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Naval War (NVW) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 12, 2018
36 Players Randall MacInnis 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion   & Laurels

MacInnis Wins The Battle Of The Seas

Naval War 2018 used a heat based tournament with 36 fleet commanders taking part in the 3 heats. Game table assignments in each heat were made thru card selection generating as many 5 or 6 player games as possible. Each game winner would then move on to the semi-final round.

Heat 1 – Tuesday 18:00 – A total of 12 players signed in for heat 1. As GM I declined to play this heat so 2 games of 6 players could be formed. Table A went 3 rounds with former GM Jonathan Lockwood emerging victorious. Jonathan suffered a lost fleet in each of the 3 rounds of the game, but still managed to pass the 75 point threshold scoring 79. Table B went 4 rounds with former champion Jim Fleckenstein the winner. Jim also had to overcome a lost fleet in the last round winning with 81 points.

Heat 2 – Wednesday 10:00 – A total of 21 players signed in for heat 2, including your friendly GM, so this heat had 4 games with 1 of 6 players and 3 of 5 players. Table A (5 players) was a 4 round affair which saw 3 players pass the winning threshold. Stephen Squibb the 2016 champion, using carriers to great effect and being the lone survivor of round 4 scored 88 points to win with 133 points. Table B (5 players) went 3 rounds with Randy MacInnis winning with a score of 84. Table C (5 players) went 4 rounds with 2 players passing 75 points. The winner was David Brooks with 92 points. Table D (6 players) went 4 rounds with veteran gamer John Sharp just reaching 75 points to win. Your GM was here, started negative for the game and finished last.

Heat 3 – Friday 10:00 – A total of 20 players signed in for heat 3 again with the GM joining in again. For the heat 4 games of 5 players each were formed. Table A went 3 rounds and included game sponsor Rick Northey. Rick scored a 6 ship sinking DD in round 1 and indeed finished with 75 points. Unfortunately for Rick, Alan Arvold scored a 5 ship sinking DD in round 3 and won the game with 101 points. It is notable that Rick sponsored NAVAL WAR because he knew his friend Alan liked playing the game. Table B went 3 rounds with Michael Ussery, using 2 DD cards in round 3 to win with 81 points. Also of note in round 3 was the 6 additional ships in opening card play. Your GM played here but suffered 2 fleet eliminations and finished negative (-3) for the game. Table C only went 2 rounds and saw 6 fleet eliminations. Evan Walter was the only survivor of round 2 and scored 70 points there to win the game with a total of 95. Table D was a 4 round affair with 3 players scoring 75 points or more. The winner, with 79 points, was 2013 champion Ben Collinson.

With 10 heat winners qualifying for Saturday, two semifinal games of 5 players were set for 5:00 PM. From those games the 3 high point scorers in each game would advance to the final. One of the qualifiers, Evan, indicated he might play elsewhere. When that occurred I, the GM, joined the semifinal as an eliminator. If as eliminator I would be a finals qualifier, I would not advance, the final would be only 5 players.

Semifinal A: Table positions were (1) Michael Ussery, (2) David Brooks, (3) Alan Arvold, (4) Jonathan Lockwood, (5) Jim Fleckenstein. The game only went 2 rounds with David Brooks the sole survivor of round 2 scoring 91 points for a total of 100. The remaining positions were (2) Jonathan Lockwood (23 points), (3) Jim Fleckenstein (17 points), (4) Alan Arvold (12 points) and (5) Michael Ussery (9 points).

Semifinal B: Table positions were (1) Jim Kramer (eliminator), (2) Ben Collinson, (3) Stephen Squibb, (4) John Sharp, (5) Randy MacInnis. The game went 3 rounds. In round 1 Ben played a DD that saw all players play smoke to avoid the attack. All game the eliminator could not get ammo to attack and did not sink a ship with a salvo until round 3. The winner of the game was Randy with a round 3 DD scoring 6 ships sunk giving him a 106 point winning total. The remaining positions were (2) Ben Collinson (57 points), (3) Stephen Squibb (33 points), (4) John Sharp (25 points), (5) Jim Kramer (22 points).

The 6 finalists selected cards to determine seating order for the final table. Table positions were; (1) Jim Fleckenstein, (2) Ben Collinson, (3) Randy MacInnis, (4) David Brooks, (5) Jonathan Lockwood and (6) Stephen Squibb. Seat position 1 would deal to begin round 1 of the final. The deal for subsequent rounds would be the leader, per standard game rules.

