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Exodus: Moses vs Pharoah (EXS) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated October 31, 2018
15 Players Curt Collins II 2018 Status 2019 Status History/Laurels
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Pharoah Triumphs in First Tournament

Exodus: Moses v. Pharaoh attracted fifteen players for its' opening year.

The first four rounds were Swiss Format. Five players emerged with 3-1 win / loss records.

This CDG game plays in about 30-45 minutes and is thus ideally suited for time conscious tournaments. The five top players included Curtis Collins II, Warren Day, Paul Gaberson, Bruce Monnin, and David Wolff.

Single elimination ensued with Paul Gaberson coming in fifth, David Wolff fourth, and Warren Day third.

Bruce Monnin and Curtis Collins II faced off in the finals as Moses and Pharaoh Ramses respectfully. Moses successfully called down the miraculous plagues until Pharaoh had had enough and said, "Let My People Go!" Moses, Aaron, the Elders, and the Hebrews then plundered the Egyptians to make up for 400 years of slavery, as well as gathering Joseph's Bones for re-burial in the Promised Land.

While the Hebrews were in route to the Promised Land Pharaoh Ramses had a change of heart. He mobilized his unusually large Chariot Army; which had earlier successfully defeated a Hittite incursion, and crossed the Nile River. To his astonishment Pharaoh eye-witnessed that the Red Sea had already been parted and that the Hebrews were crossing it as dry land. Notwithstanding, he ordered his Chariot Army into the parted Red Sea. Divine help for the Hebrews did not come. A lopsided battle ensued and the Hebrews were readily defeated and forced back into Egypt to forever remain as slaves. Moses was branded a false prophet and stoned. Monuments were carved out detailing the Egyptian victory. Curtis Collins II also received a free copy of Exodus: Moses v. Pharaoh.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: N/A

Bruce Monnin Warren Day David Wolfe Paul Gaberson Michael Day
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th



GM    Michael Day [1st Year]   NA
   admw@cox.net    NA