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Pirate's Cove (PRC) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 16, 2018
90 Players Alyssa Bernard 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion   & Laurels  

The Ladies Continued Reign As The Best Pirates

Ahoy! Pirates and piracy enthusiasts set sail for Pirate’s Cove again, although in smaller numbers. Our third year at Seven Springs showed a significant decrease in attendance, down ~25% with 90 unique pirates plundering. As in previous years, the merry band of cutthroats were led by Captain Jason "Chainlink" Fisher with captains Larry Lingle and Ron Fisher assisting.

The hunt for the coveted Sea Dog and Sea Wench medals saw new cannoneers taking aim at last year's winners Jodi Folk and John Wobbeking. Jodi switched her focus to plundering the Cacafuego and winning games, tallying up 4 wins (3 heats and her semifinal). John started rough and forgot his Chain of Shame but quickly earned another in the second heat. John shared his shame with another veteran pirate as Haakon Monsen suffered his own mutiny in heat three. Back to the pirates who stayed for a fight, Verity Hitchings and Randy Martin had their respective leads in sinking after two heats and maintained them throughout final. They each tallied 23 stones by the end of the final game to earn their hard-won medals.

The lower turnout at the Cove showed again at the semifinal round. While there were more than enough heat winners for the 25-slot final, Chainlink went through his full qualifiers list and his alternates without filling all of the seats. Multiple pirates not making the initial list snuck into the semifinals, again showing that it pays to be persistent (and to show up Sunday morning!). The last time the semifinals were this open was back in 2015, when Nora Tuke filled an empty seat and went on to win her semi-final game. This semifinal saw a similar story as Alyssa Bernard sat in to round out the semis and won her table! Alyssa joined Randy Martin, Verity Hitchings, Jodi Folk, and her husband Brandon Bernard at the final table.

Unlike the 2017 final, the legendary pirates were left alone this time and with good reason: Blackbeard started his uncontested reign of terror at Tavern Island. But the game was by no means bloodless! Players were sunk 16 times through the 12 turns and all four parrots were shot down in combat throughout the game. The captains' battle cries may as well have been "Aim for the feathers!" as they ganged up on whomever dared fight with a parrot on deck. The Royal Navy even went bird hunting when Randy summoned them on himself to try to boost his fame in turn 11. He eventually sank them but not before his faithful feathered crewmate met with powder and shot, cutting Randy's fame increase in half. The fame track was tight going into turn 12 but when the dust cleared Alyssa kept her lead in spite of having no hidden fame cards. The fighting wasn't done yet though as Brandon and Verity were tied for 3rd and faced off for one more volley. And it was one volley as Verity took aim and sank Brandon on her first shot, securing 3rd. The final scores were Alyssa in 1st with 37, Randy in 2nd with 35, Verity in 3rd with 33, Brandon in 4th with 33, and Jodi in 5th with 28. Alyssa's win netted 6th place for former champion Jennifer Brown as she placed 2nd at Alyssa's semifinal game. Congratulations go out to Alyssa Bernard for her first WBC plank... er, plaque! ARRRRRRR!

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Randy Martin Verity Hitchings Brandon Bernard Jodi Folk Jennifer Brown
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

GM Jason Fisher with his Furry Critters.

Brandon Bernard chained to his ship.

The women battle for to be the top Pirate.

Finalists with their plagues and prizes.

GM  Jason Fisher [4th Year]  1614 Burnley Drive, Cary, NC 27511
 JEFisher@pobox.com  NA