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Power Grid: The Card Game (PGC) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 16, 2018 Icon Key
32 Players Michael Wojke 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
  2017 Champion      

Wojke Wins Inaugural Tournament

The first heat of Power Grid: The Card Game saw five tables in early afternoon competition. Table One was a six player game but still completed in less than an hour, with Tyson Henning, 10W,11G,12C, 9, edging Mike Wojke, 9C,10O,15G, 4. At Table Two, the closest finish saw Brian Dewitt, 8W,12C,19G,7, holding off Glen Pearce, 6W,9C,11G,16, and Luke Koleszar, 10O,11H,16C,5. At Table Three, Bill Crenshaw, 9C, 11G, 12C, 25, had the highest scoring win over Mike Brazinski, 9C, 10G, 16C, 41, in a game that almost finished under 60 minutes. Table Four, the other 6 player heat table, saw Mark Geary, 7C,9C,20U,10, beat Sam Packwood, 9C,11G,11H,5. Table Five finishing just under two hours and saw Allan Jiang, 9C,10O,16C,32, with the most dominant lead over Sascha Matzkin, 8U,10G,20U,16.

The second heat could only muster three tables in evening competition.At Table One, Chris Gnech, 9C, 11H, 16C, 13, tied Greg Romano, 10W, 11G, 15G, 13, but prevailed via the largest factory. At Table Two, Mike Mojke, 9C, 10C, 18C, 20, edged Gordon Stewart, 9C, 11H, 17O, 19. Table Three saw Blair Morgen, 8W, 11U, 14O, 8, edge Luke Koleszar, 6W, 9C, 11G, 11, who was a combined $9 from tying both his games.

The five table winners continuing to the finals were Mark Geary, Tyson Henning, Allan Jiang, Blair Morgen and Michael Wojke. Gordon Stewart, who had the closest second place finish of those present, took the sixth seat.

The first two turns passed uneventfully, with each player buying two factories at no more than a $2 markup, the 1C factory being drawn and removed, and all production being within $3 of each other. Turn three, after Gordon bought 3O for 4, the board showed 8U, 9C, 10O, 13W. Tyson passed, Mark bought 10W for 13 and 7G was drawn and added. Allan passed and Mike bought 9C for 9 with 6W drawn and added. Blair passed as well. The production spread was now from 16 to 10 at the first resource reshuffle.

The next two turns saw a long week of WBC begin to take its toll. Two different players inadvertently failed to purchase resources for one of their factories, not noticing until the production step when they had to power down that factory. As turn five ended with the second resource reshuffle, and 19G placed at the bottom of the factory deck, the 20U was dealt and the One More Turn card was sitting on top of the deck, face up. As turn 6 progressed, all six players purchased factories, The 7C factory was removed for possessing the discount token and the last factory was dealt with two more factories destined to be removed, one now and one after production. As the English rules state multiple times that the final round must begin with six factories available, the GM ruled that this precluded the final two removals from occurring. During the ensuing resource phase, Blair, having just bought 17O, purchased all the available oil on the market, locking Gordon and Mark out, and forcing them to run for 6 and 15. Allan ran for 9, still recovering from a previous misplay, and Tyson, Mike and Blair ran at 23/24/25.

In the final turn, Mike bought 20U for 28, Blair bought 18W for 28, Mark bought 19G for 25, and Tyson got 16C for 16. Allan passed on 13W while Gordon picked up 9C for 9. After final production, Mike Wojke, 8U, 15G, 20U, 0, had edged out Mark Geary, 7H, 11U, 19G, 5, for the tournament win.

With only 9 tables of data, it’s hard to pick out trends but certain items are worth comment. At 8 of the nine tables, the eventual winner passed at least once. Only Mark Geary won his table bidding every round. Three players at his table only purchased four factories the entire game and finished 4-5-6. The player who purchased 20U won 2 of the four games. The 16C was bought by 2 of 7 winners, as was 12C, but no other 13+ factory had more than one. Five of the winners had $10 or more left over with Allan’s $32 in his heat being the highest for a winner. Two non-winners topped Allan’s total. Only one of the heat winners had a Uranium factory as part of their winning set but both first and second in the final did.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Mark Geary Blair Morgen Allan Jiang Tyson Henning Gordon Stewart
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

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Power Grid: /the Card GAme Finalists
with GM Jeremy Billones

GM  Jeremy Billones [1st Year]  NA
 jbillones@gmail.com  NA