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Paydirt (PDT) WBC 2018 Report
Updated November 16, 2018
39 Players Devon Gallagher 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion     & Laurels

Changing Of The Guard

The Paydirt event experienced another solid year with 39 players in attendance and more importantly the game is garnering interest among some newer gaming groups while still maintaining solid base of players who rank the game among their favorites. This year’s conference tournament format remained unchanged where players draft their favorite team (using point spreads of course) hoping to win the conference and move onto the Super Bowl. Winners from the conferences meet in the Super Bowl. Of the ~50+ games played roughly 35% had less than a 4 point margin of victory! With outcomes this close several players experienced some of the more memorable games in the event’s history (details below).


John Welage, coaching the “Sacksonville” Jaguars, won five games earning him his first appearance in the finals! The semifinal or Divisional match-ups featured the Buffalo Bills (Sean M.) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (John W.) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (David W.) vs. New York Jets (Derek L.). The Jaguars held the Bills to only 3 points cruising to a relatively easy win while the Jets pulled out a shocking upset winning outright, 24-7, over a Steelers team that in the previous game disposed of the Patriots, 44-41, on the game’s final play. The AFC Championship saw a dominant Jaguars team overpower the Jets 27-6. The early round games is when the Jaguars struggled. In their round 1 game they overcame a 16 point halftime deficit against the Bengals (Pat G.), winning 20-16. The round 2 game against the Oakland Raiders (Joe Y.), was another narrow margin of victory with the game going down to the wire, 24-22. Another notable game was the Jets win over the Ravens (Bill O.) that included a goal line stand with a failed 4th and goal attempt (Jets made a huge stop 3rd and goal from 1, 5 yard loss). One other note: there is no solace for Browns fans… the Browns (thanks to Josh G. for taking on the task of coaching winless team) winless season continued as they lost, 21-31.


Devon Gallagher, coaching the Washington Redskins, also won five games in route to her first appearance in the finals! Her trip required two wins over division rival the Dallas Cowboys, the New Orleans Saints (John C.) and another Washington Redskins team (Dan O.). Devon’s round 1 win over Dallas (Joe C.), 22-21, required a 10 point come-from-behind 4th quarter and in round 3 she almost blew a 20 point lead against the Cardinals (Ron P.) On the game’s final play the Cardinals outcome was a TD, but LB R. Kerrigan batted the pass down converting the TD to an INC preserving a 27-21 win. The Divisional matchups were 29-15 Dallas (Derek L.) win over SF (Kevin L.) and the Redskins (Devon G.) vs Redskins (Dan O.). In the NFC Championship Devon was able to control the tempo and simply outscore Dallas. Other exciting NFC games include PHI (Bruno P.) vs SEA (Pat G.), 32-27, PHI with a come-from-behind 4th quarter win and a Saints (Harry F.) a 15 point come-from-behind 4th quarter win, 49-46, over the Giants.

It is worth noting that Derek Landel had the most victories of all participants making it to both conference championship games! Not an easy achievement!

Super Bowl

A new event champion was guaranteed this year with both John and Devon reaching the finals for the first time. We will see if Harry still has it in him next year. Entering the game the Jaguars were a 7 point favorite. The Jaguars defense was able to offset the point spread keeping the game close in the first half with its suffocating pass defense stopping what would’ve been a 72 yard screen pass then later in the drive forcing a fumble. 10-7 Redskins at the half. Entering the 4th quarter Jacksonville held a 1 point lead, but the Redskins rushing attack was exploiting the Jaguars only weakness --- their rush defense. The Redskins were able to grind out a 10 point 4th quarter and then seal the victory with a late Interception.

I played against and watched both finalists and each played extraordinary games throughout the entire event. Congratulations on an outstanding tournament. Hope to see everyone next year.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
John Welage Derek Landel Harry Flawd David Wolfe Dan Overland
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Nicole Reiff continuing the family tradition
on the gridiron.

Mark Love moving from menacing monsters
to the gridiron.

Devon Gallagher on her way to the Championship.

Stuart Tucker making his way from Rome to the Gridiron.

GM  Ron Pisarz [2nd Year]  NA
 ron@datadrivenfootball.com  NA