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Kremlin (KRM) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 5, 2018
44 Players John Corrado 2018 Status 2019 Status History/Laurels
2018 Champion

Corrado Rules The Politburo

The 2018 Kremlin tournament saw a small increase in numbers, the rising tide floating all boats, and each of the four heats had an ideal number of players with tables of six players each. Only three people bowed out of the Final, perhaps due to repeated whining by the GM about what happened last year, so the remaining six winners made for a full Final table. Even though it turned out to be unnecessary this year, the GM plans to continue to hedge his bets by ranking the players who did not win a game. (Note that this ranking is currently by number of waves made and failed; this is subject to change if someone suggests a better way to do it.)

This year's Final was particularly cruel to Party Chiefs, most of whom only had one year in office. Nestor didn't even make it that far, dying in the first Health phase. During the funeral commission, the first nomination failed, and on the second try Eatstumuch was nominated and elected, at which point both Roy and Steve revealed he was their 10-pointer. Jason broke the tie, resulting in Roy's only wave.

On the second turn, the Health phase proved even deadlier, taking out four Politicians including Eatstumuch. In the Funeral Commission, Foreign Minister Wasolin was forced to nominate KGB head Bungaloff, with election automatic. Bob took control and filled up the empty spots at the top with Manjak in KGB and Zenjarplan in Defense. Bungaloff failed his wave attempt, leading to a Purge phase in turn 3 run by Manjak. Steve's purge die was hot, and Siberia was soon overflowing with former officials. With a largely empty Politburo, Zenjarplan put the Party Chief on trial, but Steve had Manjak vote innocent to avoid a nearly-sure election of Zenjarplan. All remaining Politburo members survived the Health phase, and the KGB head's good work was largely undone in Rehabilitation.

Bungaloff again failed to wave for Bob, and in the Add Influence phase Steve put two points on Ideology Chief Goferbrok, after which Pete put one point on Manjak (currently 82 and double-sick) to take control. The purge phase ended with Goferbrok failing to purge Manjak despite the First Purge modifier, but in the Health phase both Bungaloff and Manjak joined the growing crowd in the Kremlin Wall. Both nominations made by Foreign Minister Niewitko failed, and he ascended to the Party Chief position. Peter revealed his control and moved Shukrutoff to KGB, Zenjarplan to Foreign and promoted Shootemdedsky to Defense, but was unable to get a wave.

On turn 5, a First Purge against Shootemdedsky was refused by Shukrutoff, but thanks to Bob having sufficient points on Ideology Chief Karrienko the purge went forward and succeeded. The next purge attempt failed, but the vacancy in Defense allowed a successful trial of the Party Chief by Zenjarplan. In the Funeral Commission, Goferbrok was elected on the second try. Steve's two points were enough, and he moved Karrienko to KGB and Mischif to Defense. After a successful wave, on turn 6 Goferbrok was also tried and convicted, leading to his eventual replacement by Mischif, who turned out to be John's guy. He put Satin in KGB, Nikotin in Foreign and moved Karrienko to defense.

Despite an assassination attempt (both target and accused lived), loss of both Satin and Karrienko to Bob in Add Influence, a minor illness, and various Intrigues, there was no stopping John.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Steve Cuccaro Roy Pettis Bob Wicks Peter Stein Jason Arvey
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Finalists with GM Steve Cuccaro.
GM  Steve Cuccaro [13th Year]  NA
 Cuccaro@fastmail.fm  410-294-3127