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Titan: the Arena (TTA) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 22, 2018 Icon Key
65 Players Andrew Drummond 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

20th Year At Avaloncon/WBC

This year marks not only the 20th anniversary of Titan: The Arena being a tourney at AvalonCon/WBC, but also my 15th year as its GM. I want to thank the players for sticking with this event for so long. You guys are awesome!

Due to unforeseen conflict with another event, we had a slight drop in attendance this year, leading to having only 20 games in the heats, with 19 qualifiers. Seventeen arrived at the semifinals, so we used 3 alternates to make four 5-player games.

In the final, all of the players started out conservatively with only one public bet each in addition to their secret bets. Even though there were three creatures without a bet to choose from, the tide turned against Carter and she ended up losing her Cyclops before it even had a chance to do much freezing.

An unremarkable round passed and in the third round, people noticed that Andrew still hadn’t lost any tokens whatsoever. This got Rebecca, Devon, and Mike to start talks of an alliance to take out one of Andrew’s creatures, preferably his first round bet on the Hydra. This should have been relatively easy since the turn order had them going right before him but the timing never worked out and Andrew managed to get a creature with no bets on it killed instead.

The key play of the game came in the fourth round. The triumvirate were determined to kill that Hydra and they managed to have a sequence of turns where they could accomplish this. The plan was that Rebecca would create a tie for lowest strength so that Devon could play a middling card on the Dragon without ending the round. Then Mike could play low on the Hydra and that meddlesome beast would perish. When it came time for Devon to play, she played low on the Dragon, killing it along with Rebecca’s first-round bet, Mike’s secret bet, and both of their chances at victory.

With Devon’s secret bet on Andrew’s Hydra, she would have a runaway victory provided Andrew’s secret bet had not survived. As it turned out Andrew had placed his on Devon’s Titan and he managed to beat Devon by two points. What a great climax to a wonderful tournament! I would especially like to thank the finalists for not only playing a great game but also helping spark my memory about the details of possibly the most exciting single rounds in the history of this tournament.

A Titan: the Arena wrap-up would not be complete without naming the winners of this year’s medals. This year I gave out 8, named after 8 of the 11 spectator cards in the game, only three more to go! The Mighty Minotaur, 6, given to the person who comes sixth in the overall tournament, was given to John Coussis, whose tied score of 9 was less than Andrew Drummond’s tied score of 12 that got him into the final. The Battling Behemoth, 10, went to rookie Oscar Gonzales who killed 7 creatures in his three heat games. Oscar, if you are reading this, I have your medal. Please try to contact me so I can send it to you. Nora Tuke got the Shining Serpent, 0, for betting 12 points on the last creature to die in a regular heat game. Pat Gallagher earns the Weary Warbear, 4, with his 10-point win on a tie. The Ardent Angel, 7, went to Roni Breza for earning the highest last-place score of 8 points. The Overachieving Ogre, 5, went to Sam Shambeda for earning a record 39 points total among his regular heat games, an average of 13 points/game, impressive! The Greenie Gryphon, 3, went to the new player who performed the best in the heats, highest on the qualifier list. Like last year, two such players qualified for the semifinal, but Kasper Munck pulled out a win in the third heat that had a slightly longer lead than Brooke Hullings’ first heat victory, so Kasper wins this year’s Greenie Gryphon medal and his second medal overall. Lastly, the inaugural Gabby Gargoyle, 2, went to the player who had the most exposed points bet on a creature that survived in a regular heat game. Sceadeau D’Tela managed to convince the other players at his table not to kill a creature that had 10 points of his on it, including a revealed secret bet.

Congrats to all the medalists, finalists, and to Andrew Drummond for becoming our 20th champion! Hope to see everyone next year!

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Devon Gallagher Michael Shea Rebecca Roppolo Carter Waite John Coussis
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Mark Geary examining the board

Looks like yellow and red like the same creatures

Spectator medals for the taking

Titan the Arena Finalists with GM Greg Crowe
GM  Greg Crowe [15th year]  NA 
 ginfeatures@gmail.com  NA