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Alhambra (ALH) WBC 2017 Report
Updated February 15, 2018 Icon Key
141 Players Erik Schlosser 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Builders Keep Coming to Build Palaces

In the first heat there were 19 games played and 18 games in the second heat. Lisa Gutermuth and Brandon Bernard won their games in both heats and there were 5 winners (Harold Henning, David Chickman, Paul Klayder, David Buchholz, and Mandy Moss) in the heats that were not available for the Semi-finals. This brought the number of winners trying to advance to the Semi-finals to 30 with only 25 advancing. Laura Worrel, Jean Younkin, Hank Griffin, Luke Koleszar, & Nicole Yuhase were the winners that did not make the cut.

Some interesting notes from the games in the beginning heats:

  • Erik Schlosser had the highest margin of victory at 51.63% or 47 points over 2nd place finisher in his game. Lisa Gutermuth had the 2nd highest margin at 44.3% or 43 points over 2nd place finisher in her game. The next largest victories were by Aran Warszawski 37.5% margin or 33 points, Jeff Mullet 36.8% or 31 points, and Brandon Bernard 32.9% margin or 28 points.
  • There were 2 games that were decided on tie breakers. Those games were won by Daniel Beard over Blair Morgen and Nicole Yuhase over Peter Eldridge. The other close scoring games that were decided by only 1 point difference were Robert Drozd over Missy Chickman, Luke Koleszar over Hennessy Gorham, and Lisa Gutermuth over Michael McKibbin.

Semifinal #1 saw Alex Burke win his table with a score of 123 and margin difference of 50% which was the highest score out of the 5 Semi-final tables. Haakon Monsen was the closest with 82 points and was followed by Joe Yaure, Rob Drozd, and Terri Wicks.

In the second semifinal, Eric Schlosser won his table with the closest scoring game. He won with only an eight point difference over Brad Sherwood followed by Rob Kircher, Bryan Berkenstock, and Sharon Cross.

The third semifinal saw Rod Davidson win his table by 17 points, but the game was very close until the last scoring round. At the end of the 2nd scoring round, three of the players were within 2 point of each other. In the end, the 2nd went to Sara Ward, followed by Aran Warszawski, Jeff Mullet, and Dan Beard.

In semifinal #4, Charles Faella had a tremendous last scoring round to win his table. He was in 3rd place, 17 points behind Andrew Martin and 7 points behind Brandon Bernard after the 2nd scoring round. In the end, he won by 17 points over Andrew, followed by Brandon, David Cross, and Samantha Berk.

The last semifinal table was won by David Wolfe who the lead after every scoring round. He was followed by Chuck Krueger, Lisa Gutermuth, Matt Calkins, and Jay Spencer.

In the Finals, Charles Faella got off to a good start and was the leader with 9 points after the first scoring round. His closest competition was Eric Schlosser with 6 points, followed by Rod Davidson and David Wolfe each with 6 points. Alex Burke was at zero points after round 1.

By the end of the second scoring round, Eric had taken over the lead with 43 points, 12 of those coming from his wall points. Rod was in second place with 30 points. Charles & David were tied with 28 points and it continued to be a tough start for Alex with only 4 points.

At the last scoring round, Eric kept the lead with a score of 100. By this time, David had pulled ahead of Rod & Charles to come in 2nd with 80 points which was amazing since he only had a wall worth 4 points. Rod came in 3rd with 68 points followed by Charles with 66 and Alex with 44.

Congratulations to Eric on being the 2017 Alhambra Champion! Thanks to all for playing.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0

David Wolfe Rodney Davidson Charles Faella Alexander Burke Brad Sherwood
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Semifinal game where David Wolfe would advance
to the finals.
Semifinal game where Charles Faella would advance
to the finals.
Semifinal game where Alexander Burke would advance
to the finals.
Alhambra Finalists with GM Debbie Gutermuth
taking the picture.

Alhambra Junior 2017

18 Builders reported to Fox Den to build the best palace they could. Aaron Birnbaum was the most succesful builder followed by Simon Chickman, Bailey Burdett, Preston Saccenti, Aubrey Powers, and Elizabeth Evinger.

GM Philip Shea teaching our young builders the finer
points of palace building
Aaron Birnbaum receives plaque from GM Philip Shea



GM    Debbie Gutermuth [14th Year]   NA
   dag63021@aol.com    NA