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Euphrat & Tigris (E&T) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated October 31, 2018
47 Players Michael Wojke 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

A New Champion Takes the Crown

Euphrat & Tigris returned again as a Legacy event, drawing 46 players over two heats, the most since 2003. The event again used a rules variant to balance the advantage of the first two players. Instead of their normal two actions, the first two players received one action for the first turn only. The distribution of wins for 4-player games was favored the first two players, with the 1st player winning 7 games. On the other side, the third player finished in last 8 times.

Dynasty/Finish Win 2nd 3rd 4th Avg Finish
Archer 1st (1 action) 7 3 6 3 2.26
Bull 2nd (1 action) 3 9 3 4 2.42
Lion 3rd 5 2 4 8 2.79
Potter 4th 4 5 6 4 2.52

The first two heats filled 6 and 8 four-player boards, respectively. The semifinals were highly contested again this year with all 12 winners joined by 4 runners up, filling a full 16-player bracket for the third year in a row.

In the first semifinal, Ian Moffitt (9-10-11-14) won a game that featured former champions Eric Freeman (7-9-10-11) and Jeff Cornett. In the second semifinal, Ed Gillibrant (7-7-7-8) edged defending champion Craig Moffitt (6-7-7-7). In the third semifinal, Patrick Shea (5-6-8-12) defeated Jack Wolff (5-6-6-9) to return to the final for the 4th time. In the fourth semifinal, Michael Wojke (6-6-8-10) advanced past Eyal Mozes and Ray Wolff. Although no Wolff advanced to the finals, their Jack’s second place finishes earned 5th place laurels.

Seating for the final had Micheal 1st (Archer), Patrick 2nd (Bull), Ed 3rd (Lion), and Ian 4th (Potter). In their single-action first turns, Michael placed his King in the east and Patrick in the northwest. Ed started with his King and Trader in the southwest and Ian setup as his neighbor in the southeast. The players expanded their own kingdoms from there and each captured a treasure by the fourth round.

Round 5 saw the game’s first monument and merger. In the sparse northwest, Patrick built the Green/Black monument. In the crowded south, Ian merged and split a pair of external conflicts with Ed, gaining a treasure as a result. However, Ed responded by dropping in his Trader and winning an external conflict to consolidate the south. Ian was forced to restart with his King in the north.

The situation remained the same for three full rounds. Patrick benefited from the sole monument, but had yet to score any red points. Meanwhile, Ed and Michael’s large kingdoms crept closer with a potential multi-color conflicts looming. Finally, Michael ended the peace by attacking Patrick’s King at +3. Despite not playing any temples so far in the game, Patrick did not have enough to defend and lost control of the monument. Ed responded to the release of King tension by building the Black/Blue monument.

Shown to not have 3 temples for defense, and needing red points, Patrick’s kings were vulnerable. The next round, Ed took advantage by dislodging Patrick’s trader from the monument with a +3 internal conflict. Patrick tried to rebuild by cutting the southern kingdom with a catastrophe and claiming the blue monument. However, lacking even 2 temples, his Priest was evicted from the north by Ian’s in a third internal conflict.

The struggle for the monuments increased and several players swapped tiles to prepare for battle. Ed swapped 2, Patrick 6, and Ian 5. In the north, Michael defeated Ian’s priest. In the south, Ed’s Farmer defeated Michael for the Blue monument adding 4 temples. Next Ian attacked with 3 tiles to briefly control the monument. Ed counter attacked Ian to return to his original location when Ian lacked the 2 temples to tie.

Michael picked up a point in the treasure by merging the northeast kingdoms, increasing the tension for a large external battles. Ian merged in the north to win 2 black points. Green was also in conflict and Michael gained 4 greens. Had Ian joined the kingdoms one square lower, this would have gifted the final treasure to Michael and ended the game with Ian in second. However, the removal of Ed’s markets broke the connection and the game continued.

Michael took great advantage of the additional turn by building a Red/Blue monument to catapult him into the lead. Refilling his hand left the tile bag exactly empty, giving Patrick the final turn. Patrick balanced his score with 2 temples, but it was only good enough for third. Michael won with a score of 8/8/9/12 (7 black and blue 3 treasures). Ed finished as runner-up with 8/8/8/11 ahead of Patrick 8/8/8/9 and Ian 6/7/7/8.

Next year, the 1/1/2/2 action rules variant and hypothetical treasure margin-of-victory tiebreaker will be kept. The GM would like to thank everyone for his or her participation and is looking forward to another great event next year.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Ed Gilliland Patrick Shea Ian Moffitt Jack Wolff Stephen Aslett
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
At least one player is happy with their position. A table full of sharks.
Patrick Shea on way to Final. An intense game.
GM  Craig Moffitt [14th Year]  NA
 craig.a.moffitt@gmail.com  NA