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Roll for the Galaxy (RGD) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 18, 2018 Icon Key
87 Players Andrew Freeman 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Dice in Space Has a Freeman Champion

Eighty-seven intrepid galactic empire builders gathered to roll dice, explore and settle planets, develop new technologies, and produce, trade and consume products in interstellar commerce. Two heats were run on Wednesday produced a total of 25 tables. Double winners were Tyson Henning, by one point in each game, Charles Hickok, Mason Murray, by 15 points in each game, and Tom Vickery. Iain McGraw had the top single game score with 69 points with his 3 opponents scoring 39-39-38. Tom Vickery and Tyson Henning tied for the lowest winning scores with 29 each. Each day 1 winner received a choice of a blue ribbon or a miniature trophy.

Thursday started with two more heats. Double winners on Thursday were Karl Buchholz, Uffe Christiansen, Andrew Freeman, and Greg Romano. Andrew Emrick was top scorer with 57, while Kelly Czyryca had the lowest winning score at 36 but he won by 17 points.

Fourteen of the top qualifiers showed up for the semifinals. Four players, Charles Hickok, Uffe Christiansen, Karl Buchholz, and Andrew Freeman, had 3 wins each, but the top qualifier, Charles, was unable to play. The six players advancing with two wins were Andrew Emrick, Mason Murray, Tom Vickery, Tyson Henning, Jason Fisher and Greg Romano. The remaining six spots went to players with a win in their first heat and a second or a third. These were Cally Perry, Luke Koleszar, Sam Packwood, James Doughan, Francois de Bellefeuile and Eric Meader. With James also unable to continue, two one win players squeezed in, Evan Battilana and Devin Smith.

Andrew Freeman won his table by 11 points, 43-32-30-27, Mason Murray won by 9, 48-39-39-37, and Luke Koleszar had a narrow win over Evan Battilana, 49-46-30-23. The last finalist was Sam Packwood, beating Karl Buchholz on the tiebreaker, 34-34-29-27.

The final lasted 11 turns.

  • Turn 1: explore, develop, ship - Sam only used 1 die, while Andrew finished the first new tile, developing tech
  • Turn 2: explore, develop, settle – Luke settled 3 worlds, getting to 6 tiles, while Sam developed 1 and settled 1
  • Turn 3: explore, develop, settle, produce – Andrew settled the Alien Sentinels world, Luke settled another world and Mason developed a tech. Luke was now at 7 tiles
  • Turn 4: develop, produce and ship – Andrew developed Galactic Bankers and Sam developed another tech
  • Turn 5: explore and develop – Luke developed 2 techs and Mason 1. Luke was now at 9 tiles
  • Turn 6: develop, settle, ship – Sam settled 2 worlds, Andrew and Mason each developed a tech
  • Turn 7: explore, develop, produce – Andrew and Luke each developed a tech, bringing Luke to 10 tiles
  • Turn 8: explore, develop, settle, ship – Mason settled 2 worlds and Sam developed 1 tech
  • Turn 9: develop, settle, produce – Luke and Sam each settled 1 world, Andrew developed 2 techs and Mason 1. Luke had 11 tiles and each of the others had 10
  • Turn 10: explore, develop, settle, ship – Sam built 1 world
  • Turn 11: explore, develop, settle – Andrew and Sam each settled 1 world and developed 1 tech while Mason and Luke developed 2 techs each

Final scores were Mason with 31, all from Worlds and Developments, Sam with 34, 30 from Worlds and Developments and 4 VP, Luke at 38, 22 from Worlds and Developments and 16 VP, and Andrew at 42, 35 from Worlds and Developments and 7 from Bonuses.

There is now a third generation of Freemans to contend with at WBC. Fifth and sixth went to Jason Fisher and Evan Battilana for finishing second to Andrew and Luke. David Spencer won the team player award as the top finisher who had this as his team game.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Luke Koleszar Sam Packwood Mason Murray Jason Fisher Evan Battilana
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
She looks happy with her position! An intense game of dice
Luke Koleszar on his way to a 2nd place finish Roll for the Galaxy Finalists with GM Chris Yaure
GM  Chris Yaure [1st Year]  NA
 cyaure@aol.com  610-850-5429