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Titan 2-Player (TT2) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 22, 2018 Icon Key
14 Players David desJardins 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

desJardins Sweeps Titan Events

In an effort to bolster attendance, the two player tournament was moved to a new time on Sunday night. This will no longer conflict with the multiplayer tournament for the players who enjoy playing Titan. Under consideration for 2018 is a mulligan round for players so that any player who wants at least two games will have that opportunity.

Bruce Rae advanced in the first round by being aggressive. In an attempt to advance again, he attacked into the marsh with a Titan 7 high, 2 minotaurs, 2 unicorns, a dragon and a gorgon. The defending stack for David Hull was an angel, 3 hydras and 2 rangers. Bruce's stack outpointed the defenders, but only barely, and he would also be able to summon. With so many non-natives, the terrain favors the defense, and the defenders ability to range strike was also key. After the fourth round of combat, Bruce had a lone titan against one remaining hydra and three rangers, so long titan!

In one semifinal, David desJardins attacked David Hull's titan in the swamp with the defender having an additional 3 trolls, a wyvern, a warbear, and a ranger. The attack was 2 rangers, 2 guardians, 2 trolls, and an ogre. The attack was meant to weaken and at the end David Hull had his titan and a wyvern from recruiting and he had earned an angel. Now a stack with 3 cyclops, 2 trolls, a behemoth and an angel was threatening the weakened titan stack. David Hull rolled a four from the swamp to move to the hills, five hexes away from the other stack in the hills. David desJardins followed with a roll of six to catch and finish David.

In the other semifinal. Steve Koleszar had two battles in a row against Sean McCulloch’s stacks. His titan, four rangers and a cyclops in the Marsh against 3 cyclops and a behemoth almost ended in disaster when the cyclops, one on one against the titan, managed to get five hits, four on the first roll, and the next nine dice only providing one more. In the next battle, Steve was not as fortunate. In the woods, a ranger and the titan double teamed a warbear next to a tree, which helped protect the titan’s front. But they failed to kill the warbear. Every Titan player can tell you six hits on ten dice needing threes or better is favorable in this situation, the expected value is six and a third hits, but the actual calculation of the percentage of success is rarely done. On the defender movement, a lion was able to move into the only open spot next to the titan and with two warbear blows and one lion blow, expected value five and two-thirds, there were enough hits to kill, while at the same time Steve's rangers had eliminated the remainder of the defenders.,/p>

The final between Sean and David desJardins was a game of maneuvering. At one point Sean threatened David's titan but David rolled high enough to move away. There were small stacks attacked with the defender conceding but there had not been a single battle until Sean with a 7 high titan, angel, 2 griffons and 2 warlocks attacked David in the Marsh with 3 lions, 2 warbears, and 2 rangers. Sean won but decided it had cost him too much when only one warlock and one griffon survived, and with other large stacks hovering and ready to pounce, he conceded.

As the Titan players get used to the new starting time, it should help to improve the number who participate. Everyone says the venue is better than the previous location, except when torrential rain makes it tough to move between the buildings.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Sean McCulloch David Hull Steve Koleszar Rahul Chandra Bruce Rae
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Second Place laurelist Sean McCulloch watches as opponent adds creatures to his stacks

Battling in the Tundra
GM  Rich Atwater [15th Year]  NA 
 kmarma@comcast.net  NA