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Pirate's Cove (PRC) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 16, 2018 Icon Key
123 Players Jennifer Brown 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
  2017 Champion      

Ladies Reign as Pirates

Avast! Year two of plundering at Seven Springs continued to recruit even more landlubbers to Pirate's Cove. We saw a 10% increase in attendance with a new high mark of 123 unique pirates! Captain Jason Chainlink Fisher was again joined by Captain Larry Lingle and Captain Ron Fisher to run herd over the salty masses. After moving from room to room the previous year, the pirates set up semi-permanent residence in the Alpine room, the new Marietta of the Springs?

This year did not prove to be smooth sailing for all, as exemplified by Robert Drozd in heat 1. Facing the choice of losing Flint's parrot, with its significant treasure, he chose to flee only to have his crew mutiny, earning him a chain of shame and losing *all* of his treasure. His luck stayed steady with him ultimately losing two parrots and dumping 18 treasures total overboard that game.

Both Jodi Folk and John Wobbeking appeared determined to defend their titles for most sinkings, starting early forcibly inviting their opponents to swim back to the cove. Both ultimately succeeded to earn their medals again, with kill counts of 26 for John and 20 for Jodi.

The semifinal round showed potential for a Speck/Wobbeking dynasty family final, with Forrest Speck, Stefany Speck, John Speck, John Wobbeking, and Faith Wobbeking all at different tables. Alas, only Rear Admiral Stefany emerged victorious and advanced, confirming her rank in the family. The semifinal round also had surprising amounts of discretion as pirates fled from battle. Captain Larry Lingle fled for the first time but his crew knew better than to mutiny. Sadly Jay Matthews' crew had other ideas, throwing gold and treasure overboard as their captain squandered his lead by turning tail.

The final table saw Larry Lingle, Stefany Speck, Jennifer Brown, Carol Haney, and Verity Hitchings set to sea one last time for 2017. It proved a bloody conflict with combat 9 out of 12 turns while 2 other turns only avoided fighting through their captains fleeing!. The fighting ramped up on turn 9 as Larry, Verity, and Jennifer clashed at Hull Island. Jennifer ultimately won the battle but not before Captain Larry made her pay the price, killing her parrot. Not to be out-done, Carol decided to fight the legendary pirate, in this case, Ann Bonny & Mary Reed, and sank them, declaring open season on the legendary specters of the Cove. In turn 10, Stefany took up the legendary hunt, sinking Captain Hook, while Larry tipped the Royal Navy off to Jennifer's activities and sank her in one volley! Blackbeard was chosen as the new threat but that didn't faze the table. Turn 11 saw more pirate hunting as Jennifer sank Blackbeard with judicious use of a powder keg. The Royal Navy was again active as Verity sent them Larry's way only to find he had a Privateer's Commission. Not satisfied, they were directed on to Carol who sank them handily. Turn 12 proved equally deadly for the Dutchman as Jennifer and Stefany teamed up to send it back to Davy Jones' locker. When it was all said and done Stefany made a valiant attempt to wrest the lead from Jennifer, revealing 6 points in tavern cards but still came up short. The final standings were Jennifer in first place with 47 points, Stefany in second with 45, Verity in third with 34, Carol in fourth at 28, and Larry in fifth scoring 23. Jennifer's win also earned Brandon Bernard his second sixth place finish as he placed second in her semifinal game. ARRRRR!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Stefany Speck Verity Hitchings Carol Haney Larry Lingle Brandon Bernard
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Faith Wobbeking getting ready to shake things up

Parrots keeping a watch over this game

Never enough chains in Pirate's Cove

Pirate's Cove Finalist with GM Jason Fischer

GM  Jason Fisher [3rd Year]  1614 Burnley Drive, Cary, NC 27511
 JEFisher@pobox.com  NA