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War Of The Ring (WOR) WBC 2017 Report
Updated March 23, 2018 Icon Key
29 Players Chris Trimmer 2017 Status 2018 Status History/Laurels
2016-2017 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Participation Levels Continued While Frodo Put On His Track Shoes!

War of the ring tied their most participants of 29 again this year! So the schedule will definitely be left as is for 2018. We had 32 total games played and 16 winners eligible for the Saturday morning start of round 2! Christopher and Joe Yaure ran the demo again and it continues to draw in a new player or two a year. We also had some new players drive up from Pittsburgh to play both weekends. It was great to see both old and new players in the event and I hope everyone had a great time and will return next year. If you are missing a piece, email your GM as I might have it.

Breakdown of the game results were :

  • Free Peoples Ring Dunk – Mulligan 6, R1 1, R2 3, R3 1, SF/F 0, Total 11
  • Free Peoples Military - Mulligan 0, R1 0, R2 1, R3 0, SF/F 1, Total 2
  • Shadow Corruption - Mulligan 3, R1 2, R2 0, R3 2, SF/F 2, Total 8
  • Shadow Military - Mulligan 1, R1 5, R2 3, R3 1, SF/F 1, Total 11

Thirteen Free Peoples and 19 Shadow victories, but a definite bump early with ring dunks and almost the same amount of corruption wins as military wins for the shadow. Frodo definitely had his track shoes on as players are starting to push the race to win. Shadow military has taken the front seat most years, and the Free Peoples have taken notice, seeing it is better to corrupt while having a shot at dunking the ring than moving too slowly and losing militarily before they can even see Mount Doom.

Fourteen winners showed up for the Round 2 start and the 4 games in Round 3 featured Michael Sosa against Michael Kiefte, Jacob Hebner versus Christopher Yaure, Chris Kizer against Joe Yaure and Chris Trimmer versus Bronwyn Woods as an eliminator).

In the first match, Michael Sosa needed the Balrog attack card and some big rolls to capture heavily defended Lorien. Dale and the Shire also fell in the final VPs, with an attempt by Michael Kiefte to retake the Shire with Cirdan’s ship reinforcement help that was thwarted by the Witch King lead army of Uruk Hai.

In game two, Jacob Hebner tried for more musters in turn 1 by not allocating any eyes but then didn’t roll the typical 1! Meanwhile, Christopher Yaure’s action dice allowed 4 moves! Needless to say that sprint from the bridges of Rivendell shortened the clock a lot and had the ring dunked before the SP armies could capture many VPs.

In the third match, Dale was a hard fought VP, changing hands 4 times! Joe Yaure’s FP captured Minas Morgul and with a scouts play was positioned in Gorgorth with an elite, but then Chris Kizer nullified the threat with units from Morannon and Chris wasn’t able to start capturing strongholds until turn 8. Luckily for Chris, the lure of the ring corrupted Frodo as he stood overlooking Mount Doom!

In the final game, Chris Trimmer had his hands full against eliminator Bronwyn Woods. Bronwyn got the FSP to the Mordor track and was looking good with only 8 corruption and a couple steps away, but then Chris drew the Shelob tile with Isildurs Bane. A big 50/50 die roll… and it’s a Character? Oops, event die was rolled in the high excitement. The resulting d6 then was a 3, pushing Frodo to 11 corruption. With Ents killing Saruman on turn 10 and the SP military victory not in sight, the last corruption point was applied for Chris to squeak out the corruption win.

So the semifinal ended up Chris Kizer against Michael Sosa and Chris Trimmer versus Christopher Yaure.

In the first match Michael got Frodo to Mount Doom, but Chris changed some event dice to eyes and subsequently drew an Eye tile to deal 4 corruption, pushing corruption to 10. Meanwhile all 4 free special tiles were in the bag and just before the final step, the 3 stop tile was added and subsequently drawn to corrupt Frodo! In the other semifinal, Chris Trimmer’s shadow rolled 3 eyes twice to get 5 eyes in the box early which slowed the FSP in Moria. Strider and Boromir separated to try and crown the King but no Wills were being rolled and they died in battle versus the S&E. Meanwhile Chris Trimmer’s shadow armies marched to 10vps a turn after the FSP made it to the Mordor track.

The final then featured the battle of the Chris’s, Chris Kizer and Chris Trimmer. Chris Kizer had the shadow and the FSP was found early and often and only Merry was left in the FSP by Dimrall Dale on turn 4. So Chris Trimmer switched gears with a big double Ent card play to deal 3 hits and a Peligar army captured Umbar! With the weakened center, Lorien elites marched over to Moria and captured it to force a Free People’s Military win and our first repeat WoTR champion!

In regards to Dwarven Ring bidding, it was similar to previous years, having 0-3 rings given to the Free Peoples with the one off game where the rings went to the Shadow player.

Lastly, based on player requests, a new wrinkle for next year will allow experienced players to defer their mulligan round. All players interested will still need to sign in and have badge verified before the start of the Mulligan round. When I pair Mulligan round opponents, I will pair those wishing to defer with likeminded individuals, making sure a game exists between them. They will be responsible for working out a time to play and return the score sheet to the kiosk before the first round. If they don’t get a time to play, then they would just have to play in the first round as all mulligan rounds would need to be complete and submitted before round 1 and cannot be played before the mulligan round time slot.

2017 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Chris Kizer Chris Yaure Mike Sosa Joe Yaure Eric Stein
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Marty Sample taking on the younger generation The battle for MiddleEarth with a youn onlooker
Todd Treadway leading the free folk War of the Ring Finalists Chris Trimmer and Chris Kizer
GM  Kevin Wojtaszczyk [10th Year]  NA
 kwojtasz@roadrunner.com  NA