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Slapshot (SLS) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 20, 2018 Icon Key
185 Players Kevin Cantwell 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
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Slapshot Contiunes Steady Increase

When the dust settled, Tim ended up with a superstar and used it to beat Shannon. Shannon’s team looked pretty awful, prompting Josh to say tell him to get ready to play lots of games. Sure enough, Shannon played and lost five straight games, taking pride in almost beating Josh. Shannon’s drafts on her turns eventually paid off, however, as she tied Josh for moral victory! and ended up with Tiny Tim who went on a memorable run of pucking Tim, winning the game!, then Mat, then Kevin, then Tim again, then Kevin again. The last win against Kevin ended up sending Le Goon to the penalty box.

As the regular season wrapped up, Shannon found herself in last of course, and Tim found himself on the outside of the playoffs looking in. It’s always a tough decision of what to do when your team is bad, but you need to win some games. Tim chose to draft instead of play, costing himself time as the playoffs started with him on the outside.

The first playoff series pitted Mat’s superior team against Bruce’s bruiser. Mat won game 1, but the attrition of the bruiser ruined Mat’s team, including a 7 in game 2, as Bruce went on to win the series 3-1.

The second playoff series was Josh vs Kevin. Kevin started with a bruiser but in game 1 bruised Josh into El Bos. Josh’s team was still awful, but he did manage to take game 3 to OT and double bruise Kevin’s team.

In the consolation game for third place, Josh’s awful team went against Mat’s wrecked but not quite as awful team. Mat came away with the coveted third place plaque.

The finals was an epic seven game series between Bruce’s bruiser and Kevin’s bruiserless team (after losing his bruiser against Josh). Bruce won game 1, bruising Kevin’s defenseman. In game 2, Kevin reveals that his replacement player was a bruiser too. Kevin took a 2-0 lead, but with bruisers on both teams, a wild series was sure to ensue.

In game 3, both players lost a 6, and Kevin came away with the victory. In game 4, we learned that Kevin found a second bruiser, and took out Bruce’s bruiser in a double-bruising. Bruce won game 4 in overtime, evening the series.

Game 5 saw Kevin take a commanding lead as he won the game and bruised Bruce’s 7. Bruce somehow rallied to win game 6, but lost another 7 to the bruiser. By the time game 7 came around, Bruce didn’t have enough strength to challenge Kevin for the win.

Congratulations to Kevin Cantrell!

Here are the final teams for each player:

  • Kevin: F:7,6,4 D: 4,4* G:10
  • Bruce: F:7,5,3 D: 2,1 G: 2

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Bruce Garnett Mat Thomsen Josh Githens Tim O'Flynn Shannon Keating
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
BPA Counsel Ralph reading The Rules Got to show your colors at the game
Andrew Drummond receiving the award for
most decorated player
Wonder who is using a Shark as their playing
piece at this table?

Slapshot Junior 2017

Four hours before dropping the puck for 185 crazed hockey fans Saturday night, Mark Yoshikawa warmed up with 25 little bruisers. Every WBC young 'un needs to get their skates wet in the traditional Saturday night party eventually so Mark has been running the Juniors league for years. Many of these little bruisers have since grown up and are now sending their children to his academy. Patrick Proksch ending Aubrey Powers attempt at a three peat. Preston Saccenti finished second, followed by Zacary Morris, Aaron Kaltman, Teagan Boralo, and Aubrey Powers

Slapshot Juniors Finalists with GM Mark Yoshikawa Slapshot Juniors Champion Patrick Proksch
with GM Mark Yoshikawa
GM  Sean McCulloch [15th year]  NA
 stmccull@owu.edu  NA