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Command and Colors Ancients (CCA) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Dec. 1, 2016 Icon Key
30 Players Bill O'Neal, NY 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Still the best test anywhere

This year’s field was the smallest in the 11 years of the tournament. Consequently, after the first round of pods where everyone is guaranteed three games, we cut to eight players and went directly into single elimination instead of the usual second round of pods for 16. This meant that winning your pod was more critical for advancing. The Bagradas scenario was used for all three games in the pod. Side selection was handled by bidding victory banners. Carthage won overwhelmingly 29-14-1 despite the Romans getting one or two banners in many bids.

The single elimination portion were two-match battles between the same players. The scenario for the quarterfinals was Cannae.

  • Jack Morrell vs. Eric Filipkowski: Both won as the Carthaginians but Jack proved the better Roman.
  • Bill O’Neal vs. Chris Sherman: Both won as Carthage, but Bill was the better Roman.
  • Peter Stein vs. Brian Conlon: Brian won as both sides.
  • Marc DePaul vs. John Kirk: Marc swept.

The semifinals used the Carrhae scenario from the fourth expansion.

  • Jack Morrell vs. Marc DePaul: Jack won 7-5 as the Parthians, but Marc took the second battle as the Parthians 7-2 for a 12-9 victory.
  • Bill O’Neal vs. Brian Conlon: Bill’s Romans won the opening battle 5-3 as time ended the battle early and got off to a 4-1 lead as the Parthians when Brian conceded.

The Final used the Beneventum scenario from the first expansion. This battle included ramparts and war machines for a little twist. Bill won the first battle as Epirote 7-5 which put Marc against the ropes. He completed the double win in the second battle to once again reign as champion for the fourth time in 11 years.

There was some concern expressed about the reduced field, but as I told all who inquired, I think even the tournament remains unparalleled because there is strong competition to be had. We had five of the eight past champions on hand plus many other laurelists. I look forward to seeing them plus others in 2017 at our 12th tournament.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Marc DePaul, PA Jack Morrell, NY Brian Conlon, CT Chris Sherman, NY Eric Filipkowski, MD
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Jack Morrell loses to Marc DePaul 12-9 in a semifinal split decision. GM Andy Lewis oversees his finalists at Beneventum.
GM  Andy Lewis (10th Year) NA
 alewis161@mchsi.com NA