Final - Round 1: Preliminary red card play sees David and Randy each have a 1 point minefield placed on their fleets. Ben, David and Stephen each have a carrier to start play. Jonathan draws first blood sinking Texas (4 points). Stephen adds Revenge, Jim adds Prince of Wales. Ben sinks Ramillies (4 points) and Randy sinks Scheer (3 points). David adds Yamato which joins Musashi in his fleet. Jim adds Vittorio Veneto. Randy draws a sub and misses Musashi. Jim sinks Mississippi (5 points). Ben adds Kirishima, Randy adds South Dakota. Stephen’s air misses Musashi. Jim sinks Fuso (5 points). Randy draws a PT and misses Yamato. David’s air misses Tirpitz. Jim draws a PT and also misses Yamato. Ben’s air misses Musashi. David sinks West Virginia (5 points). Stephen’s air again misses Yamato but Ben’s air sinks Musashi (9 points). Stephen adds Warspite. Jim draws a sub and misses Yamato. Ben places a 2 point minefield on David which sinks Ark Royal (3 points). Randy sinks Hood (5 points). David places smoke. Stephen sinks Vittorio Veneto (6 points). David plays another smoke. Stephen’s air misses Tirpitz but Ben’s air sinks her (8 points). David sinks Haruna (5 points). Stephen’s and Ben’s air both missed Yamato. David adds Kongo. Jonathan now sinks Kongo (5 points). Stephen’s air misses Yamato again but a later salvo sinks Missouri (7 points). Ben’s air now misses Yamato and later he has a 2 point minefield placed on his fleet. Jonathan sinks Iowa (7 points). Stephen sinks Kirishima (5 points). Jim plays smoke. Ben sinks Scharnhorst (5 points). Randy sinks Pennsylvania (5 points). David sinks Caio Duilio (4 points). Scores: Ben 29, Stephen 18, Jonathan 16, David 14, Randy 13, Jim 10.

Final - Round 2: Preliminary red cards; Ben adds Rodney and Vittorio Vento and then has a 2 point minefield placed on his fleet. Stephen adds Renown, David has the other 2 point minefield placed on his fleet. Jim adds Prince of Wales. Randy, David and Jonathan each start with a carrier. Ben sinks Giulio Cesare (4 points). Randy draws a PT and misses Bismarck. David sweeps his minefield. Jonathan sinks Andrea Doria (4 points). Stephen sinks HYUGA (5 points). Ben plays smoke. A 1 point minefield is now placed on Ben. Ben objected to this claiming smoke, by rule, stops this play. The GM ruled the minefield play valid as the GM has always allowed this play. The GM vowed to look into this to find the correct ruling for this play. Stephen adds Ise. Ben draws a sub and misses Musashi. Randy sinks Rodney (6 points). Stephen sinks Tirpitz (8 points). Jim sinks MUTSU (6 points). Randy sinks North Carolina (6 points). David sinks Vittorio Vento (6 points). Ben now plays the first DD card. Randy adds Scheer. David and Jonathan team up to sink the first DD. Ben now plays the second DD card. Randy and David combine to sink that DD. Jonathan’s air misses Bismarck. David adds Pennsylvania. Stephen sinks Bismarck (8 points) eliminating Ben. Randy’s air misses Missouri. Jonathan’s air misses Musashi. Randy sinks Lutzow (3 points). Jonathan’s air again misses Musashi. Randy’s air again misses Missouri. David draws a PT and misses Musashi. Jonathan’s air misses Musashi a third time. David now draws a sub which also misses Musashi. Jonathan’s fourth air strike finally sinks Musashi (9 points). David adds South Dakota. Randy’s fleet has a 1 point minefield played on it. Randy’s air again misses Missouri which David now sinks (7 points). Jonathan sinks Scheer (3 points). Stephen sinks Washington (6 points). Jim plays smoke. Randy’s air misses Duke of York. Scores: Stephen 45, Jonathan 32, Randy 28, David 27, Ben 23, Jim 16.

Final - Round 3: The preliminary red card play sees Stephen add Ark Royal. Jonathan receives a 1 point minefield. Jim plays a sub and sinks Yamato (9 points). Randy adds Pennsylvania. David adds Mississippi. Jonathan adds Littorio. Stephen receives a 2 point minefield. Ben began with a carrier. Play starts with Stephen sinking Andrea Doria (4 points). Ben sinks Fuso (5 points). Randy sinks Ise (5 points). Stephen plays the first DD card. Jim plays smoke. Ben and Randy combine to sink the DD. Stephen sinks Scheer (3 points). Ben sinks Missouri (7 points). David sinks Roma (6 points). Stephen now plays the second DD card. Jim, Ben and Randy combine to sink it. Jonathan sinks Washington (6 points). Stephen’s air misses Nelson. Jim sinks Ark Royal (3 points) eliminating Stephen. Jonathan adds Conte Di Cavour. Ben adds West Virginia. Randy adds Lutzow. Jonathan draws a PT and missed King George V. Jonathan now has a 2 point minefield placed on his fleet. David sinks South Dakota (6 points). Jonathan sinks Rodney (6 points). Jim sinks Nevada (5 points). Ben sinks Conte Di Cavour (4 points). Randy sinks Hiei (5 points). David sinks Littorio (6 points). Ben receives a 1 point minefield but immediately sweeps it. Jonathan sinks Graf Spee (3 points). Jim adds Revenge. Jim sinks Tirpitz (8 points) eliminating Jonathan. Randy and Ben play smoke. David draws a PT but missed King George V. Jim plays smoke. Ben’s air sinks Nelson (6 points). Randy draws a sub and sinks Mutsu (6 points). Scores: Ben 45, David 45, Randy 44, Stephen 42, Jim 41, Jonathan 37. Ben wins the roll-off to start the next round.

