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Lords of Waterdeep (LWD) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 5, 2018
113 Players Erica Kirchner 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion      

Waterdeep Needs More Wizards…

All 54 games in the tournament this year were 4-player. Winning scores ranged from 104 to 168 with an average of 135, which is consistent with previous years. The average margin of victory was 11.2 points, up 0.8 points from last year but about a point below the first two years. Ten games were decided by 2 or fewer points and there were two extremely close games where the difference between first and last place was less than 10 points, which also seems consistent with previous years.

There were four ties this year, three of which were broken by most gold and the last broken by most completed quests. Three of the ties determined second place and the remaining one determined third place. Like last year, there is no master of ties.

Generally speaking the advantage or disadvantage of certain turn order positions are often discussed in gaming. For Lords of Waterdeep, the initial player order is randomly determined, and for subsequent rounds the first player position can be taken. Thus one might think that the initial player order doesn’t matter much, and that thought seems to be true when looking at the statistics over the past four years:

  • 2018
    • Win % by initial position: 24.1%, 27.8%, 25.9%, and 22.2%
    • Average Finish by initial position: 2.57, 2.46, 2.56, 2.41
  • All four years
    • Win % by initial position: 24.6%, 28.1%, 23.1%, 24.1%
    • Average Finish by initial position: 2.55, 2.43, 2.51, 2.50

Some years have a hot seat like in 2015 when the 2nd initial position had a win percentage of 40.8% or 2017 when having the 4th initial position had a win percentage of 35.4%. It doesn’t look like any initial position had any particular advantage or disadvantage this year.

Before we go into the lord statistics, it should be mentioned that there were two house rules in effect for the tournament for this year, one of which was new:

  • If all players at a table agree, then Larissa Neathal (the builder lord) can be removed from the game before dealing out the Lord cards. (introduced last year)
    • Apparently this is a very popular house rule with Larissa Neathal have no reported plays for 2018 and only 4 last year as compared to 15 reported appearances in the first two years of the tournament.
  • If all players at a table agree, then two lords can be dealt to each player, from which players will choose one (right before the game start) to be the lord they use for the game. (new this year)

Also, I would like to thank everyone for their diligence in reporting the lord played as the non-response rate this year was only 2.31% as compared to 27.6% last year and the historical average of 15.2%.

So for 2018 the Lord statistics are:

2018 Lord Statistics
Lord Win % Lord Average Finish
Nindil 40.00% Khelben 2.00
Khelben 36.84% Nindil 2.20
Mirt 36.00% Mirt 2.24
Kyriani 31.58% Kyriani 2.32
Durhan 27.27% Piergeiron 2.38
Piergeiron 23.08% Durhan 2.45
Nymara 20.83% Caladorn 2.58
Caladorn 15.79% Nymara 2.67
Sammereza 13.64% Brianne 2.93
Brianne 10.71% Sammereza 3.00

And the statistics for all 4 years combined are:

2018 Lord Statistics
Lord Win % Lord Average Finish
Mirt 34.92% Larissa 2.12
Kyriani 33.33% Khelben 2.29
Larissa 32.35% Kyriani 2.38
Durnan 28.36% Durnan 2.39
Brianne 24.39% Mirt 2.41
Khelben 24.19% Piergeiron 2.47
Sammereza 23.73% Nindil 2.55
Nindil 23.44% Brianne 2.56
Piergeiron 20.41% Caladorn 2.56
Caladorn 18.18% Sammereza 2.73
Nymara 17.57% Nymara 2.77

The first item to note is that Nindil has really improved in terms of performance this year as previously he was ranked worse in win percentage at 15.91% and second worse in terms of average finish at 2.7. Khelben is also maintaining his strong performance from last year. On the other hand, please send out a search party for Brianne, as this once third best lord turned in a dismal performance this year. Overall it seems the top tier of lords is Mirt, Kyriani, and Larissa; although Mirt seems to be hit or miss. Durnan then seems to be in a tier by himself. On the other end of the spectrum, Caladorn and Nymara seem to be the worse lords. Leaving aside Larissa, the lord appearances over the last four years range from a minimum of 49 (Piergeiron) to a maximum of 82 (Brianne).


The GM had several unusual occurrences in his games:

  • In heat 1, seven of the eight quests dealt during game setup were Skullduggery.
  • In heat 2
    • The GM’s opening quests were the 20 and 25 point Piety ones.
    • Since there were so many buildings out producing warriors along with one player having the “Bolster Griffon Cavalry” quest, the fact that the supply of adventurers is limited was very relevant through half the game. While I have seen the supply of warriors get low, I believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen the supply exhausted.
  • The GM had the highest game winning score and was also tied for the lowest game winning score.

The curious case of the 3 game heat winners: In each year of the tournament there has been a single 3 game heat winner. In the first two years of the tournament they came in second overall, while in the last two years they failed to advance from the semi-final. I’m curious as to what’s next.

I’m sure there were other oddities that I wasn’t informed about. I’ll need to do a better job next year of encouraging people to write down interesting factoids on the back of the scoresheets.

