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Churchill (CHL) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated October 22, 2018
19 Players Joel Tamburo 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

US Triumphs In Churchill

Joel Tamburo dominated the Churchill tourney in 2018 winning convincingly in all 3 games, heat, semifinal, and final.

Nineteen experienced players participated in 2 heats of what was this year a Class B tournament, up one from 18 last year, using the second edition victory conditions. Nine players advanced to the semifinal round, leading to the three winners advancing to the final game. Included in the tie-breaking between games was an advantage to those who participated in an Alliance Victory. Alliance Victories allowed advancement for the 2nd place finishers in heats and first choice selection in each successive stage.

1st Heat winners included Joel, Paul Gaberson, Jonathon Tarquino, Steve Caler, 2017 runner-up David Stoy, Henry Rice, and Chris Chrisfield. The victories in the heats were well distributed – 3 UK, 2 US, 2 USSR. Two second place finishers in Alliance Victories also advanced: 2017 Laurelist Jeff Burdett and Evan Harris.

Unfortunately the semifinals resulted in all UK/Churchill victories, lending credence temporarily to a perception that that power has a significant advantage. Henry edged a closely bunched pact against Paul and Chris 44-38-38 in an unfortunate Global Hegemony result. Joel also won a Global Hegemony result over Steve and Evan 51-43-29. Alliance pride in the semifinals was solely upheld by David Stoy leading an alliance victory in a solid game over Jeff and Jonathon 50-45-37.

In the final, Joel showed what it took to neutralize Churchill/UK’s advantage in controlling the Conferences as the US, winning an impressive 4 out of the 5 meetings. He also used the US national Tiebreaker trait to give the 5th conference to UK instead of the USSR, which ended up being the difference as Joel (US) 48, won over Henry (USSR) 45, and David (UK) 34. It was a grand Alliance Victory as both fronts invaded Germany on Turn 9, and the Atomic Bomb was invented on Turn 10 to force the Japanese Surrender.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Henry Rice David Stoy Jeff Burdett Steve Caler Paul Gaberson
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Joel Tamburo making his way to the Final. Let the negotiations begin.
Finalists with GM Kirk Harris.
GM Kirk Harris [1st Year] NA
 harrisk03106@yahoo.com NA