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Combat Commander (CBC) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated October 22, 2018
32 Players Larry Sisson 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion

All Along The Gothic Line

The 2018 Combat Commander Tournament competitors gathered together early on Wed. morning at First Tracks Poolside ready for action. This year’s tournament had 32 competitors check in for the day long contest of physical and mental stamina required for the CC tournament. This year’s theme was "All Along the Gothic Line” featured scenarios for the year 1944, focusing on actions involving Polish, Indian, and Commonwealth units in northern Italy. The tournament again used the Swiss-Elim format with four opening rounds advancing the top four players to the single elimination playoffs.

The first round consisted of four games played in succession with two thirds of the entrants playing in three or more rounds. The scenarios for this year were A) Overkill (Germans vs Indians), B) Rolling with Punches (Poles vs German), and C) Roll Bones (Commonwealth vs German). All four games played finished within the timeframes set out for the tournament.

After all the preliminaries were finished four players stood above the rest of the field and advanced to the Single Elimination Rounds. JR Tracy was the top seed, followed by Jordan Keherer, Jeff Spaner, and qualifying for the fourth and final spot was Larry Sisson. Ralph Gleaton and Derek Pulhammus rounded out the Laurel positions taking 5th and 6th places. In the Semifinals JR Tracy faced off against Sisson and Spaner opposed Kehrer. During the semifinals the players designed their own scenario utilizing the tSG. Top seed, Tracy, after a tense game, was defeated by Sission. Sisson advanced to his first CC Finals and in the other SemiFinal Jordan was bested by Spaner in a fast paced game. Spaner also advanced to his first CC Final.

In the Final, the finalists had the option of crafting a scenario using the RSG or selecting a scenario in the Tournament Battlepack. Both Sisson and Spaner agreed to select Codes in the Sunrise from the Tournament Battlepack as the scenario for the final. Larry selected the defending Germans leaving Jeff with attacking Allies. The British started out the game well, made good progress, and quickly took the hotel building, objective #5, and won an early melee. The Germans, ably managed by Larry, fell back in good order. Through the mid-game, the Germans benefitted from 3 “reinforcement” random events, all of which provided excellent units. They got Captain Wehling, a weapon team with an HMG, and a Pioneer squad with a satchel charge. Larry very smartly combined those 3 units into a fearsome stack & went on the offensive. Three additional random events, all “Battle Harden” occurred in quick succession for the Germans. Each time, Larry made one of the aforementioned German reinforcements into a veteran unit. Thus, the previously fearsome German stack of reinforcements was now practically impervious to attack. The Germans attacked the Hotel (objective #5), and retook it, forcing the British to retreat. British losses had now depleted their force such that they were mostly incapable of effective offensive action, and Jeff attempted to slow the Germans, while hoping for a reinforcement event of his own, which, alas, never came. In the end Larry’s killer stack hunted down Jeff’s units and forced a surrender victory. Larry a longtime Combat Commander tournament player had won his first plaque. Jeff secured the consolation of second place.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Jeff Spaner JR Tracy Jordan Kehrer Ralph Gleaton Derek Pulhamus
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Dave Long getting ready to do battle. Dennis Nicholson positioning his forces.
Laurelist Jordan Kehrer in action. The battles rage on.
GM Bryan Collars [8th Year] NA
jbcollars@bellsouth.net NA