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Leaping Lemmings (LLM) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 5, 2018
45 Players Sara Powers 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion  

Powers Wins Leaping Lemmings, Just Not The GM

I would like to start off by thanking Andy Lewis and GMT for sponsoring the tournament and allowing the Lemmings to dive to glory! We had another great turnout this year. We matched last year’s numbers even with the early schedule. Again, I apologize to any who missed the tournament do to the Wednesday finish. I will attempt to get heats later in the week for 2019.

We had 12 players make it for the semis for 3 games. The competition was very close, with two of the games ending in ties. In what could have been a nightmare for the GM, had table 2 ended one card earlier, there would have been a FOUR WAY TIE. Not only that, all four players were tied on ALL THREE tie breakers. Fortunately, after the last card play, there was only a Three-way tie, and the tie breakers handled it. Aaron Roppolo squeaking (get it?) into the final.

Joining Aaron in the final were Sara Powers and John Clarke. John seemed to be blessed this year. In both his heat and semi-final, he was ‘Booed’ off the cliff at the end the game. Both times that single point allowed him to tie for the lead and both times he won on the tie breaker! Would his luck hold for the final?

It did not look good as the first Lemming eaten was Christine of John’s Ritz clan. She really wanted that pellet, but Ruby wanted Christine more.

Tony from Sara’s Soldier clan was snatched on turn 5 by Stephen Jr; but made a Heroic Return! Tony Jumps for 4 points two turns later. Sara has the early lead.

Aaron works Zoe (Viking Clan) to the blue sanctuary bush, but the next 2 move cards are a 5! GAA – Aaron cannot make the edge. No problem, he plays ‘Mine all Mine’ to keep the Eagle dice. Getting to the edge, he plays ‘Déjà vu’ to keep the dice for another turn, but Sara ‘Boos’ him over the cliff!

Play moved briskly after this. Each player jumps a lemming over the next few turns with only Rick (Ritz) being eaten. Pellets are also being collected. By turn 17 both Aaron and John have 6, with Sara trailing with 3.

Turn 19 has a double jump with Jamie (Ritz) and Elizabeth (Soldier) getting 4 and 3 points respectively.

Turn 21 sees Perry (Viking) make the last jump of the day, earning 4 points (with a pellet).

It is close at the end, and Aaron plays ‘Eagle Eye’ to eat Roger (John’s Ritz), and scatters Sara’s lemming back. Correct call as Sara’s lemming was eaten on turn 25 - The last turn!

And for John’s 3rd game in a row he is TIED FOR THE LEAD! Sadly, his luck does not hold as he loses on the tie breaker.

Sara Powers takes the win and is named ‘World Champion Lemming Wrangler’. Congratulations Sara!!

Hope to see you all next year!

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
John Clarke Aaron Roppolo Tim Evinger Jeff Pattison Tyler Trahan
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Defending Champ Andy Lewis relegated to recording scores. John Clarke on his way to the Final.
Tina Del Carpio looking for the right next move.
GM  Bill Powers [2nd Year]  NA
 powersa@comcast.net  NA