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Britannia (BRI) WBC 2018 Report >
Updated October 17, 2018
29 Players Mark Smith 2018 Status 2019 Status History/Laurels
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A New Champion Is Crowned

It’s 2018 and Britannia kept rolling on at Seven Springs. We maintained our numbers again this year and again attracted quite a number of new players. Not bad for a game that’s been played ever since the first AvalonCon! Now if we can just get Lew to publish version 3 perhaps we’ll get another bump. 😉 One note of interest there. Lew and I played a partial test game using the Brit 3 rules. We tried out a different dice system though where you roll 2 dice for each unit and it takes two hits to get a kill. I liked it. Ping me if you want more details. Or look on the EuroBrit Yahoo forum for Lew’s post.

One important note! As you know, Lew or I check the scores at the end of each of the games. There are some small errors we find. After we found one that swapped 1st and 2nd place this year in the heats we started check the score sheets throughout the game. That caught several irregularities, so let’s keep that practice up next year.

We had 14 games in our 3 heats this year, that was nice to see and a pickup of 3 games over last year. Naturally, as there always are, some squirrely things happened in the heats…

In one game, Duane Wagner’s Romans did so poorly that everyone ignored the Romano-British as they formed a nice buffer between the Angles and Saxons. They surged to 8 infantry a couple of times and the last 4 weren’t eliminated until Turn 16!

In another game, Mark Smith charged a stack of Normans in to Wessex to take on Harold. His 2 cavalry both rolled ones. The stacks fought until it was one on one. William retreated to the Downlands. Svein then came after William, 3 to 1. Again, it was fought down to 1-1. Then, on the last roll, Svein and William killed each other. Harold then killed Harald to become the last king standing.

In the 3rd heat, I don’t remember who this was, but their Belgae in Lindsey killed 4 Romans and then, to add insult to injury, killed a fort in Suffolk. In another game, Ed O’Connor sent his Saxons in with 3 to attack Jamie Tang’s William with 3 in Avalon. One roll of the dice later, everyone was dead.

For the roundup of the heats then, we had 5 Red wins, 4 Blue wins, 3 Green wins and 2 Yellow wins. The Romans and Scots just weren’t catching a lot of breaks this year.

Our closest game winners were, in the 1st heat, Gary Moss with 232 as Blue to a 226 Red. In the 2nd heat, Scott Pfeiffer got the lucky dice toss as Green with 241 to a 239 Yellow. And in the 3rd heat, Llew Bardecki had another nail biter of a finish with 232 as Blue to a 230 Yellow.

Now, the high scores in the heats. Ewan McNay took Red with a whopping 317. Rick Kirchner had everything go right with Yellow for a score of 269. Blue was a tie! Llew Bardecki and Gary Moss both pulled out scores of 232. And last, Scott Pfeiffer took Green, as he did last year, but this time with a score of 241.

My favorite prize for the heats, Ethelraed the Unraed, for the lowest score by a semi-finalist, was pulled out nicely by Duane Wagner with a score of 176. It was just one of those Green games.

On to the semifinals! With all of the games played in the heats, I ended up with 14 winners. I can only advance 12. One winner had a conflict, so I was down to 13 winners. I was hoping 1 person wouldn’t show up. But everyone did. In order to not have to cut one person, Jon Hagmaier graciously ceded a place in the finals to get us to a nice round 12. Thanks very much Jon!

Three semifinals, of course, require that I advance the high 2nd place finisher to the final. Unlike last year where all the games were very close (3 points maximum from 1st to 2nd) this year, there was just one close game. But it was separated by just 3 points. The winners were Matt O’Connor, Scott Pfeiffer and Greg Hultgren. Mark Smith garnered that high 2nd place with a 239 to Matt’s 242.

And on to the final! Matt drew Green, Scott Red, Greg Yellow and Mark drew Blue. Now let the purple prose fly!

Surging across the channel, the galleys laden with Greg’s legions headed for the beaches of England. Matt’s Welsh immediately surrendered. Mark’s Belgae are not so lucky. They forget their spears and only killed one Roman on the initial invasion. The Romans, feeling bold, surged all the way to Lothian on the first turn. Scott’s Brigantes are equally unsuccessful, also only killing one Roman. But they did manage to keep the Pennines. Scott declared that the Belgae are revolting. And then they did as Boudicca headed to South Mercia, but the Romans rapidly eroded her forces. She died after killing one legion, while the Roman fort held.

