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Formula Motor Racing (FMR) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 1, 2018
90 Players Haakon Monsen 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

The Year Of Odd Events

The Formula Motor Race event at 2018 WBC had a few ‘odd events’ occur. Let me start by going over the statistics for the event.

42 players signed in for the first heat on Tuesday night with 8 games played. The stat for this heat was, Max score for win: 43, Min score: 32, average score: 38. 48 players signed in for the second heat on Wednesday, with 8 games played. Max score for win: 39, Min score: 31, average score: 35. 35 players signed in for the Thursday morning heat for a total of 7 games played. Max score for win: 36, Min score: 30, average score: 34.

Here was where a few odd events were noted. First being that Heat 2 on Wednesday gave us the highest number of players. In past history of FMR, the Tuesday night heat was always the biggest draw for players. The second minor odd event was that this Wednesday heat gave us exactly 8 games of 6 players each. All the other heats had a few 5 player games due the number of players who had signed in.

The next odd event was that all 23 games played in the three heats, there were no ties to determine winner. Closest second place was in heat 3 where winner had 34 points, second place had 33.

What really broke the odd event listing was the drawing of the Queen of Spades. I have tables set up and players draw a card to determine which table the will play on. At the third heat, I replace one of the cards with a Queen of Spades. Whoever draws this card is the winner of the free game provided by GMT. Thanks again goes to Gene Billingsley at GMT for providing this. Everyone draw their cards and games were getting ready to start. But, no one had come up to me asking about where the Queen of Spades table was at. It was then that I noticed that there was still one more card to be chosen on the table where I had placed them. I had not drawn a card yet and here it was the Queen of Spades card. It was a 1-in-35 odd chance that this card would not have been picked and here it was my card. Of course, I did not keep the free game. I let the new players who came to the demo choose a card and the high card was drawn by Cyric Tircuit, who was the winner of this free game.

Comments from games played in the heats were:

In the first heat at the table of Lisa Gutermuth, Kevin McPartland, Haakon Monsen and Tom Knapp started out in first race with the dice being hot. First die roll against lead car was Move to Last if a 10,11,12 is rolled on a 12-sided dice. It was successful. Second die roll was Engine Blows, which was also successful against the lead car. In the fifth race, Kevin was lucky enough to have his car in first place Spin Out. Then his second car was Moved to Last on his attempt to get it in scoring position. But, the luck ran out in the sixth race as all three Engine Blows was played against Lisa’s car in first place in the first two turns and none were successful. Tom was able to get an impressive win. The point total after the fifth race was: Lisa in lead with 34 points, Haakon in second with 32 points, Kevin in third with 29 points and Tom in fourth with 23 points. Tom needs to get the win and his other car in the points, then stop Lisa, Haakon and Kevin from getting too many points in this last race. It worked out as he got first and third for total of 37 points, Lisa got zero points keeping her at 34 points, Haakon got fifth for tie with Lisa at 34 points, Kevin got fourth for total of 32 points. The ‘bank’ car got second and sixth in the race.

In second heat, Ethan Shifley-Tang was unlucky as in the third race, he rolled Spin Out, which would have knocked his own car out. Reroll was the same exact number, knocking his car out of the race.

In third heat at Harry Flawd’s crash table, the first card played in the first race was the Crash by Tina Del Carpio. She was keeping true to form at the crash table. Only problem was she rolled 12, which meant she just crash her car in that position. In the third race, Tina had one of her cars knocked out by the Crash card. She thought she was safe to play the Spin Out card. Only problem was she rolls a 9 on the first roll, which was her only car in race. She re-rolls and it is a 9 again.

Had a total of 16 heat winners show up for the semifinals. That meant that only two second place winners would advance. Those were Lisa Gutermuth and Haakon Monsen with their 34 points earned in the first heat.

All three semifinal games were close, with Ryan Romanik winning his game at 33 points, Hana Zherka getting second with 30. Paul Brenner won his game with 30 points, John Faella getting second with 28. Haakon Monsen won his game with 32 points, Steve Lollis getting second with 30. With these six finalist, it meant we would have a new champion for Formula Motor Race as none were previous winners.

I thanked all the semifinalists and told the finalist where the room was at as we were moving and that they would have some time for a break as I had to set up the final track. Ken Gutermuth allowed us to use his cars for a great track set up for the finals.

