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Titan (TTN) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 22, 2018 Icon Key
30 Players David desJardins 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
  2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

desJardins Sweeps Titan

I'd like to start by thanking Dan Strock for making this year's event possible by volunteering to run the event when I didn't know if I would be able to attend this year. Unfortunately a family emergency unfolded a few days before the WBC and Dan ended up not being able to attend this year. However, by that time, I knew I was attending so we were able to still run the event.

Participation was back up slightly but not enough that we don't need to make a format tweak. If I run the event next year, I will use a flexible number of players in the semifinals. For the first 12 seats, I'll take the top 12 people that show up that participated in the heat rounds even if they haven't won a game. I'll take up to 16 if they have all won at least one heat round game. In the past when someone got in without a win they had normally played several games and had come in second a couple of times. For Titan, I don't think it helps the semifinals to try to fill out games with very weak players. It also takes away from the competitiveness of the heat rounds.

Titan participation has taken more of a hit than most games since the move to Seven Springs. I think part of this is that Titan was more popular on the east coast than many areas of the country, so the change in WBC attendee mix might be hurting us. We don't have the visibility we had all the years at the back of Lampeter which helped us get drop in participants. I think we are having more conflicts with other games, as a few people let me know they couldn't make the semifinals because of conflicts with other games they really wanted to play. And the game has been back out of print for a few years now, making it harder to get new players. We also had some regulars who were unable to attend this year who I think we are likely to see again.

Down the road, if the auction were to move to Monday, I'd move Titan up a day to see if we could reduce the conflicts with other games. I don't want to split Titan across the auction with the current schedule. So for now it won't move while I'm running it. While we aren't in a good area for drop in recruiting, I don't think there really is one like we used to have at the previous location. And it isn't a bad location for us otherwise, so I'm not inclined to ask for us to move. Though we might get moved to accommodate participants that are also GMing events.

Akihisa Tabei again provided finalists in both multi-player and two player Titan with replacement counter sheets. David des Jardins won both the two player and multi-player Titan events this year. Aaron Fuegi and David have done this in the past.

The heat round consisted of 13 three player games, 6 four player games and one five player game. The semifinals consisted of 3 three player games and 1 four player game. The final was a four player game. There were a total of 81 player starts. Last year we had 79.

I don't have a story for the final this year, but do have brief summaries of the semifinals.

In the first semifinal, the GM got involved early when Steve Koleszar found he had accidentally taken a third ogre instead of one of his initial centaurs. The ruling was that he had to replace one at random and ended up with a 1-1-1 initial split. This is often pretty weak, but it turned out not to matter much with the rolls he had. David des Jardins missed recruiting in his titan stack and the mistake snowballed with it having to run to the jungle on turn 3 and then got stuck behind ranger stacks and didn't recruit for many turns. Steve attacked Bruce Rae's 5 ranger stack with a 6 high brush stack but ended up with only two angels. Bruce then attacker David's 3 ranger/gorgon stack in the marsh with titan, 2 wyverns, gorgon, and 2 cyclops. He rolled well, but ended up with Titan, 2 angels, and 2 wyverns. David needed to roll at least a 3 to earn an angel to use with his attack on Bruce but went ahead anyway without it. He attacked with angel, 3 rangers, 3 cyclops and no angel to summon. David rolled badly and ended in a mutual with Bruce, significantly reducing the points earned for eliminating Bruce. Steve had 2 behemoths in his titan stack waiting in a tower for a serpent. David caught and killed Steve's 2 angel stack. David was able to then move his guardian/ranger stack under Steve's ranger/troll stack. Steve attacked but didn't have an angel to summon and lost narrowly. David decided not to attack Steve's titan in the tower figuring that waiting favored him. Steve then attack David's titan 6 on 7 in the marsh when he got a chance, as he also thought waiting favored David. Steve didn't roll very well and David ended up winning.

The second semifinal was a long game with all three players in it for a long time. Aaron Fuegi's titan stack at the end was a 12 point titan, 2 serpents, archangel, behemoth, 2 gorgons. He had other good legions with serpent or colossus potential. Tom Johnston had a 6 point titan with 3 hydras but eventually got stuck with essentially no chance and resigned. Nick Klercker had a 9 point titan with a serpent but it was his only legion.

He played on for a little while, but resigned after missing many rolls for more serpents and falling further behind.

In the third semifinal, Brian Sutton eliminated Akihisa Tabei early using a 2 warlock/titan stack. Brian played on for a while, but resigned due to a conflicting semifinal, with the current game in doubt, advancing Rahul Chandra.

In the last semifinal, Art Wine eliminated Michael Rogozinski with an early 4 guardian/angel stack. Rich Atwater and David Finberg got tangled up slowing their growth down. Rich got a serpent in his titan stack but still was in great shape. David and Art had behemoths in their titan stacks when David attacked. After Art won, Rich conceded.

The finish order for the final was David des Jardins, Aaron Fuegi, Rahul Chandra and Art Wines.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Aaron Fuegi Rahul Chandra Arthur Wines Steve Koleszar Nick Klercker
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Runner up Aaron Fuegi looks on as Ed Rothenheber
examines his stack

Substitute GM Bruno Wolff comtemplates his next move

Titan Finalists with GM Bruno Wolff
GM  Bruno Wolff III [23nd year]  NA 
 bruno@wolff.to  NA