Mark’s Picts decided to pre-submit. They dropped 4 Picts into Dunedin, and 1 in Mar and Moray, then attacked, unsuccessfully, the Romans in Lothian. The Picts submit as the Romans put 8 in Dunedin and hop over. There is an empty Skye. Matt’s Caledonians and Mark’s Picts discussed the fate of Skye, which was left to the Picts. Scott’s Brigantes are left with Strathclyde, Galloway, Cumbria and Cheshire, after agreeing to leave the Pennines to the Romans.

Having nothing else to do, four Roman legions attack the last Belgae in Lindsey and stomp them in one roll.

All the forts being covered with a legion on Turn 4, there were no raids.

On Turn 5 though, Scott’s Saxons take Wessex, losing 2. Matt’s Jutes take Kent, losing 2. Mark’s Angles handily take out Lothian, left without a legion to defend it.

On Turn 6, Greg’s RBs end with 4 in the Downlands, 2 in Lindsey, 1 in Pennines and 1 in Hwicce. Matt’s Welsh take out one of Scott’s Irish that’s hanging out in Avalon. But Scott’s Irish take Devon. Scott’s Saxons tried to take out Matt’s 2 Jutes in Kent. The Jutes killed multiple Saxons and then went after Aelle on their turn but missed. Another Saxon died at the hands of the RBs. 5 Saxons were down already. Mark’s Angles decided to take a southern strategy and stack 4 in Pennines. They lost one to the RB.

Turn 7 opened with Greg’s Arthur going for the Saxons. Aelle died but killed 2 cavalry and an infantry leaving Arthur with one infantry for defense. Scott’s Saxons are down to 4 on the board and 2 RBs in the Downlands. Arthur sits nervously in Essex. Mark has 10 Picts in 5 areas and the shield wall forms, 3 in Dalriada, 2 in Skye. Scott’s Irish go into Avalon. Greg’s Scots take Skye and Moray, each defended by just 2 Picts. Greg’s Scots are down to 5 units. Mark’s Angles go after Scott’s Brigantes and they submit, only retaining Strathclyde and Galloway.

On to Turn 8 and Matt’s Welsh hop over a single Angle in March to get to the 1 Angle in York. The 2 Angles die, taking no Welsh with them. Scott’s Brigantes are hungry, and with nowhere else to go, 4 head up against Mark’s 4 Picts in Dalriada. They do not succeed. It’s a different story for Greg’s Scots as they are kicked out of Skye by Mark’s Picts, who are looking huge, but then the Scots take Caithness from the Caledonians. Scott’s Saxons took Arthur out, as well as the last Jute, and spread out around the 2 RBs in the Downlands. Mark’s Angles kicked the Welsh back out of March and York and become Bretwalda.

Turn 9, and Greg’s RBs pensively sat. Matt’s Welsh took some revenge and killed an Angle in Cheshire. Mark’s Picts were at 9 units and used that might to attack the Scot in Moray. The Scot died. Greg declared that he will then refuse to retreat. Greg has only 2 Scots left in Caithness. There was no Bretwalda.

Turn 10 is relatively quiet. Scott’s bold Irish take Dyfed. Offa goes in to Clwyd. And in a deal for life, the RBs voted for Mark’s Angles to be Bretwalda.

Turn 11 and Ketil headed to the Orkneys and took the Caledonians out with no losses. Then to the Hebrides. There, the action is bloodier as 2 died on each side. There was no king as the Saxons and Angles tightened their borders to adopt a defensive posture against the Danes.

Turn 12 and Greg’s RBs grew 1. Then 2 of Greg’s RBs boldly moved to defend York. The loner remained in March. Scot’s last Irish died on the blades of the Welsh. Mark’s Picts remained maxed. Greg’s Scots took out the Norse in Orkneys. Scott’s Norse raided Cumbria for touch points. And then we were on to Matt’s Danish invasion. ‘twas a heavily occupied board, which never bodes well for the Danes. Only Norfolk was unprotected. Matt’s Danes went north, with the Brothers going into the Pennines. The Danes also hit Lothian, Bernicia and York. Greg’s RBs took out one Dane in York but then ran away. Matt’s Danes took Lindsey on the 2nd round and sat in Lothian, Bernicia, York, the Pennines, Lindsey (Brothers) and Norfolk. There were only 9 Danes left. Scott’s Saxons spread out and took Norfolk from the Danes with Alfred. The Saxons occupied 11 spaces with a border of Norfolk, North Mercia and Hwicce. Mark’s much-depleted Angles took Lothian back from the Danes. No one hit and the Danes retreated to the Pennines. There is a Saxon King.

