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Sta Wars Queen's Gambit (QGB) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 20, 2018 Icon Key
29 Players Brian Sutton 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Sutton Wins Third Gambit

The 16th year of Star Wars Queen’s Gambit saw six past champions and two second place finisher's advance into the final sixteen. Those who made the play-offs included: Larry "Lord Vader" Lingle, Brian "Bossk" Sutton, Jonathan "Sebulba" Schoose, Marilyn "Mara Jade" Flowers, Nick "Palpatine" Page, Sean "Whorm Loathsom" McCulloch, Chris "Exar Kun" Kizer, Vinny "Vornskr" Sinigaglio, Buddy "Boba Fett" Sinigaglio, Aidan "Arc Trooper" Powers, John "Sarlacc" Pack, Robert "Prince Xixor" Powers, Jeff "Crab Droid" Cierniak, Phil "Sith Assassin" Shea, Joe "Yuuzhan Vong" Yaure and George "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos.

As usual, the game played almost even, with the Naboo winning 17 games and the Trade Federation winning 19. There is no time limit in the preliminary games and this usually slants the game somewhat towards the Naboo, however, as the results continue to show, the game is balanced.

In the first playoff round, the sweet 16, four of the six former champions bit the dust as "Exar Kun" Kizer skewered "Sebulba" Schoose, "Whorm Loathsom" McCulloch poisoned "Boba Fett" Sinigaglio, "Crab Droid" Cierniak shredded "Lord Vader" Lingle and "Yuuzhan Vong" Yaure flayed "Palpatine" Page. Two past champs advanced, "Bossk" Sutton clawed his way past "Vornskr" Sinigaglio who overslept and "Sarlacc" Pack digested "Sith Assassin" Shea. In other matches "Mara Jade" Flowers and "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos advanced.

In the elite 8, Darth Maul got into the palace, but ten year old "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos used Anakin to blitz veteran John "Sarlacc" Pack. "Mara Jade" Flowers also Anakin blitzed "Yuuzhan Vong" Yaure and killed Darth Maul in the process. Brian "Bossk" Sutton won with Anakin against "Exar Kun" Kizer, but with only 7 minutes to spare. In the remaining game, which the bad guys won, "Crab Droid" Cierniak pinched the life out of "Whorm Loathsom" McCulloch.

In one semifinal, "Bossk" Sutton returned to the dark side with a die roll for sides as both he and the "Crab Droid" Cierniak bid 3 to be Darth Maul. They must have had premonitions, as Maul killed both Jedi and most everything else.

In the other semifinal game, the "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos again used an Anakin blitz vs "Mara Jade" Flowers, shutting down the droids and ending the game on the 5th turn.

The Championship game pitted two time champ Brian "Bossk" Sutton against the young "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos. It looked like the young Padawan might pull off another upset as Anakin jumped three spaces quickly and Qui-Gon lashed Darth Maul for six hits on the first roll, but George's dice cooled terribly. The experience of Brian then began to tell as he blocked Anakin completely and eventually killed both Jedi. Maul then left the generator core and polished off the Naboo.

Congratulations to Brian "Bossk" Sutton for winning his third Queen's Gambit Championship.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
George Kyrollos Jeff Cierniak Marilyn Flowers Chris Kizer John Pack
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Chris Kizer moving his troops Not many troops left
All smiles here John Pack takes on Philip Shea
GM  Buddy Sinigaglio [10th Year]  NA
 sinigaglio@hotmail.com  303-915-1515