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Adel Verpflichtet (ADV) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated October 5, 2018
73 Players Haakon Monsen 2018 Status 2019 Status History/Laurels
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Strategically Timed Thieves Leads to Victory!

This year 73 collectors of fine art and antiques gathered in Seven Springs PA to show off their best exhibits!

Each heat had two games back to back finishing well within our 2 hour time block.

Sunday alone saw 50 collectors ready to show off their hard earned, and sometimes stolen, works. But only one, Haakon Monsen, was able to best both his tables scoring first place at each, earning him a guaranteed seat in the semifinals.

The second heat saw 25 players with no one scoring two 1st places, and the 3rd drew 28 players, resulting in a few 4 player games. The 3rd heat finally saw another, Angela Bender, who was able to take 1st in both rounds.

Despite this, the comment cards proved players either had the right idea or knew where the problem lie. Such insights as ‘Go to castle! Show art!’ and ‘Less detective...Exhibit is good’ were shared. Others voiced strong opinions; ‘Auction house sucks’ being one of them. And some admitted their own faults with statements such as ‘I did horribly!’ and ‘I stink’ scrawled across the majority of their player sheet.

Thieving varied by game; one round having only two thieves caught the whole game while others lauded their thieving, proudly stating they ‘stole 5 cards in the last two rounds’ ending their game in the lead.

Heroes were out there however as some tables had very accomplished detectives, some catching all other players ‘two times in a row’. One player lamented ‘2 thieves in jail most of game' (likely factoring into their last place finish).

The top 25 scores of the 3 heats qualified for the semifinals, however only 22 arrived. This may be due to such low scoring heats, as anyone with a score of 8, a 1st and 3rd or two 2nd places in a given heat, qualified as well as a few 7’s, who in previous years were only alternates.

As such some of our semi-finalists played in 4 player games. The winners of the 5 Semifinal tables that advanced were Haakon Monsen, David Meyaard, Brady Detwiler, Nate Peterson and Angela Bender.

The first turn of the final, both David and Angela went to the Castle while everyone else remained at the Auction house where Nate spent the highest check of the game. After making his purchase the next card revealed was the oldest of the game. The 1468 mask was then purchased the following turn by Angela. The first thieving didn’t take place until turn 5 when Haakon stole Brady’s check. The next turn Nate exhibited only to be stolen from by both Brady and Haakon whose thieves were caught by David. Only two turns after that David is the target; stolen from by Nate and Angela, who in turn were jailed by Haakon and Brady.

By turn 11 Nate seeks revenge, putting 3 thieves in jail. Haakon is off to the auction house spending a stolen check.

Turn 12 and 13 saw everyone in the castle with a nice mix of detecting, thieving and exhibiting which moves the game along quickly. Aside from Brady and Haakon making the occasional trip to the Auction House, most of the action is in the Castle for the rest of the game. Later on Angela’s thief steals from David, Nate and Haakon in a single turn. Haakon risks the bigger exhibit showing and David places second in show. Brady detected Angela’s thief to move up 5 spaces.

The next turn sees no thieves and Haakon and Brady score 1st and 2nd exhibit. On the last turn Brady, David and Angela detect Nate’s thief who steals from Haakon. That last exhibit show by Haakon pushes him over the finish. Angela has the best exhibit and scores 8 spaces, Brady is second best and scores 4. When all is said and done Haakon wins at 3 spaces past the finish line. Brady is second, one space over the finish line. On the space before the line sits Angela, Nate and David, who finish 3rd, 4th and 5th based on the best exhibit tie-breaker.

Brady notes this was a ‘Fun game, interesting end’ and his first plaque! David was ‘devastated’.

Congratulations to Haakon Monsen for being the best art collector of 2018!

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2

Brady Detwiler Angela Bender Nathan Peterson David Meyaard Laurie Wojtaszczyk
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Angela Bender and Laurie Wojtaszczyk
on their way to laurels.

A table full of sharks.

Thieves looking over their prize.

2018 Finalists
GM     Angela Bender [3rd Year]  NA
    AngelaMichelleC@Gmail.com   NA