Turn 13 rolled around and Greg’s RBs, being hungry, went south to Hwicce to attack Scott’s Saxons. 1 died on each side. Greg’s Scot in Caithness was killed by the Norsemen. Scott’s Norse also took Dalriada from the Picts. Greg’s Dubliners and Matt’s Danes agreed to peace. Greg’s Dubliners, as part of the deal, would not attack York. The Dubliners went to Cumbria and Cheshire. On their 2nd round they went to Lothian and slaughtered 3 Angles. Two Dubliners also died. Matt’s Danes took 3 into North Mercia and Suffolk to try to keep the Saxons from being King. They only lost 1 of 6 while killing 4 Saxons. Scott’s Saxons, to be king, were forced into a 1-1 against the RBs in Hwicce. They lost. There would be no King. Mark’s Angles ran from Wales and took the Dubliners out of Cheshire.

Turn 14, the Cnut turn. Greg’s RBs grew another in Hwicce. Matt’s Welsh headed out of Wales into the Saxons in Avalon and Wessex. Scott’s Saxons died and retreated. And then there was an Angle-Dubliner peace deal declared. Matt’s Danes went for King with Cnut. A huge stack took out 3 Saxons in Norfolk. 2 to 1s in South Mercia, Essex and Kent were all quick victories killing the Saxons. Cnut was king. Scott’s Saxons struck back and took Suffolk. There were but 7 Saxons left. Mark’s Angles tried to take out one of the last RBs, but they failed and the RBs retreated to Hwicce.

Turn 15. And wow, Greg’s RBs are still around and head with 2 into Powys to kill the defending Welshman. Greg’s Dubliners decided they deserve Wales more than the Angles and took Clwyd. Mark’s Angles retreated. The Angles now had a 4 stack in March. Matt’s Danes killed the last RBs in England. The Danes were helping against the Normans with 2 in Kent. And they occupied the Pennines with 2. Greg’s Norwegians took the Danes out of North Mercia and the Pennines with no losses. They declined to attack the stack of Angles in March and only scored 24. Scott’s Saxons piled 4 with Harold in Suffolk. Avalon was empty and only single Saxons defended the Downlands, Essex, Wessex, South Mercia. Mark’s Angles took out the Danes in Hwicce. Mark’s Normans, with William, killed the Danes in Kent. Other Normans went for Essex, Wessex and Sussex. The Saxons in Wessex and Sussex died, while Essex got to retreat to defend Harold in Suffolk. Only one cavalry died in Sussex. In the 2nd round, South Mercia is also taken and the one Saxon in Downlands was removed by William, 2 cavalry and 2 infantry.

For Turn 16 there were 2 Norwegian reinforcements, because there were no more Norwegian pieces. Mark’s Normans chose 1 cavalry and 1 infantry. Greg’s RBs stayed in Powys. So Matt sent 4 Welsh to Powys. When the battles reached 1 left each, the Welsh retreated leaving Powys to the RBs so that they could still claim Gwynedd for Wales. Mark sent 4 Picts north to Caithness and killed two Norsemen. Greg sent 1 Scot on a desperate attack against the 4 Picts in Caithness. The Scot died. Scot’s Norse took the Picts out of Skye to get a touch point late in the game. Greg’s Dubliners took 4 into Strathclyde and lost them all to 2 Brigantes. But the Dubliners in Clwyd did take Gwynedd. Matt’s Danes contemplated their turn, counting the state of the points. The Danes then took 4 into North Mercia. Svein defended in Lindsey with 2. Greg’s Norwegians got 1 growth. They took 4 into North Mercia to eliminate the Danes there. Harald was in the Pennines with 1. Scott’s Saxons launched into Lindsey with Harold and killed Svein. The only Danes left were in Norfolk. Mark’s Angles took the Norwegians out of Lothian but missed their try in North Mercia. The Normans spread across the south of England, taking 10 spaces, 2 from the Norwegians and William was King.

And that huge 30 point finish for the Normans catapulted Mark Smith to the lead with 226 Blue, Greg finished in 2nd with 213 for Yellow, Matt placed 3rd getting 208 as Green, and Scott was 4th with 194 as Red.

Thanks once again to everyone for all your enthusiasm! I hope to see some of the new players back again next year.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Greg Hultgren Matt O'Connor Scott Pfeiffer Randy Schilb John Nousek
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Ewan McNay studies his options.
Waht direction should I go next?
Time to attack!
Finalists with GM Jim Jordan.
GM Jim Jordan [20th Year]  NA
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