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Ivanhoe (IVH) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 5, 2018
107 Players Samantha Berk 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Take It Easy!

In the 2018 Ivanhoe WBC tournament there were 107 unique players, down from last year’s number of 125, who showed up across the three heats to battle for prizes and the Ivanhoe shield; all players fought their opponents off to make it to the five five-player semi-final tables and the five-player final table on Friday night.

The five-player final table was made up of Samantha Berk, Nicole Bosca, Kevin Burns, Huston Johnson, and Natasha Metzger; the first round started off with Samantha and Natasha using supporters and action cards to battle for the first chip; at the end of the round, Sam was victorious over Natasha to win a yellow chip. During the second round, Sam and Nicole battled for a green chip and after the tournament, Sam was in the lead with three points.

Sam began a second green round and Huston used a maiden and won a green chip over Sam. Huston began a blue tournament in which Kevin fought Huston but he nagged the blue chip over Kevin, last year’s champion. Then Huston started a yellow duel and Nicole swiped the second yellow chip away from Huston.

Nicole embarked on the first purple tournament and Kevin and Natasha joined in; Kevin left the round and then Natasha used a knock down and used the disgrace card on Nicole; despite this Natasha withdrew from the battle and gave Nicole five points. After this duel, Nicole was in the lead with 5 points, Huston was behind with four points, and Sam was in third with three points; Natasha and Kevin were yet to score but it was still anybody’s game.

Nicole and Natasha battled it out for the second blue chip and Natasha was now in the mix with three points. Natasha and Kevin dueled for a red chip and Kevin was successful over Natasha. Kevin began the third green tournament; after the four remaining players passed, Kevin won his second chip with only one green card. Nicole and Kevin were in the lead with five points, Huston followed behind with four points, and Sam and Natasha were tied in last with each having three points.

Kevin started the second purple battle of the tournament; Nicole was a force to be reckoned with when she played a purple card and used unhorse to change the duel to red. Huston answered back with the drop weapon card which changed the color from red to green; Kevin and Huston both withdrew and this allowed Nicole to win the fourth green chip.

Nicole began another blue round and she used the shield which Kevin countered which he used the Ivanhoe card which nullified Nicole’s shield; Kevin also used the fourth maiden supporter on Nicole. Natasha and Sam also joined the duel; Sam used the dodge of Nicole.

On Nicole’s turn she used another maiden card and used change weapon which changed the battle to red. In return Sam used outmaneuver. Afterward Nicole used counter charge and discarded her maiden card; this allowed her to withdraw from the duel without losing one of her chips and gave Sam four more points.

After that Sam began another purple battle. Next Huston knocked down Sam. Kevin then used the break lance card which broke her lance; Kevin then withdrew from the tournament which allowed Sam to win the purple duel which bestowed her Ivanhoe crown and the title of the 2018 WBC Ivanhoe queen!

Sam was the winner with purple, red, yellow, and green chips for a total of 12 points. Nicole came in second place with purple, yellow, and green chips for 8 points. Kevin was in third place with red and green chips for 5 points. Huston came in fourth place with a blue and a green chip for 4 points. Natasha was in fifth place with a blue chip for 3 points.

The 2018 Ivanhoe tournament was unique because there were three females, Samantha Berk, Nicole Bosca, and Natasha Metzger, in the five-player final for the first time since I have taken over the tournament since 2016; the final table also saw the return of last year’s Ivanhoe winner, Kevin Burns; and Huston Johnson made his debut to the final table, but I have no doubt that that will be his last time as an Ivanhoe finalist.

Thank you to everyone who has played and supported the Ivanhoe tournament at WBC; I appreciate and value all of the players and friends who I see every year at WBC; you guys are awesome and I am looking forward to seeing you at the 2019 Ivanhoe tournament!

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Nicole Bosca Kevin Burns Huston Johnson Natasha Metzger Jeffrey Yerden
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Can't have a game with negotiations. Having fun at Ivanhoe.
A serious game of Ivanhoe. A good game for the youngsters.
GM  Ashley Kilroy [3rd Year]  NA
 bowlerashley142@Gmail.com  NA