kilroy, and Andrew George.

The last table was taken by Dave Bohnenberger over Debbie Gutermuth, Lance Ribeiro, Robert Drozd, and Brad Sherwood.

Chuck got off to a fast start in the Final and was the leader with 15 points after the first scoring round. Half of his points were driven by his 7-length wall which is unusual that early. His closest competition was Luke with 7 points. By the end of the second scoring round, Chuck still had the lead with 41 points, but Steve had climbed into second with 35 points. Luke had built the longest wall with a length of 11, but lacked the lead in enough buildings so he fell to third with 29 points. In the last scoring round, Chuck was able to keep his lead with a start-to-finish score of 90. Dave surged at the end into a tie for second with 82 points, but Luke had the tiebreaker. Steve came in fourth while Mike was stuck in fifth throughout.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1

Luke Koleszar, VA Dave Bohnenberger, PA Steve Scott, CA Mike Shea, CT Richard Meyer, MA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Thomas Idzikowski, Bruce Rae, Steve Scott, Richard Meyer and Jeff Mullet meet in the highest scoring game of the semifinals. Matthew Thiessen, Dalton Versak, Luke Koleszar, Chris Kalmbacher and Aaron Fuegi battle in a semifinal destined to be won by Luke.
Andrew George, Rob Kilroy, Lisa Gutermuth, Rebecca Roppolo and Chuck Krueger in the closest of the five semifinal games. Semifinalists Lance Ribeiro, Dave Bohnenberger, Brad Sherwood and Robert Drozd minus Debbie Gutermuth behind the camera.
The five finalists are all that remains of the 129 palace builders.

Alhambra Junior

Parental supervision is always appreciated in the Juniors Room. GM Laurie Wojtasczyk with champ Armelle Worrel.

20 little palace builders reported to the Fox Den and immediately began looking for the bowling alley addition to their respective palaces. Failing in that, they proceeded to build their own palaces. The best was built by Armelle Worley. She was followed by Ethan Shipley-Tang, Alex McNally, Augie Harris, Sarah Drummond and Linsey Saccenti respectively.

GM  Debbie Gutermuth  [13th Year]  NA
 dag63021@aol.com  NA