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Acquire (ACQ) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated October 5, 2018
77 Players Ryan Feathers 2018 Status 2019 Status History/Laurels
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Ten Year Stretch with No 1st Place Ties Ended

What a year. I haven't seen a tie for first place in ten years. This year there were two. Rules say both players win. That's fine for the heats. But for the semis & final a new tie breaker has to be created. I've decided (and I'll check with participants in 2019 to see if they're accepting of this) that the tie breaker is the player receiving the least amount in the first merger and secondly creating a hotel chain later than the other player. These characteristics would present the winning player as emerging from a greater disadvantaged state.

All games this year were four player games. :) This year's crushing win goes to Andrew Martin with 75% more money than second place. The squeakers’ were the ties - Marc Beauregard/Luke Kolezar and Russell Schilb/Andrew Martin. The positions of seat 1 and 4 had equal wins this year while seats 2 and 3 were slightly less and were only one off from each other. Seat 3 was involved in the first merger more than the other positions and seat 4 was involved in the first merger the least number of times. I've said it before, a first merger helps but does not guarantee a win. One last noteworthy item – in 2017 starting hotels were rather equal. In 2018, low value hotels were the clear choice.

In the semis, Paul Bean had a win at a table with two past champions. Perennial powerhouse, Steve Packwood had the clearest win in this stage of the tournament. Ryan Feathers made the finals in his first year attending the WBC. Matt Wilde rounded out the quartet as the lowest seeded semi-finalist.

The final started with neither Steve, nor Ryan, starting a hotel with their placements. Paul started American and Matt started Tower with their first plays. Not content with starting one chain, Paul started Luxor on his second play and Continental on his third. On turn 4, Steve finally started a chain and on turn five caused the first merger garnering the first place dividend. The very next placement, Ryan merges a chain giving him a second place dividend. All players have now received a dividend and all kept their shares in these mergers. Flush with cash, all players judiciously bought stock every turn but not always three shares. On turn 10, Matt caused the third merger of the game and traded to lock up first place in Tower. Matt played for the next merger on turn 14 without receiving a dividend driving Tower even larger. Game was called with Tower at 41 hotels and Matt received the first place dividend. But Ryan's second in Tower and first in Festival gave him the tournament win.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Matthew Wilde Steve Packwood Paul Bean Andrew Martin Steve Koleszar
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Looking for the first merge.

Luke Koleszar awaiting his turn

Former Centurion contemplating his next move.

GM     Cliff Ackman [12th Year]   NA
   Cliff006@Frontier.com    NA