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Alhambra (ALH) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated October 8, 2018
126 Players Matthew Thiessen 2018 Status 2019 Status History/Laurels
2018 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Another New Builder Climbs to the Top Of His Class

In the first heat there were 13 games played and 17 games in the second heat.

Some interesting facts from these two heats:

  • Three individuals, Jeff Wu, Lisa Gutermuth, and Lynda Shea, won their games in both heats.
  • There was only one game ending in a tie. Aaron Kaltman won the tiebreaker over Jeff Mullet by having a longer wall. The other close scoring game that was decided by only 1-point difference was won by Lynn Chalfoun over Hana Zherka. There were three tables decided by only 2-point differences with Trella Bromley over Tim Packwood, Matthew Beach over Carrie Lewis, and Sean McCulloch over GM Debbie Gutermuth.
  • Steve Scott had the highest margin of victory with 45.9% or 39 points over 2nd place finisher in his game. Peter Eldridge had the 2nd highest margin of victory with 41.9% or 36 points and Jeff Wu had the 3rd 34 points.
  • Rebecca Roppolo had the highest overall ending game score of 128 points.
  • There were 3 winners, David Rhode, Julie Carrigan, and Trella Bromley, in the heats that were not available for the Semifinals. This brought the number of winners trying to advance to the Semifinals to 24 with 25 advancing. Therefore, all winners that were available would advance to the semifinal round. To round out the tables to 25, I as the GM filled the last spot where I was only playing as an eliminator.

The results of the Semifinals were:

  • Anastasia Tircuit won her table with the closest scoring game. She won by 2 points over Sean McCulloch followed by Chris Greenfield, Jeff Wu, and Matthew Beach.
  • Anthony Lainese won his table by 9 points over Rob Kircher followed by Romain Jacques, Matthew Hathrell, and Peter Eldridge.
  • Cyril Tircuit also won his table by 9 points over Steve Scott followed by Bruce Reiff, Ben Parker, and Joe Millovich.
  • Matthew Thiessen had a very good game and won by 18 points over Vassili Kyrkos, followed by Lisa Gutermuth, Steve Lollis, and Aaron Kaltman.
  • However, the largest margin difference of the semifinal tables was in the last table. This game had one individual get a great start. Then, in the 2nd scoring round, this individual scored 39 points to have a total of 53 and the 2nd place individual had only 35 points. This table could not stop laughing at how everything fell into place for the winner who was the GM, Debbie Gutermuth. She was followed by Lynda Shea, Rebecca Roppolo, Lynn Chalfoun, and Haakon Monsen. However, since I was only playing as an eliminator, no one from my table would advance to the final round, leading to a four-player final. So, my most amazing game would not get me anywhere.

In the Finals:

  • This was the first year that I had a husband & wife both make it to this round (Cyril & Anastasia Tircuit).
  • Anastasia got off to a 4-point lead, 13 points, which was achieved by having a wall length of 10 after the first scoring round. She was followed by Cyril with 9 points, then Matthew Thiessen with 8 points, and Anthony Lainese with 5 points.
  • At the end of the second scoring round, Anastasia still held the lead with 51 points. Matthew had built his wall up and obtained the lead in brown & white buildings that brought him closely behind her with 48 points. Anthony made progress and was in third with 32 points while Cyril fell into last position with 31 points.
  • At the last scoring round, Matthew held his ground, but Anastasia was there with him. They both ended with 119 points. This was the first time the final ended in a tie. Matthew had a wall length of 18 while Anastasia only had 15 so he became the Champion. Anthony and Cyril’s positions didn’t change with Anthony having 92 points and Cyril having 81.

Congratulations to Matthew on being the 2018 Alhambra Champion! Thanks to all for playing.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: N/A

Anastasia Tircuit Anthony Lainesse Cyril Tircuit Sean McCulloch Rob Kircher
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
GM Debbie Gutermuth has too much fun
playing as eliminator in the semifinals.
The Tircuit's showing off their plaques.



GM    Debbie Gutermuth [15th Year]   NA
   dag63021@aol.com    NA