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Saint Petersburg (SPG) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 20, 2018 Icon Key
107 Players Ray Wolff 2017 Status 2018 Status Event History
  2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Son Predicts Win For Father

The first heat on Monday saw an increase in players over the first heat last year, and despite being frazzled from the rush from the Demo, GM Amy Rule managed to actually win her first heat! Assistant GM Norman wasn’t so lucky. Shortly after the first heat, a Hospital (14 cost Building card) was found on the floor. If you played in that first heat and have realized you are missing this card, email Amy at the email address below!

Heats 2 and 3 proceeded much more smoothly. Heat 3 saw last year’s winner Vien Bounma pitted against your GM and both had 2 wins going in. A novice player set the game off on an odd path by leaving only one slot open in the noble round giving Amy the advantage. But by the end, Vien squeaked out the win by one point to become the only 3 heat winner!

When all was said and done, there were twelve 2 game winners, including father and son Ray and Sam Wolfe. Sam is only 10 years old! It also included GM Amy Rule, leaving assistant GMs Norman Rule and Marcy Morelli to run the semi. Due to scheduling requirements, the semifinals started at 11 PM which the GM will not do again! Especially when Pro Golf has the other end of the Seasons rooms! Like last year, it was a very friendly semifinal. Vien and Amy squared off again, along with Sam Wolfe and Mike Shea. This time Amy bested Vien, but ultimately lost to Mike by just 3 points, leaving her in sixth place.

Sam didn’t make the final, but his dad did, along with Mike Shea, Lawrence Solomon, and Tom Johnston, all 2-heat winners.

After randomizing seating, there was a very friendly final, with quite a few good one-liners, mostly from Tom. They included:

  • I can tell you already I’m coming in last. I screwed up big. From Tom after 2nd worker phase
  • I should have cut the cards before we started. I always cut the cards, forgot this time. We’re fighting for third, right? From Tom to Ray at mid-game
  • Mike observes the Mistress. I’ll just upgrade the mistress to the tax man! From Mike to Lawrence, facetiously. Tom gets the second mistress
  • Even though I’m in the lead right now, I’m liking my chances for last. From Tom to the table.
  • Tom triggered endgame by taking a large blue in the green round to run out the blue deck. The game became this side of the table against that side pitting Tom and Ray against Mike and Lawrence. Nobody took any blue, so no nobles came out the last round! This had Tom commenting that It’s been an odd game
  • Look I have all this money and nothing to do with it! By Tom at last orange round

When all was said and done, Ray won and Tom took second as Sam had predicted earlier! An interesting note, Ray and Tom played against each other in the first 2 heats, each of them won one before Ray’s Final win. Ray then ran off to the Wolfe pack semifinal where sadly none of them advanced.

We tried an experiment this year to address the question of whether players really want to mitigate the power of a first round Mistress or Observatory. We offered the option of pulling these cards out and shuffling them in before the beginning of the second round if all players at the table agreed. We had only one table choose this option. At least one player at almost every table wasn’t willing to give up the chance that they might benefit.

And now for some statistics:

  • 107 players, 54 games, 216 player starts, on par with last year
  • 3 games (one in each heat) won on a tie breaker. Tie in 1st heat, final scores were 55-55-54. Tie in 3rd heat was 49-49-48. In both of these games, the same player finished in 3rd
  • Best winning score was 104. Worst winning score was 49
  • Best losing score was 77, worst losing score was 20
  • Highest total score of all players 337, lowest total score was 157
  • Tightest game was 5 points from first to last. That wasn't even our 1st round tie. 50-49-48-45
  • 104 point winner crushed it with a 34 point lead over 2nd place and a 39 point lead over last... yes, 2nd to 4th was a difference of 5 points

So that’s it for 2017. See you all next year!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Thomas Johnston Lawrence Solomon Michael Shea Keith Levy Amy Rule
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Just starting a prelimnary heat Michael Shea dealing his way to the final
Pretty serious for the first turn Saint Petersburg Finalists with GM Amy Rule
GM  Amy Rule [5th Year]  NA
 amyjrrule@gmail.com  NA