Speaking of Needing More Wizards…

Game winners get their choice of one wizard, priest, warrior, or rogue DnDeeple. This year I started with 21 wizards and they were all taken, followed by 12 priests, 10 warriors, and 8 rogues. So wizards are very popular, unfortunately when I contacted The Broken Token to see when they would have the DnDeeples back in stock they said “We are not sure IF we will... we are unable to get the purple acrylic anymore and haven't found a solution yet.” So this may be the end of the acrylic wizards. The designer of the DnDeeples sells a wood version on Etsy, so the wizards will be wooden next year.

... And More Games

We need more people to bring copies of the game. For the first time in the four years the event has been running, we ran out of copies during one of the heats; even with one player running over to purchase a copy from one of the vendors (hats off to him). Thus, if you own a copy of Lords of Waterdeep, please bring it if possible to WBC and if you aren’t participating in a given heat, please consider loaning your copy to the GM or another participant.

A giant thank you to everyone who brought a copy of the game; this tournament wouldn’t be possible without you!

The Final

The initial player order was Richard Meyer, Erica Kirchner, Marcy Morelli, and Robert St. Pierre, who had the following lords respectively: Brianne Byndraeth (Arcana / Skullduggery), Caladorn Cassalanter (Skullduggery / Warfare), Nymara Scheiron (Commerce / Skullduggery), and Durnan the Wanderer (Commerce / Warfare).

Round 1 was uneventful even by Lords of Waterdeep standards with no one putting points on the board. Round 2 saw Richard, Erica, and Marcy completing a quest each. For Erica it was the plot quest “Install A Spy in Castle Waterdeep” (+2 on Skullduggery quest completion), and Marcy got “The Golden Horn” building off of “Placate the Walking Statue”. Robert built New Olamn. Round 2 finished with Richard leading with 11 points, followed by Marcy with 10 points, Erica with 8 points, and Robert with 2 points.

Rounds 3 and 4 saw Richard and Ericka completing a quest apiece, Marcy completing 2 quests and building “The Tower of Luck”, and Robert completing the plot quest “Recover the Magister’s Orb” and building “House of the Moon”. Round 4 finished with Richard leading with 31 points, followed by Ericka with 30 points, Marcy with 29 points, and Robert with 8 points.

In Round 5, Richard completed 2 quests, one of which was the plot quest “Explore Ahghairon’s Tower”, and built “The Three Pearls”. Ericka completed a quest and Robert completed the plot quest “Bolster Griffon Cavalry”. Round 5 ended with Richard leading with 59 points, followed by Ericka with 42 points, Marcy with 29 points, and Robert with 14 points.

Round 6 saw Robert shifting from slow playing (i.e. being concerned with buildings, plot quests, and collecting stuff over getting points) to quest completion mode with completing 3 quests. Marcy completed two quests, one of which was the plot quest “Fence Goods for Duke of Darkness”. Richard and Erica also completed a quest apiece. Round 6 ended with Richard still leading with 72 points, followed by Marcy with 60 points, Erica with 50 points, and Robert with 33 points.

In Round 7 Robert finished catching up by completing three more quests, one of which was “Lure Artisans of Mirabar”, which brought “The Palace of Waterdeep” into play from Builder’s Hall with a pile of victory points. Richard, Erica, and Marcy each completed a quest, which Marcy’s being the plot quest “Bribe the Shipwrights”. The knives also started to come out with Robert playing a mandatory quest on Erica, which she completed. Round 7 finished with Richard maintaining his lead with 76 points, followed by Marcy and Robert tied at 70, and Erica at 61.

Round 8 began with it being anyone’s game. An item of note from round 7 is that Marcy picked up the “Infiltrate Halaster’s Circle” (the Arcana 25 pointer) quest from Cliffwatch Inn. Seeing this Robert started the round by picking up “Ally with House Thann” (the Commerce 25 point quest), miscalculating that he could complete both this quest and a mandatory quest if one came out. As it turns out, two mandatory quests were played this round with Richard playing one on Robert and Ericka playing one on Marcy, which soaked up enough cubes to prevent the completion of those 25 point quests. In the end Richard and Robert each completed a quest, Marcy completed 2 quests, and Erica finding the right buildings available completed two quests, one of which was “Establish Shadow Thieves’ Guild” for a critical 27 (25 + 2 from the plot quest she completed in round 2) points. Round 8 finished with Erica leading with 104 points, followed by Richard at 94 points, Robert with 89 points, and Marcy with 86 points. Final scoring didn’t change the ordering, with Erica winning with 127 points, Richard right behind at 126 points, Robert with 123 points, and Marcy with 114 points.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event. I hope to see you all next year for the 5th year of the tournament!

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Rich Meyer Robert St. Pierre Marcy Morelli Connie Vogelmann Shannon Cooley
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Newcomer Roger Jarrett watching his opponent's choice. At least one smiling face.
The Lords deep in thought. Finalists including GM Robert St. Pierre.


GM  Robert St. Pierre [4th Year]  NA
 conanstp@aim.com  NA