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Empire of the Sun (EOS) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated October 31, 2018
24 Players Chris Byrd 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion

South Pacific Scenario is a Hit!!

We had a total of 24 people sign up for the event. Up 13 from last year. A very strong showing of support for this game, especially considering all the changes that were applied to the tournament format.

South Pacific Scenario stats: 12 Allied wins to 4 JP wins. Bidding was all for Allies and ranged from 0 to 3 (mostly zero).

A close look at the scoring for South Pacific, however, indicates that the custom scoring format for the tournament skewed the numbers to the Allied side. If all draws were counted as a JP win (as was previously indicated that the scenario should be played as in the tournament) then the numbers changed to 10 Allied wins to 6 JP wins.

In the final analysis, it is difficult to effectively determine a conclusion with such a small dataset and with the wide range of player skill evident at the event. It is the impression of this GM, however, that the South Pacific scenario is fairly well balanced; with, perhaps, a minor bias to the Allies. But as tactics improve and new strategies emerge with the scenario, things may change.

For next year, I will incorporate lessons learned and will very likely move the event earlier in the WBC week. That will allow me to remove the 8 player cap restriction to enter the quarter-finals. Without that, I can change the South Pac scenario format to give draws to the JP instead of the scoring system that I used.

I hope to keep growing this event every year and I will need your help to do it. Stay tuned!

Final Game Highlights (1943 Scenario)

Chris bid Allies 0 and David let him have it. David sat down to the JP and played the FO China card for event. Then promptly played a 3OC for a China Offensive. After calculating the odds, he rolled a 0. Next JP card: China event again and it falls. Boom!

However, on Chris's ARs he focuses everything on smashing the JP in CBI to make sure that he secures it and carries it off well. JP holds Rangoon, but everything north is held by the Brits.

The game shifts to the South Pacific as David plays defense to Chris's bold moves to secure PotW, which he manages to get, but doesn't land in Attu/Kiska and loses plenty of PW points from all the action with China (and a card).

The turn cycles. The parry/thrust of South Pac continues and David pauses to consult with me on the score and learns that although China fell, without the Northern India hexes, the game is still pretty even and then Chris lines up a huge fleet attack into Truk. Something of a desperate play on Chris's part, but he was concerned about the loss of China.

Unfortunately for David, the roll is a 9-1 for Chris. The Allied fleet devastated the JP fleet (and air) at Truk. Half were eliminated and the rest reduced with just a single allied flip in response. David looks at the wreckage and concedes and that was it, the whole game took a little less than 2 hours.

Chris was in real trouble after China fell, but some bold moves followed by some hot dice turned the tide back to him.

Thanks everyone who attended the Demo and/or the Event, to Mark Herman and Rodger MacGowan for their help and support; and finally a big thanks to my Co-GM: Chris Thibault.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
David Edelstein Christopher Crane Craig Yope Dennis Culhane Mark Lacerenza
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Champion Chris Byrd in action. Newcomer Mark Lacerenza doing battle
in the South Pacific.
Battling on the Big Board. Finalists with GM Chris Crane.
GM  Chris Crane [1st year]  NA
 craniumgroup@gmail.com  NA