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Puerto Rico (PRO) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 16, 2018 Icon Key
110 Players Brad Sherwood 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Another Close Final

Brad Sherwood and Ed Gilliand each bid a point for first and fourth seat, respectively. Two time champion David Platnick bid 2 for the coveted third seat. Ricky Boyes got the second seat for 0.

In the end, Brad’s 14 VP chips to Ed’s 11 just overcame Ed’s 11 to 9 bonus points advantage over Brad’s. They were tied for building points but Brad’s Harbor and Guild Hall gave him the preferred set of buildings, see below, and the win.

You can see a transcript of the game and some pictures of players and boards at:http://www.playboardgamesbetter.com/2017/08/wbc-2017-puerto-rico-tournament/

The number of players was up over last year and there is still lots of enthusiasm for the game. People are still coming to learn the game at the demo.

Analysis of the results of the games follows.

Some seats do better than others which is why bidding is required for elimination rounds and is optional in heats. Without bidding, seating and turn order is random. Seat order is bid on in half point increments for the elimination rounds. Of the 59 games played, the seats, order of play, won as follows. The total is 61 as there was two ties for first in heat games. The second number is the number of games won with bidding for each seat.

  • Seat 1 - 19 wins, 8 wins with an average bid of 0.5
  • Seat 2 - 11 wins, 2 wins with an average bid of 0
  • Seat 3 - 14 wins, 3 wins with an average bid of 2.2
  • Seat 4 - 17 wins, 3 wins with an average bid of 0.9

Seat 1 had a slight edge this year with seat 2 having the fewest wins again. This is a trend to watch in the future. It seems that players in the other seats have figured out a way to limit seat 3’s advantage. Bidding had a dramatic effect in 2 quarterfinal games. David Platnick won over Scadeau D’Tela on the tie-break for highest bid. David Borton beat Mike Horn by the half point of Mike’s bid for seat two.

There are basically 3 ways to win in Puerto Rico, build the most, ship the most, or balance shipping and building. Brad Sherwood took the title with a mixed strategy. A somewhat arbitrary determination of the winning strategies this year, even a shipping strategy player has a significant number of building points, gives:

  • Building Strategy with 29 wins
  • Mixed Strategy with 10 wins
  • Shipping Strategy with 22 wins

Not all games reported the buildings of the winners, but in those that did it is plain to see which buildings are typical for the winners. In 16 out of 23 games with a winning building strategy, the winner had built the Guild Hall. In 13 out of 17 games with a winning shipping strategy, the winner had built the Harbor. On those 13, only 7 had built the Wharf.

For the first time, the results of this year’s Puerto Rico tournament are part of the Meeple League (meepleleague.com). All player’s results are included in the annual Puerto Rico rankings on that site.

Special Thanks to assistant GMs, Amy Rule and Marcy Morelli and Craig Trader for helping with setup several times. Thanks also to Andy Latto for his great support spreadsheet.

Thank all of you for your support and I look forward to seeing you next year!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Ed Gilliland Ricky Boyes David Platnick David Borrton Pieter Villion
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Eric Freeman taking his turn We have some "Real Men" playing here
I can be happy playing here Puerto Rico Finalists with GM Richard Shay
GM  Richard M. Shay [5th Year]  NA
 RShay@mac.com  781-769-4233