Final - Round 4: Opening red card play, Randy’s sub misses Yamato. David adds Valiant. Stephen adds Akagi. Jonathan had a carrier to start. Ben draws a PT and misses Musashi then receives a 2 point minefield. Jim adds Lutzow. Ben plays smoke. David sinks Renown (4 points). Stephen sinks Lutzow (3 points). Jim sinks Graf Spee (3 points). David sinks Ramillies (4 points). Jonathan sinks Mississippi (5 points). David sinks Washington (6 points). Ben plays smoke. Jonathan and Stephen’s air both missed Yamato. David receives a 1 point minefield. Randy sinks West Virginia (5 points). David sinks Hyuga (5 points). Stephen’s air misses Yamato again. Jonathan also misses Yamato with a sub. Ben sinks Mutsu (6 points). Jonathan’s air now sinks Yamato (9 points). Stephen’s air sinks Rodney (6 points). Randy plays the first DD card. David adds Ise. Jonathan and Jim combine to sink the DD. Ben adds Warspite. Jonathan adds Roma. Stephen’s air misses Valiant. David receives a 1 point minefield. Ben sinks Valiant (5 points). Randy sinks Conte Di Cavour (4 points). Jonathan sinks Texas (4 points). Stephen’s air sinks Ise (5 points) eliminating David. Jim now receives a 2 point minefield. Jonathan’s air misses Tirpitz. Stephen adds Repulse. Jim sweeps his mines. Ben draws a PT and misses Tirpitz which is now sunk by Jonathan’s air (8 points). Stephen’s air misses Prince of Wales. Ben plays smoke. Jonathan’s air misses Missouri. Stephen plays the second DD but too late to use it. The last draw sees Randy add Scheer. Scores: Jonathan 63, Ben 56, Stephen 56, David 54, Randy 53, Jim 44.

Final - Round 5: Initial red card play; Ben and Jonathan each receive a 2 point minefield. David has a sub which sinks Bismarck (8 points) and adds California. Both Ben and David start with 2 carriers. Jonathan starts off with the first DD card. Stephen, Jim and Ben combine to sink it. Randy sinks Kongo (5 points). David sinks Conte Di Cavour (4 points). Jonathan plays smoke. Stephen sinks West Virginia (5 points). Randy adds Kirishima. David uses both carriers to attack and sink King George V (6 points). He later adds Caio Duilio. Stephen sinks California (5 points). Jim sinks Vittorio Veneto (6 points). Ben uses both carriers to sink Tirpitz (8 points). Randy plays a 1 point minefield on Ben sinking both Ark Royal and Shokaku (3 points each). This eliminates Ben. Jim adds Lutzow. Randy sinks Mississippi (5 points). David sinks North Carolina (6 points). David’s carriers miss Nelson and Jonathan draws a sub that also misses. Jim adds Hiei. Randy sinks Revenge (4 points). David plays the second DD card. Jonathan plays smoke. Stephen and Jim combine to sink the DD. David now uses both carries to attack Roma but misses. Jonathan adds Iowa. Stephen draws a PT, misses Nelson. David again uses the 2 carriers and sinks Roma (6 points). Jonathan plays smoke. Stephen adds Missouri. David’s carriers now sink Missouri (7 points). Stephen sinks Nelson (6 points). Jim sinks Caio Duilio (4 points). Randy sinks Akagi (3 points). David’s air misses Iowa. Jim sinks EnterprIse (3 points) eliminating David. Randy receives a 1 point minefield. Randy draws a PT and sinks Iowa (7 points) eliminating Jonathan. Jim adds Rodney, his fleet is now 8 ships. Randy sweeps his mines. Jim sinks Andrea Doria (4 points). Randy sinks Lutzow (3 points). Stephen draws the last card. Round leader Jonathan could not sink a ship before being eliminated. David Scores 37 for the round but elimination (-10) keeps him from winning. The winner, sinking 33 points for the round, becoming the 2018 Naval War champion is Randy MacInnis. Final Scores: Randy 86, David 81, Stephen 72, Jim 61, Ben 54, Jonathan 53.

In closing, the heat format continues to be well supported and again added to tournament participation with 36 versus 33 players entered. The deployed DD cards were sunk in each final round before they could be used. Player’s carriers made their presence known each round. Again this year Ben Collinson had to suffer an adverse GM ruling. I will make every effort to discover if I was correct in my decision. Lastly, I want to thank all of the players in the tournament, the Diplomacy group that shared the room and their pizza with us and tournament sponsor Rick Northey. As of this report I plan to continue using the heat format for WBC 2019, if Naval War returns.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
David Brooks Stephen Squibb James Fleckenstein Ben Collinson Jon Lockwood
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Looking for a good draw.

Hoping these cards will work.

GM James Kramer enjoying the game.

Finalists with GM Jim Kramer.

GM  James Kramer Jr [6th Year]  PO Box 457, Wiconisco, PA 17097
 ford351@comcast.net  717-647-4062