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Sta Wars Queen's Gambit (QGB) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 26, 2018
25 Players Larry Lingle 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion & Laurels

Lingle Reconnects With The force To Win Fourth Gambit

The 17th year of Star Wars Queen’s Gambit saw two past champions and two runners-up advance into the single elim rounds. Those who made the play-offs included:

  • "Lord Vader" Lingle
  • Brian "Bossk" Sutton
  • Marilyn "Mara Jade"” Flowers
  • Sean "Whorm Loathsom" McCulloch
  • Chris "Exar Kun" Kizer
  • Evan "Ewok" Boone
  • Robert "Prince Xixor" Powers
  • George "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos
  • Ian "IG88" Moffit
  • Steve "Ponda Baba" Boone
  • Keith "Bib Fortuna" Boone
  • Craig "Mustafarian Flea" Moffit

In the first playoff round of 16, both three time champions Lord Vader Lingle and Bossk Sutton easily advanced. Both ex-champs rapidly dispatched Craig "Mustafarian Flea" Moffit and Steve "Ponda Baba" Boone, respectively.

In other first round games, "Whorm Loathsom" McCulloch poisoned Chris "Exar Kun" Kizer and Evan "Ewok" Boone bashed Ian "IG88" Moffit, while Robert "Prince Xixor" Powers, Keith "Bib Fortuna" Boone, George "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos and Marilyn "Mara Jade"” Flowers advanced with byes.

In the single elim playoff quarterfinals: Bossk Sutton playing the Naboo got Obiwan into the palace and he wiped out the droids while Anakin sailed through the Federation Starfighters; "Whorm Loathsom" McCulloch playing the Federation easily eliminated "Ewok" Boone" who got nowhere with Anakin; Lord Vader Lingle playing the Naboo managed to get Obiwan, Panaka and three Palace Guards into the throne room while Anakin shut down the droids; and lastly, "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos wiped out all dark side pieces in the Palace and on the battlefield allowing an easy win over Marilyn "Mara Jade"” Flowers.

In one semifinal, "Bossk" Sutton returned to the dark side to be Darth Maul and he wreaked havoc killing both Jedi and a dozen Palace Guards as the Federation easily whupped the Naboo.

In the other semifinal game, the "Jedi Padawan" Kyrollos tried an Anakin blitz vs Lord Vader Lingle, but he rolled badly with Anakin. He did put a scare into Lingle, however, by hitting on 13 consecutive shots in the Palace. Eventually, Lingle prevailed.

The Epic Championship game pitted three time champ Brian "Bossk" Sutton against three time champ Lord Vader Lingle. Brian played the Naboo and Lingle played Darth Maul. In the generator core, Maul killed Quigon, but Obiwan killed Maul. Then Obiwan entered the Palace and obliterated the droids on the first level. Unfortunately for Brian, however, Droideka killed Obiwan and Anakin stalled allowing Lingle to win his fourth championship.

Congratulations to Lord Vader Lingle for winning his fourth Queen's Gambit Wood.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Brian Sutton George Kyrollos Sean McCulloch Keith Boone Robert Powers
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
The Force brings out the smiles in all ages. Chris Kizer and Sean McCulloch enjoying
their first round game.
Marilyn "Mara Jade" Flowers in action. Larry Lingle on his way to a Fourth Championship.
GM  Buddy Sinigaglio [11th Year]  NA
 sinigaglio@hotmail.com  303-915-1515