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Race for the Galaxy (RFG) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 18, 2018 Icon Key
86 Players Ricky Boyes 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Boyes Returns to Top of the Galaxy

First, congratulations to Ricky Boyes, who replicated his 2015 victory in the Race for the Galaxy final with a textbook blue produce/consume factory strategy. Overall, a total of 85 people played at least one heat of Race.

The first heat drew 36 players, making nine four-player tables. The winners from the first heat were Jack Jaeger, Brandon Bernard, Michael Thiessen, Uffe Gram Christensen, Ricky Boyes, Micah McCormick, Aaron Fuegi, Andrew Emerick, and Francois de Bellefeuille.

Sixteen additional players showed up for heat 2 to draw 42 players, in nine tables of four and two tables of three. Matthew Thiessen, Keith Dent, York Dobyns, Michael Powers, Antony Saccenti, Henry Allen, Craig Trader, Ted Zellers, Eric Freeman, and Luke Koleszar chalked up their first wins while Aaron Fuegi managed his second win.

Another twenty-nine new players showed up for the third heat which had fifty-two total players in thirteen tables of four. Anthony Bosca, Nicole Yuhase, Michael Kaltman, Doug L Faust, Jeff Wu, Nick Page, Donte Saccenti, David Finberg, Eddie Burmester got their first wins with Jack Jaeger, Matthew Thiessen, Ricky Boyes, Uffe Gram Christensen managing to secure their second wins.

The last heat had four new players and 43 total. The heat produced third wins for Ricky Boyes, Matthew Thiessen, and Aaron Fuegi, a second win for Eric Freeman and Michael Kaltman, and first wins for Haim Hochboim, Ben Carter, Chris Kizer, Akihisa Tabei, Charles Hickok, Chad Walker.

The Semifinals would consist of 21 qualifiers plus four wildcards. When the dust cleared, Ricky Boyes, Haim Hochboim, Chad Walker, Charles Hickok and Nick Page qualified for the final with Jeff Wu earning sixth place based on his performance in the semifinal.

At Final table, Ricky started with Earth’s Lost Colony, Haim with Rebel Cantina, Chad with Epsilon Eridani, Nick with Alpha Centauri, and Charles with Damaged Alien Factory. The goals were: Greatest Infrastructure, Greatest Military, System Diversity, Standard of Living, Innovation Leader, and Expansion Leader.

When the actions hit, Haim explored, Chad and Ricky settled, Nick chose trade, and Charles produced. Ricky and Charles settled blue production worlds, Gem World and Space Port, respectively. Nick settled Galactic Engineers, Haim settled windfall Star Nomad Lair, and Chad settled Runaway Robots. Nick produced on Alpha Centauri, thanks to Galactic Engineers.

Round 2 was a trading round. In round 3 Ricky chose settle, with others choosing develop and produce. When the dust cleared, Ricky had three blue worlds with goods on them, Export Duties developed for a +1 card in trading, and a bonus card in his hand from the production on Gem World, a solid lead. Ricky then chose develop in round 4 and got Consumer Markets down in time for the consume phase, end all doubt on the outcome of this final.

By the end game, Chad got up to 11 military, earning him both Greatest Military and a share of the four-way tie in the race for Expansion Leader with Nick, Haim and Ricky. Chad’s low card value of 13, however needed some military-themed 6-point developments to have a chance so he ended in fifth.

Haim got System Diversity with help from early Improved Logistics, Innovation Leader, and a share of the 4-way tie. Haim also had the best card value at 28 but with no victory points and no 6-development, he was finished in 4th.

Charles looked like he might pull out the win when Galactic Federation came out followed by New Galactic order. With no goal score and only 4 VP chits, however, Charles’ respectable card and excellent 6-development scores only got him to third.

There was an absence of scoring for 6-point developments with Charles getting 6 points for each of his and Nick got 7 for his Prospecting Guild, while the other three players didn’t score any. Nick was the only player with points in every category, 21 in cards, 21 in victory points, and one 3-pt goal, all of which left him just 5 points out of first and a second place finish.

Ricky was the goal leader with 11 points based on getting Greatest Infrastructure, Standard of Living and part of the Expansion Leader tie. This, along with his 26 points in VP tokens was enough to give him the championship despite the second least valuable tableau and no 6-point developments. At the end of the game, Ricky was consumingx2 for 10 victory points.

Special thanks to Aaron Fuegi for his continuous assistance, expert advice, and moral support, from the demo setup through the final. Thanks also to Eric Brosius and everyone else who helped out with setup and data entry. Thanks to Andy Latto for the spreadsheet.

Thanks to all who played!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Nick Page Charles Hickok Haim Hochboim Chad Walker Jeff Wu
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Looking for the right card Lots of smiles in this galaxy
Michael McKibbin looking at his opponent's play Chris Kizer waiting for his next move


GM  Cally Perry [1st Year]  NA
 cally@mail.com  NA