After a thirty minute break, I had the track all set up and the finalists showed up. This was when the big “Odd Event” occurred. There were only five finalists in the room. John Faella informed me that Hana would not be showing up. She was going to concert with her boyfriend. This threw me a curve as I quickly figured who should be the person to replace Hana in the finals based on the person who got the highest points for third place in the semi-finals. That was Bradley Raszewski. But, I did not know how to contact Bradley. So, finals were started with only five players plus a ‘Bank’ car. Many questions were asked on what happens if the Bank car wins the tournament. I had not even thought of this situation before, so just had everyone start as a normal five player game while I thought more on this.

The first race in the finals was a calm one. No Crash card was played. Only car knocked out was Steve’s by a Spin Out. Haakon jumped into early lead winning this race and getting his second car to finish in fifth for a total of 12 points. The Bank car came in second for six points.

The second race had Haakon’s lead car knocked out by the successful roll for the Advance or Engine Blows roll by Paul. Haakon then played Spin Out card and knocked out one of Ryan’s cars. Crash card was finally played, knocking out one of Paul’s and John’s cars. Paul was able to win the race getting his remaining car into first at end of race. Haakon had his remaining car finish in second giving him a commanding lead at 18 points. Second place belonged to Paul at 10 points, third place was Ryan with 6 points.

The third race had only three cars knocked out. Haakon played the Crash card, knocking out one of Paul’s and Ryan’s cars. The Bank had one of its cars knocked out by Spin Out. Paul was able to win this race with his remaining car, giving him a total of 20 points. Haakon was able to get both of his cars into scoring position at third and fifth place for a total of 24 points. Ryan had his remaining car come in second for 12 points. Steve in fourth with 11 points, Bank cars in fifth with 6 points, John in sixth with 5 points at the halfway point in the finals.

The fourth race again had only three cars knocked out. Bad news was that John played the Crash card, rolling a 12, meaning that Paul had one of his cars knocked out and John knocking out one of his own cars in eleventh place. This was third race in row that Paul had one of his cars knocked out by crash. John also played the Spin Out card, knocking one of Steve’s cars. John did win the fourth race and Paul getting second. Point total after four races was: Haakon with 27, Paul with 26, Steve with 17, John and Ryan with 15, and Bank cars in last with 10 points.

I stopped thinking of what would happen if the Bank car wins the tournament with it in last place after the four races. But, that changed with the result of the fifth race. The race started out bad for John as his lead car was knocked out by the Engine Blows card. Crash card was played, knocking out one of Ryan’s and Steve’s cars. With wise card play by Haakon, he was able to get the Bank card to win and get it’s second car finish in sixth place. Point total going into the last race was Haakon with 30 points, Paul with 28 points, Bank car with 21 points, Ryan with 19 points, Steve with 17 points, and John with 15 points.

Having the Bank car win the fifth race meant that Steve would start the last race since his car finished in second. It appeared to be a two-person run to win the tournament. Ryan, Steve and John were still in the running, but needed to get both of their cars in point position and not allowing Haakon and Paul to get either of their cars in that position. Started off good with the Crash card played, knocking out one of Haakon’s and Paul’s car. Paul then played Spin Out, knocking one of Ryan’s cars out. In the end, Steve was able to get both of his cars in scoring position, but for only 9 additional points. John won the race. Haakon was able to keep his car in scoring, finishing in third position for a win at the 2018 FMR with 34 points. Paul got his remaining car in fifth position for second with 30 points. Looking back, having one of Paul’s cars knock out by Crash in the second, third, four and sixth race was item that hurt him. Haakon only lost two cars in the six races. Congratulations to Haakon for winning the event.

I would like to thank Lisa Gutermuth, Chris Kizer and Katie McCorry with their work as assistants, demo of game to new players who showed up at heat, getting players signed in, and helping with the set up for the semifinals. Their help makes this an enjoyable event for all.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Paul Brenner Steve Lollis John Faella Ryan Romanik Brad Raszewski
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
AGM Lisa Gutermuth racing to the semifinals. FMR is a hit with everyone;
men, women, and the youth.
Green car owner is happy with his drivers
current performance; first and fourth.
Finalists with GM Chris LeFevre.
GM  Chris LeFevre [12th Year]  NA